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#1. I love Alton Brown's show 'Good Eats,' about the chemistry of food. It's really thoughtful. - Author: Ina Garten
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#2. Why are you looking at me like that?" Emelia's plump lips quirked.
"Like what?"
"Like you want to eat me. - Author: Kristin Miller
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#3. All I want to know is why a party of Fey wanted to kill me," I said
The beetle's lips twisted enough to show fang. "Doesn't everyone?"
Radu hustled me out the door before I could find out if the vamp's plump
little carcass would fit into his overstuffed desk. - Author: Karen Chance
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#4. In the New Testament, the only things that mattered were love and free will. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#5. I remind you that I belong with great ardor to everyone and for this reason I am suffering immensely for all. - Author: Pio Of Pietrelcina
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#6. Stone should last forever, but on that night I came to understand that a stone was only another form of dust. Streams of holy dust loomed in the air, and every breath included remnants of the Temple, so that we inhaled that which was meant to stand through eternity. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#7. Mine.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Emelia's plump lips quirked.
"Like what?"
"Like you want to eat me."
Ah, hell. - Author: Kristin Miller
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#8. The sweet-tart mango dribbled cool juices over her eager lips, while the plump cherries burst between her teeth. - Author: Shveta Thakrar
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#9. You're not asking me for advice, you're asking me for permission. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#10. Don't try to be in control and don't speak. The only word you're permitted to say tonight is Mark. I don't want anything else leaving those plump lips of yours. My dick's going in and only my name's coming out... that and my cum. - Author: Aven Jayce
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#11. The game in beauty is changing so much, if your product isn't high tech or can't make a unique performance claim - plump your lips, reduce your lines, look glossy, and stay on for 24 hours - you can't go to market today. I'm not just talking about a $20 lipstick, but a $5 lipstick! - Author: Andrea Jung
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#12. No amount of wavy blond hair nor evenings spent with her plump lips applying just the right amount of pressure to his various pleasure points could make up for the rotting carcass of a soul that resided beneath all that beauty. - Author: Nicki Elson
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#13. For the gay establishment, the death of right and wrong began when gaining civil rights ceased to be enough. - Author: Tammy Bruce
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#14. It is a great evil, as well as a misfortune, to be unable to utter a prompt and decided 'no'. - Author: Charles Simmons
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#15. The one who made the Ford knew how to make it run. God made you and me, and He alone knows how to run your life and mine. We could make a complete wreck of our lives without Christ. - Author: Billy Graham
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#16. He'd stolen a kiss, and been transported to heaven. "I won't say I'm sorry, Susanna. Even if you think I should."
Her lips looked kissed and a bit plump. "I didn't ask you to. - Author: Caroline Fyffe
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