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Top 19 Quotes About Private Clubs

#1. The game of chess is the most fascinating and intellectual pastime which the wisdom of antiquity has bequeathed to us. - Author: Howard Staunton
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#2. They say you never grow poor taking profits. No, you don't. But neither do you grow rich taking a four-point profit in a bull market. Where I should have made twenty thousand dollars I made two thousand. That was what conservatism did for me. - Author: Jesse Lauriston Livermore
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#3. London is a city of clubs and private houses. You have to be a member. - Author: Alec Waugh
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#4. In a city where people are almost as obsessed with food as they are with status, perhaps the best-kept secret of the dining scene is that the finest cuisine arguably isn't found at the Michelin-starred restaurants in five-star hotels but rather at private dining clubs. - Author: Kevin Kwan
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#5. Poetry is but another form of inquiry into the nature of phenomena, using with its own unique procedures and tools. - Author: John Barton
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#6. The golden coins might have been his, but they were still stolen - self-stolen? Auto-thieved? - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
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#7. As public schools deteriorate, the upper-middle class and wealthy send their kids to private ones. As public pools and playgrounds decay, the better-off buy memberships in private tennis and swimming clubs. As public hospitals decline, the well-off pay premium rates for private care. - Author: Robert Reich
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#8. If someone else takes a bite of my food, I have to cut off the part that his/her saliva has touched before I can eat any more of it. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#9. A breakup is a loss to both parties; not only to he or she who is told that it's over. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#10. Punk rock isn't supposed to be for everyone. There is that sort of private club mentality, which is necessary. It keeps things from getting watered down and boring. - Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
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#11. You are never so lost that your angels cannot find you. - Author: Jeff Rees Jones
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#12. Stop learning, start dying. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#13. It's good indeed to give! Yet it is better still - O'er breadth, through length, down depth, up height, To trust HIS will! - Author: Lettie B. Cowman
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#14. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people ... - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#15. He cocks an eyebrow. "Booksting?" "Yeah. When a hot guy talks books with a girl. It's like sexting, but out loud and with books instead of sex. Nor does it have to do with texts. Okay, so it's nothing like sexting, but it made sense in my head. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#16. Blessed be the slot players for theirs is the hope of a better day dawning. - Author: Frank Scoblete
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#17. Barbra Streisand developed overwhelming performance anxiety at the height of her career; for 27 years she refused to perform for the general public, appearing live only in private clubs and at charity events, where she presumably believed the pressure on her was less intense. - Author: Scott Stossel
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#18. I don't like to know too much because I'm a terrible liar. - Author: Alyson Hannigan
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#19. Here I am referring to the types of books that thirtyish women devour at private swim clubs, often to the dismay of their drowning children. - Author: Joe Queenan
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