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#1. If you think success is about so many more things and is so much more arbitrary, then you can be much more open to the idea that you can be Ben Fountain and publish your great book at forty-nine. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#2. The biggest profit center for investment banks is the hefty fees they charge for underwriting stock offerings and giving financial advice, and analysts put those profits at risk if they publish negative conclusions about the companies that pay the fees. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#3. A big hello from California!! And, when in doubt, self-publish, thank you !!! - Author: Nancy Fornataro
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#4. Enemies publish themselves. They declare war. The friend never declares his love. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#5. The pain of an unpublished manuscript is akin to the trauma of bearing an unborn. - Author: Anurag Shourie
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#6. Truth is the greatest of all national possessions. A state, a people, a system which suppresses the truth or fears to publish it, deserves to collapse. - Author: Kurt Eisner
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#7. What they were after wasn't further complexification or sophistication of existing methods, but unprecedented technology. Wasn't the kind of thinkin' you get from workaday university lab scholars, publish-or-perishin' and countin' their pay. The truly original scientist is a free individual. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#8. If I could get that girl to publish her poetry, the world would change. (On Courtney Love) - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#9. No man should ever publish a book until he has first read it to a woman. - Author: Van Wyck Brooks
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#10. If you aren't willing to put your best work out there, write for yourself. Don't ever publish. - Author: Eliza Green
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#11. Well I guess the plan was to write poetry and publish books and make a living from writing poetry. That was a pretty ambitious plan I guess. - Author: Robert Adamson
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#12. Publish and be damned. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#13. But gentlemen, as long as I am an American Citizen, and as long as American blood runs in these veins, I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject. - Author: Elijah Parish Lovejoy
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#14. But these people were judged very stupid by their friends. Was not Jonathan Strange known to be precisely the sort of whimsical, contradictory person who would publish against himself? - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#15. I think that writing and publishing are different. I think I will always write; I might not always publish. The idea of not publishing is wonderful! - Author: Kate Zambreno
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#16. If you publish a scientific paper it is very hard to start a nationwide debate about something. If you do this in a movie, you can start a debate. We like to create a bridge between those two worlds - film and science. - Author: Jose Padilha
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#17. There's all sorts of stuff people want to publish anonymously. - Author: Aaron Swartz
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#18. I worked probably 25 years by myself, just writing and working, not trying to publish much, not giving readings. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#19. There are few men who dare to publish to the world the prayers they make to Almighty God. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#20. For most of the '90s and the first part of this decade, content providers who wanted to publish online only needed to worry about the graphical web browser. - Author: Mike Davidson
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#21. Unfortunately for me, most of the books I'd want to reprint were written for savvy publishers like Harlequin and Berkley who have held on to electronic rights. But I do have another option: Publish new e-books myself. - Author: Ruth Glick
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#22. Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition. - Author: Frederic Morton
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#23. To be a writer - write! To be an author - publish! To be a bestselling author - never stop writing! - Author: David Maxwell
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#24. Write for pleasure and publish for money. - Author: Alexander Pushkin
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#25. To become self-aware, people must be allowed to hear a plurality of opinions and then make up their own minds. They must be allowed to say, write and publish whatever they want. Freedom of expression is the most basic, but fundamental, right. Without it, human beings are reduced to automatons. - Author: Ma Jian
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#26. As long as I am an American citizen, and as long as American blood runs in these veins, I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject, being amenable to the laws of my country for the same. - Author: Elijah Parish Lovejoy
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#27. One's head is finite. You pour more and more things into it - surnames, chronologies, affiliations - and it packs them away in its tunnels, and eventually you find that you have a book about something that you publish. - Author: Nicholson Baker
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#28. Ye marshes, how candid and simple and nothing-withholding and free, Ye publish yourselves to the sky and offer yourselves to the sea. - Author: Sidney Lanier
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#29. 'Cosmopolitan' used to publish five covers across the U.S. so that if one was unpopular, it wouldn't tank their entire sales. - Author: Dave Goldberg
