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#1. I would look up at the moon and see that it was not the smooth orb we had all believed, but a pitted and scarred world with no air.

Christopher Pike

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#2. I wanted you to thank you for being my friend and letting me play a part in your story.

Christopher Pike

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#3. I will try to account for the degree of my aesthetic emotion. That, I conceive, is the function of the critic.

Clive Bell

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#4. It was in his office, though, where he told me he'd never had anal sex. His cock was very large, but anal was so trendy and ubiquitous that I thought it impossible that there was anyone left in America who hadn't tried it.

Charlotte Shane

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#5. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty.

Eugene McCarthy

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#6. The most content people are those who expect nothing, who have ceased to dream.

Christopher Pike

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#7. I gave my decisions on the principles of common justice and honesty between man and man, and relied on natural born sense, and not on law, learning to guide me; for I had never read a page in a law book in all my life.

Davy Crockett

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#8. In this world of gossip, a good listener is rarer than a great orator.

Christopher Pike

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#9. True courage, in the face of almost certain death, is the rarest quality on earth.

Christopher Pike

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#10. Friends are like money, easier made than kept.

Samuel Butler

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#11. Being open is happiness and being closed is sadness. So free your mind from the prison of binding ideas and thoughts.

Debasish Mridha

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#12. There's a danger in being drawn to something that's not real, in giving yourself to something you can never be a part of, instead of making your life where you are. But those infinite worlds, with their infinite potential, beckoned irresistibly.

Erica O'Rourke

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#13. At the time, I remained relatively calm before that spectacle of horrors, which is perhaps the most telling indication of just how desensitized I had become. The more I witnessed such atrocities and rubbed shoulders with death, the more I desired to stay alive, no matter the cost.

Kang Chol-Hwan

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#14. I'm a coward, I close my eyes. I don't understand why God made sight the only sense that can be blocked off.

Christopher Pike

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#15. By the time Talking Heads were starting, my feeling was to throw out everything and start from scratch onstage; strip it down to as close to zero as you can get and then you can make it yours.

David Byrne

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#16. People say friends don't destroy one another - what do they know about friends?

John Darnielle

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#17. He strode down the empty street, cleaving the low-lying mists that swirled like incandescent cloaks in the gaslight.

Steven Erikson

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#18. Power, wealth and immortality
they don't bring happiness. You will never know what the word means.

Christopher Pike

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#19. There is no time for grief; there never is.

Christopher Pike

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#20. The physics are simple in theory, but in practice they are filled with the possibility for limitless error.

Christopher Pike

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#21. We are all born with infinite wisdom at our fingertips. All you have to do is approach every disagreement, debate, and alternative view of your core beliefs with the sincere and soul honest desire of being proved partially or completely incorrect

Carl Henegan

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#22. Smote.' I haven't gotten to use that word since my days upstairs. I kind of miss it. Lots of pomp and circumstance in a word like that." He tapped his chin as the smile became sly. "Downstairs we just say slaughter or massacre or team-building exercise.

Rob Thurman

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#23. I hear Raleigh's new accounting business isn't doing well. Maybe up in New York or somewhere it's a good thing, but in Jackson, Mississippi, people just don't care to do business with a rude, condescending asshole.

Kathryn Stockett

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#24. I think it's really interesting to play a woman who can articulate that she isn't ready to have a family and isn't even sure if she wants a family. I have a lot of friends like that. But obviously, that's not me.

Reese Witherspoon

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