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#1. My family is like America; we are a blend of melanin and uncertain borders. - Author: R. YS Perez
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#2. If you only write what you know, you'll never know anything else. If you only write what you see you'll never see anything else. In order to experience new things you must always step outside of your comfort zone, or your live you life never knowing anything new - Author: Adam Snowflake
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#3. I'm not white, no, but I'm just close enough that I could be, and just far enough that you know I'm not. I can check off a diversity box for you and I don't make you nervous - at least not on the surface. I'm the whole package! - Author: Scaachi Koul
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#4. It was almost as if she had willed him into existence, into standing before her at the precise moment she was willing to accommodate him, arriving not a minute too early or too late. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#5. The moon twangs its silver strings;
The river swoons into town;
The wind beds down in the pines,
Covers itself with stars. - Author: George Elliott Clarke
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#6. Perhaps all love stories no matter how varied are essentially the same. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#7. ...forever meant different things to people at different times. They could imagine what infinity looked and felt like as much as they wanted, but could never truly grasp its meaning nor bear its full weight. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#8. Nothing felt better to him than the act of waiting for her. As long as he believed it wasn't in vain, he was able to justify his presence. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#9. Writers, like elephants, have long, vicious memories. There are things I wish I could forget. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#10. Although I wasn't able to get a visa for Vietnam, I was able to talk with swift boat veterans to get a feel for the time and place, and I visited a tropical prison in the Philippines to get a sense of what a Vietnamese prison might have been like. - Author: Tony Hillerman
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#11. Black skin was filled with so many barriers, so many restrictions, so many. - Author: Randi Pink
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#12. And although he recognized that tenderness was not the same as passion, and certainly not equivalent to love, for now it seemed to him a suitable substitute. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#13. Neal huffed. Frustrated. I hate that you thought I wouldn't call
I hate that everything is so tentative between us right now. When did everything get so tentative? - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#14. His fierce appreciation of female beauty, the unrelenting desire he felt for their company, the pleasure he both derived and sought to give, had led him in and out of quite a few bedroom doors. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#15. Most people surrendered fairy tale hopes in exchange for cookie cutter lives - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#16. I am ruling the world; the future belongs to me! - Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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#17. Your beauty will be in shades of melanin and light. - Author: R. YS Perez
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#18. Once you break someone's heart, you are forever its master. - Author: Roy L. Pickering Jr.
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#19. The man above has given me some unbelievable abilities to play the game of basketball. I just try to take advantage of it every night. I got the trust of my teammates and my coaching staff to go in there and let it go. - Author: LeBron James
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