Top 16 Quotes About Percents

#1. The sweet simplicity of the three percents.

Benjamin Disraeli

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#2. Grovel first, touch me later,

Ella Frank

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#3. If you know the dark, you find it has a light of its own to let you see.

Leslie Ford

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#4. One can be serious about the frivolous, frivolous about the serious.

Susan Sontag

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#5. Jazz is America's own. It is played and listened to by all peoples - in harmony together. Pigmentation differences have no place ... as in genuine democracy, only performance counts.

Norman Granz

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#6. The great problem with poisoning by Bitterness was that the passions - hatred, love, despair, enthusiasm, curiosity - also ceased to manifest themselves. After a while, the embittered person felt no desire at all. They lacked the will either to live or to die, that was the problem.

Paulo Coelho

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#7. I didn't confess how wrecked I was. Let them keep thinking I was Superwoman if they wanted. I knew the truth.

John Marsden

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#8. Since satyagraha is a method of conversion and conviction, it seeks never to use the slightest coercion.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#9. Countries that managed to rebuild commanding state structures after popular nationalist revolutions - such as China, Vietnam, and Iran - look stable and cohesive when compared with a traditional monarchy such as Thailand or wholly artificial nation-states like Iraq and Syria.

Pankaj Mishra

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#10. Gooseberries aren't just for creamy desserts and pies.

Yotam Ottolenghi

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#11. As a driver you enjoy winning races, and if you win in the easiest way possible, fine, but in reality we all remember the fights to the end, the nip and tuck stuff.

Allan McNish

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#12. Well, because lots of questions had been raised about the toxicity of the drug, which is very serious.

Thabo Mbeki

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#13. Why, he wondered, did God not want anyone to die with their own face on?

Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

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#14. There's more to life than you can see. Your sight is limited.

Tammy Kling

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#15. All the real work is done in the rehearsal period.

Donald Pleasence

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#16. People that could yodel always fascinated me. People that could sing loud always fascinated me. So I started trying to mimic at a really young age: 6, 7 years old.

Brandi Carlile

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