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#30. So, influenced by these advisors and this hope, I have at length allowed my friends to publish the work, as they had long besought me to do. - Author: Nicolaus Copernicus
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#31. I do not remember where I read that there are two kinds of poets: the good poets, who at a certain point destroy their bad poems and go off to run guns in Africa, and the bad poets, who publish theirs and keep writing more until they die. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#32. I thought that I would have a huge literary novel coming out when I was, like, 29. I quit my banking job, and I was halfway through my second novel - and I will never publish it, because it's very mediocre. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#33. I know that I have the right freely to speak and publish my sentiments, subject only to the laws of the land for the abuse of that right. - Author: Elijah Parish Lovejoy
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#34. I think it's sad that we live in a world where men can steal and distribute and publish photos of women without their permission all over the Internet and even in print and make a lot of money doing so, but half naked photos that I took of myself are deemed "obscene." - Author: Marie Calloway
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#35. I started writing with intent to publish on January 1st, 1985, when, as my New Year's resolution, I resolved to finish a book before I turned 25. It's one of only a few New Year's resolutions I remember keeping - I finished that one with a couple weeks to spare. - Author: Holly Lisle
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#36. It takes a long time to publish a book. - Author: Kenneth Koch
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#37. There are many wire services where you can publish your news releases. Some of the recommendable ones are Business Wire, Marketwire, PR Newswire and PRWeb. - Author: Ashley Schweigert
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#38. What gives journalism its authenticity and vitality is the tension between the subject's blind self absorption and the journalist's skepticism. Journalists who swallow the subject's account whole and publish it are not journalists but publicists. - Author: Janet Malcolm
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#39. We prepared to go ashore to publish for the first time in New Zealand the glad tidings of the gospel. - Author: Samuel Marsden
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#40. The women of this country ought be enlightened in regard to the laws under which they live, that they may no longer publish their degradation by declaring themselves satisfied with their present position, nor their ignorance, by asserting that they have all the rights they want. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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#41. Believe in yourself and start achieving your dream. It waits for you on the other side of the publish button. - Author: Dan Alatorre
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#42. I chose to publish the first 'Shopaholic' book under a pseudonym because I wanted it to be judged on its own merits. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#43. Why publish what is worthless? Perhaps the worthy is also worthless. Besides, what is obviously worthless has always fascinated me. I have a real affection for things which are incomplete or badly finished, for things awkwardly try to take flight only to fall clumsily to the ground. - Author: Clarice Lispector
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#44. Most publishers seem very reluctant to publish short story collections at all; they bring them out in paperback, often disguised as novels. - Author: John Sladek
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#45. I publish a piece in order to kill it, so that I won't have to fool around with it any longer. - Author: William H Gass
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#46. What I can tell you is DO IT. Publish book one and get book two out as soon as possible. There are very few Harper Lee's. Most of us are going to have to write a few books to get good at it. - Author: Dan Alatorre
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#47. When I say I must write, I don't mean I must publish. There is a great difference. the important thing is the chaotic form given to my chaotic experience, which is, as it was for James Joyce, my kind of religion, and necessary for the confession and absolution for a Catholic in church. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#48. you'd like to know when I publish a new book, visit my website to sign up for my new release email - Author: S.M. Reine
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#49. The post-war "publish or perish" tyranny must end. The profession has become obsessed with quantity rather than quality. [ ... ] One brilliant article should outweigh one mediocre book. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#50. Internet safety begins at home and that is why my legislation would require the Federal Trade Commission to design and publish a unique website to serve as a clearinghouse and resource for parents, teachers and children for information on the dangers of surfing the Internet. - Author: Mike Fitzpatrick
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#51. If the book's bad enough, they'll publish it, and if it's bad bad enough, the daily reviewers will love it, and it'll sell. - Author: James Purdy
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#52. The original idea was to make it easy to publish content on the Web and find an audience. What we learned from publishers is that the thing they want the most is more readers and more revenue. - Author: Trip Adler
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#53. Though he was not legally required to do so, Svenson removed photos of the Fosters from his website and agreed not to take any new pictures or print, exhibit, or publish any of the Fosters' photos in the future. In September 2013, the Fosters - Author: Anonymous
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#54. It will be practicable to blot written words which you do not publish; but the spoken word it is not possible to recall.
