Top 10 Quotes About Picking A College

#1. Choosing an agent is like picking a college. They give you a pitch, you hear what they've got to say, you hear what they're going to do for you. Ultimately it's a good gut reaction.

Diana Taurasi

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#2. When Thales was asked what was difficult, he said, To know one's self. And what was easy, To advise another.

Diogenes Laertius

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#3. What the masses don't realize is that they're looking for a shepherd. Those who don't think they can be influenced or call themselves 'independent thinkers' are usually the biggest conformists of all - and the easiest to turn. Why do you think cults prey on college students? Easy picking.

Richard Paul Evans

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#4. Sitting up all night would be pointless if somebody you loved wasn't sitting up with you, picking out music to play and helping you kill the bourbon. Walking by yourself in the rain is for college kids who think loneliness makes poets.

Peter S. Beagle

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#5. We feel a special bond with Sicily and its people - in fact, our first campaigns were shot in Sicily, like the one shot in Vucciria Sicilian historical market We enjoyed showing the faces and the characters that crowd that beautiful market every day.

Stefano Gabbana

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#6. My first job out of college was six weeks of picking fruit alongside a dozen or so men from Mexico. The orchard was in Emmett, Idaho. The men spent almost nothing on themselves. Their paychecks went directly to their families back home.

Will Hobbs

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#7. Man is unique in organizing the mass murder of his own species.

Aldous Huxley

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#8. To them he's the slightly less frightening alternative to the grim reaper.

Kat Kruger

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#9. During my last year in college I discovered that I was picking up the mannerisms of Akim Tamiroff, the only useful thing, in fact, that I learned in the entire four years.

Walker Percy

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#10. I loved surrealism and abstract painting, and anything related to those. I always thought painting was the highest form of art. What led me to drawing was seeing so much self-important, pretentious, conceptual-type art in university. I wanted to reject that by making quick, fun art.

Neil Farber

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