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Top 22 Quotes About Psychology Class

#1. All things as they move toward God are beautiful, and they are ugly as they move away from Him. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#2. See how the fearful chandelier trembles above you each time you open your mouth to sing.
Sing. - Author: Donald Justice
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#3. It is inhuman to bless where one is cursed. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#4. No small part of the club's audience consisted of would-be comics, as well as the leading comics of the day. In fact, there were so many gagsters around that it was difficult to know who was part of the act and who was just sitting in. - Author: Kliph Nesteroff
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#5. Do what you love and own who you are.
Time is precious ad death is real.
So is Art: It defies them both - Author: Galadrielle Allman
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#6. I learned much more about acting from philosophy courses, psychology courses, history and anthropology than I ever learned in acting class. - Author: Tim Robbins
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#7. The clock is ticking and you're hearing the beat. You stop by a museum shop, sign your name on a scuba-diving sheet, and commit yourself to Saturday mornings in the deep end. You're either losing your mind - or gaining your soul. Life is meant to be an artist date. That's why we were created. - Author: Julia Margaret Cameron
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#9. By now, abortion should be obsolete. And I - and probably a lot of other feminists - wish it were obsolete, because abortion, in itself, is not a value - it is simply the right to chose, which is an essential value. - Author: Betty Friedan
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#10. In my psychology class, I learned that bettors are more confident about the horses they pick after they place their bets. - Author: Will McIntosh
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#11. Before we go to our knees to receive the Baptism of Fire, let me beg of you to see to it that your souls are in harmony with the will and purpose of the Holy Spirit whom you seek. - Author: William Booth
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#12. Life is sacred existence. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#13. I took a psychology class, and I think the study of the mind can help me further my acting ability. It's also taught me about getting into an environment with new people and acting like you've known them forever. - Author: Sierra McCormick
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#14. I was not a great student at the University of Chicago. I think that is - the record will bare me out. But I spent a lot of time reading history, sociology, psychology - reading everything except what I was supposed to read for class the next day. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#15. Better a long life of toil than a short one of ease. - Author: Aesop
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#16. Class I to XII wasn't much help; I was always a mediocre student. But when I pursued higher education and studied economics with theatre or psychology with science fiction, I got a whole new world view. - Author: Vir Das
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#17. The general statement that the mental faculties are class concepts, belonging to descriptive psychology, relieves us of the necessity of discussing them and their significance at the present stage of our inquiry. - Author: Wilhelm Wundt
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#18. Take Time by the forelock. It is also the safest part to take a serpent by. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#19. One semester, I was busted for reverse plagiarism, which basically meant I was too lazy to research a paper for my psychology class so cited false references to support my own theories on deviant behavior. - Author: Jennifer Coburn
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#20. I was in an adolescent psychology class at Citadel when the guy said, if you had a mother who was beaten, there's a great chance you'll beat your wife. And if you were beaten as a child, there's a terrific chance you're going to be a child-beater. - Author: Terry Gross
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#21. It is pleasant that there will be no religions in heaven. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#22. There were two kinds of women: those who wear nail polish and those who don't. Which do you prefer? ... - Author: Regina Brett
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