[Lat., Delere licebit
Quod non edideris; nescit vox missa reverti.] - Author: Horace
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#55. What's the right way to think about the distribution part of Steam? You need to worry about viruses and people trying to publish other people's content, but the underlying thing is to eliminate that barrier between people who create stuff and people who want to have access to it. - Author: Gabe Newell
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#56. Despite all the gains for democracy in the world, in many countries anyone who wants to publish truths unwelcome to the government risks suppression and criminal punishment. - Author: Anthony Lewis
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#57. My love is strengthen'd, though more weak in seeming; I love not less, though less the show appear: That love is merchandised whose rich esteeming The owner's tongue doth publish every where. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#58. Tell me some true things about fighting.'Tell me you love me.'I love you,' the girl said. 'You can publish it in the Gazzettino if you like. I love your hard, flat body and your strange eyes that frighten me when they become wicked. I love your hand and all your other wounded places. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#59. The problem is that in order to publish a book in mainland China, you have to agree to be subject to censorship. That's the nature of the system. I don't challenge that system on its face. It's their system. But as an author, I have a choice to make whether I'll participate or I won't. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#60. I don't publish the books to make money, not at all. - Author: Peter Sotos
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#61. I put forward formless and unresolved notions, as do those who publish doubtful questions to debate in the schools, not to establish the truth but to seek it. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#62. I will carry on writing, to be sure. But I don't know if I would want to publish again after Harry Potter. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#63. Hermes has threatened me with slow mail. lousy Internet service and a horrible stock market if i publish this story. I hope he is just bluffing. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#64. When you publish a book, it's the world's book. The world edits it.
- Author: Philip Roth
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#65. The expectation was that 'True Confessions' would be my first published book, but that didn't happen. After it was rejected by every publisher in New York and Canada, I shoved it in a closet and went on to write and publish my next three books. - Author: Rachel Gibson
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#66. The basic outline of the philosophy of the Buribunks: I think, therefore I am; I speak therefore I am; I write, therefore I am; I publish therefore I am. - Author: Carl Schmitt
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#67. I don't necessarily intend to publish posthumously, but I do like to write for myself. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#68. And I can't think of a reason I'd ever use a pseudonym, as I wouldn't want to publish something that I didn't like enough to put my name on it. - Author: Poppy Z. Brite
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#69. If you publish something in traditional media, it's one-way. With social media, we get all this info coming back from those who read our posts. - Author: Ma Jun
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#70. To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#71. I work most days and if you work most days and you get at least a page done a day, then at the end of the year you have 365. So the pages accumulate and then I publish the books. - Author: Philip Roth
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#72. continues in book 3 of the series: Long Night Moon. If you'd like to know when I publish a new book, visit my website to sign up for my new release email alerts! I also hope - Author: S.M. Reine
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#73. Three publishers came to me at the White House after George lost and said, 'We would like to publish your book.' I said, 'Well, I don't have a book,' and they said well it's a well known fact that you have kept diaries. - Author: Barbara Bush
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#74. Write It, Work It, Publish - Author: Cherry-Ann Carew
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#75. Writers need to get over the fear of hitting the "publish" button. - Author: Dan Alatorre
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#76. There are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth publishing, to find honest men to publish it, and to find sensible men to read it. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#77. I heard a story the other night about an editor who visited the Iowa Workshop and, when asked what sorts of books she published, replied, "Classic books." One of the students asked her, "You mean like Kafka?" Apparently she said, "Oh, I don't think I would publish Kafka." - Author: Matthew Specktor
