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Top 22 Alisa Perne Quotes

#1. All I can say is I've been lucky with my body. Well done, little body. I praise it and say, 'You're very good.'

Marianne Faithfull

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#2. Life is life, so try to enjoy it. You only have one life.

Ivana Trump

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#3. The physics are simple in theory, but in practice they are filled with the possibility for limitless error.

Christopher Pike

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#4. By the way, whenever an Englishman would cry 'All right!' an American cries 'Go ahead!' which is somewhat expressive of the national character of the two countries.

Charles Dickens

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#5. The night is full of stories. They float up like miasmas, as though the dead leave their dreams in the earth where you bury them, only to have them rise to meet you in sleep. Mostly the scenes are familiar, but sometimes everything is strange, the people unknown.

Tim Winton

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#6. There is no time for grief; there never is.

Christopher Pike

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#7. Power, wealth and immortality
they don't bring happiness. You will never know what the word means.

Christopher Pike

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#8. God Himself begins to live in me not only as my Creator but as my other and true self.

Thomas Merton

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#9. I don't mind growing old. If I have to go before my time, this is how I'll go
cigarette in one hand, glass of scotch in the other.

Ava Gardner

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#10. I'm a coward, I close my eyes. I don't understand why God made sight the only sense that can be blocked off.

Christopher Pike

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#11. I don't know very much but what I do know I know better than anybody, and I don't want to argue about it ... My mind is not a bed to be made and re-made.

James Agate

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#12. I would look up at the moon and see that it was not the smooth orb we had all believed, but a pitted and scarred world with no air.

Christopher Pike

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#13. It was him taught Idi Amin's lads how to extract voluntary confessions with the aid of an electric cattle-prod. Our chum likes them English and he likes them with a dirty past. He

John Le Carre

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#14. True courage, in the face of almost certain death, is the rarest quality on earth.

Christopher Pike

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#15. Pro Publica distorts the relationship between organizations and their consultants,

Scott Raab

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#16. In this world of gossip, a good listener is rarer than a great orator.

Christopher Pike

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#17. Knowing death is nearby gives you a chance to live ... deliberately. -Tristan

Chelsea Fine

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#18. The most content people are those who expect nothing, who have ceased to dream.

Christopher Pike

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#19. I guess everyone has a bird urge when they look down heights, a desire to jump, without wing or buoyant sail. Fear of heights is fear of a desire to jump.

Amruta Patil

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#20. In order to forgive, one must have lived through what I have lived through, and may God spare her that.

Leo Tolstoy

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#21. The frost which kills the harvest of a year saves the harvest of a century, by destroying the weevil or the locust.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#22. I wanted you to thank you for being my friend and letting me play a part in your story.

Christopher Pike

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