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#1. I don't believe you outsource your convictions and principles to people. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#2. Outsource your anxieties to God. This 'outsourcing' will help you in such a way that you will become only a witness to adverse situations, without becoming a part of the problem yourself. - Author: Sanchita Pandey
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#3. Capitalism has taught us that markets are always more efficient than hierarchical managerial coordination. But in a situation where those three conditions aren't met, I can't outsource or partner with you because markets don't function in the absence of sufficient information. - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#4. An important re-engineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competence and outsource everything else. - Author: Bill Gates
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#5. If Mitt Romney was Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves. - Author: Ted Strickland
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#6. Never outsource your core competency. - Author: Tony Hsieh
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#7. To outsource your memory to machines - which is what many of us do with regard to our use of search engines - seems to me to be fairly antithetical to the basic qualities of Jewish life that have kept the Jews alive for so long. - Author: Joshua Cohen
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#8. The Inventor Of Google Glass Says It Could Outsource Our Brains - Author: Sebastian Thrun
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#9. Financial firms are sending their back-office jobs overseas. But what do fine artists do? They create something new, unexpected, and delightful that changes the world. MFA abilities are harder to outsource and more important in an abundant world. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#10. Master your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses. - Author: Ryan Kahn
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#11. Our ports are owned by local governments who are responsible for the ports. It is the Coast Guard and Customs that provide security. The federal government will never outsource our security. - Author: Kit Bond
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#12. My generation's parents told their children, 'Become an accountant, a lawyer, or an engineer; that will give you a solid foothold in the middle class.' But these jobs are now being sent overseas. So in order to make it today, you have to do work that's hard to outsource, hard to automate. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#13. If the government can't track illegals, then let's outsource the job to UPS or FedEx. - Author: Mike Huckabee
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#14. Apparently, the easiest way to overcome any awkwardness of speaking about sex is to sterilize it and outsource it to the professionals. - Author: Matthew Lee Anderson
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#15. Do what you do best, and outsource the rest. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#16. We can choose a future where we export more products and outsource fewer jobs. After a decade that was defined by what we bought and borrowed, we're getting back to basics, and doing what America has always done best: We're making things again. - Author: Barack Obama
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#17. The national oil companies still want to acquire some expertise so they will outsource more, but not totally. - Author: Andrew Gould
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#18. Outsourcing isn't the answer to everything. Lots of internet marketing pundits will tell you to outsource, outsource, outsource. Having a trusted team that knows each other and enjoys working together is good, too. - Author: Ian Lurie
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#19. Like many men, I am highly skilled in the art of losing things but prefer to outsource the recovery process. - Author: Craig Brown
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#20. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's strategy is to lead from behind. It sounds like what he is outlining is not to lead at all. We cannot continue to outsource foreign policy. We must lead. We are the most powerful nation in the world. We need to begin to act like it, again. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#21. I was outraged to learn that the president wanted to outsource operations at some American ports to the United Arab Emirates. - Author: Francine Busby
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#22. Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#23. The advantage that hospitals have over other institutions is that hospitals are community-based. You can't outsource your work; you can't move your emergency department to Pakistan. - Author: Mark Shields
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#24. If we give up on having library collections (digital or otherwise) and outsource access to and preservation of knowledge to corporations, we will have neither access nor preservation. - Author: Barbara Fister
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#25. Until a job is outsourced or streamlined through an innovation, an employee is trained to operate robotically. This is what a brand is. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
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#26. You can't be a professor without having been a student. You can't be a consultant without having been a research associate. So, if you outsource the least sophisticated jobs, at some stage, the next step of the ladder has to follow. - Author: Nirmalya Kumar
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#27. We just start putting our ideas out there, yet how do we actually attack contemporary problems? We do what some of the most successful American businesses do. We outsource and collaborate - Author: Baratunde R. Thurston
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#28. If CEOs insist that middle class Americans compete with cheap foreign labor, why not outsource the jobs of CEOs? If business is all about cost, they should be the first to volunteer. - Author: Lou Dobbs
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#29. John Kerry, who says he doesn't like outsourcing, wants to outsource our national security. - Author: Zell Miller
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#30. Will the industry outsource more? I think it depends on the client base. - Author: Andrew Gould
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#31. Culture is sustained in our synapses ... It's more than what can be reduced to binary code and uploaded onto the Net. To remain vital, culture must be renewed in the minds of the members of every generation. Outsource memory, and culture withers. - Author: Nicholas Carr
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#32. A lot of white-collar work requires less of the routine, rule-based, what we might call algorithmic set of capabilities, and more of the harder-to-outsource, harder-to-automate, non-routine, creative, juristic - as the scholars call it - abilities. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#33. It is so easy to demonize free-market and the freedom to outsource and offshore because it is so much easier to see people being laid off in big bunches, which makes headlines, than to see them being hired in fives and tens by small and medium-sized companies, which rarely makes news. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
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#34. As I have said for two years now, when Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda were cornered in the mountains of Tora Bora, it was wrong to outsource the job of capturing them to Afghan warlords who a week earlier were fighting against us. - Author: John F. Kerry
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