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#78. I have swung on a flying trapeze, explored a glacier, and been hit in the face by a shark's tail while scuba diving. I like to throw myself fully into projects and adventures, which is probably how I managed to publish a book in the first place. - Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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#79. If the very thought of taking off all your clothes in the middle of the Washington Mall during a school holiday makes you blush, you haven't even begun to dream what it feels like to publish a book. - Author: Nancy Mairs
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#80. We're going to try and recruit the very best people we can and produce the best papers we can, and publish them to the highest standards we can . - Author: Conrad Black
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#81. The cabinets of the sick and the closets of the dead have been ransacked to publish private letters and divulge to all mankind the most secret sentiments of friendship. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#82. The Federal Reserve ranks among the most transparent central banks. We publish a summary of our balance sheet every week. Our financial statements are audited annually by an outside auditor and made public. Every security we hold is listed on the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#83. I am a failure as a writer. The publishers won't publish me, the bookshops won't carry my books, the critics won't write about me. I am excluded from all anthologies, and completely ignored. - Author: Anais Nin
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#84. I published only in academic journals in philosophy until I was in my 40s, but I had been writing fiction and poetry my whole adult life - without ever once trying to publish it, and rarely letting anyone read it. - Author: Cheryl Mendelson
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#85. I have a tendency, more than most other physicists, to try to figure out everything all at once, before I publish. And even to try to figure out everything in my head, without pencil and paper. - Author: Edward Witten
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#86. Books inspire a man to embrace the world or flee it. They start wars and end them. They make the men and women who write and publish them vast fortunes, and nearly as quickly can drive them into madness and despair. Stay away from what you do not fathom from now on ... - Author: Matthew Pearl
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#87. Would you care to publish this? Sincerely, Robert B. Parker. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#88. Rick decided to publish it himself. To promote the book, he took a booth at a regional - Author: Jack Canfield
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#89. I was creating commitment devices of my own long before I knew what they were. So when I was a starving post-doc at Columbia University, I was deep in a publish-or-perish phase of my career. I had to write five pages a day towards papers, or I would have to give up five dollars. - Author: Daniel Goldstein
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#90. The 24/7 nature of online debate, on the web and across social media, has allowed for more vibrant discussion of the opinions we publish - and your own. - Author: Andrew Rosenthal
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#91. You can't expect that because you find a story and report it out that your newspaper and broadcasting company is going to want to publish and broadcast it - and you're going to be a hero. - Author: Lowell Bergman
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#92. You may as well attempt to colonise the moon with white mice as publish a volume of poetry'. - Author: Victoria Clayton
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#93. All indies self-publish but not all self-publishers are indie. - Author: Orna Ross
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#94. I have a lot of novels that I haven't finished. I usually get 150 pages in and I realize it's not going anywhere. I don't publish everything I write. I must have six unfinished novels at least. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#95. I don't think "I'm going to publish this as fiction" but I think "I'm going to tell this story to a friend" and then I start telling the story in my mind as the experience transpires as a way of pretending it's already happened. - Author: Ben Lerner
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#96. The attitude of, 'I will never self-publish,' coming from any author, indicates that they have never been in a position where it is their only option. - Author: Jennifer Armintrout
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#97. A very wise author once said that a writer writes for himself, and then publishes for money. I write for myself and publish just for the reader. - Author: Guillermo Cabrera Infante
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#98. I got an accountability partner to call me everyday just to make sure I publish something. Accountability works because it adds social pressure to otherwise self-directed work. - Author: Mike Fishbein
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#99. Avoid the RTP Syndrome. When you rush to Publish, you rush to mistakes and chaos. Guaranteed. - Author: Judith Briles
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#100. I was always so relieved that anyone wants to publish anything I've written. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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