Top 35 Quotes About New Innovations

#1. Space offers extraordinary potential for commerce and adventure, for new innovations and new tests of will. As Americans, we can't help but reach for the stars. It's our nature. It's our destiny.

Bill Frist

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#2. GIS is being influenced by and integrating with all kinds of new innovations such as faster computing, big data, the cloud, smart devices, and distributed processing.

Jack Dangermond

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#3. As long as nuclear engineering can strive for new innovations and learn from its history of accidents and mistakes, the benefits that nuclear power can yield for our economy, society, and yes, environment, will come.

James Mahaffey

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#4. Data is the kind of ubiquitous resource that we can shape to provide new innovations and new insights, and it's all around us, and it can be mined very easily.

David McCandless

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#5. We need the next generation to be motivated and to push technological boundaries, to seek out new innovations.

Buzz Aldrin

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#6. The purpose of creation is beauty. Nature in all its various aspects develops towards beauty, and therefore it is plain that the purpose of life is to evolve towards beauty.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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#7. If your attention is focused only on the result, then you are no longer in the process. But if you're in the process, then the result is guaranteed.

Deepak Chopra

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#9. They no longer had any hope, but they had despair. Despair is a last weapon that sometimes brings victory; Virgil said so.

Victor Hugo

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#10. Ornette Coleman is doing the only really new thing in jazz since the innovations in the mid-forties of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and those of Thelonious Monk

John Lewis

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#11. We are not creators; only combiners of the created. Invention isn't about new ingredients, but new recipes. And innovations taste the best.

Ryan Lilly

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#12. Walk with care in dark places, and do not put your faith in anyone who promises you the forgiveness of the Lord or a certain place in Paradise.

Clive Barker

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#13. Incredible cosmic powers do not equate with high IQ.

Brandon Sanderson

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#14. I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning, just like the digital one was when I was his age.

Walter Isaacson

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#15. Scientific innovations continually provide us with new means of analyzing the finds.

Richard Leakey

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#16. One of the many innovations of modernism was the new demands it placed on the audience. Music, painting, literature, even architecture, would never again be quite so 'easy' as they had been.

Peter Watson

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#17. Many innovations fail because consumers irrationally overvalue the old while companies irrationally overvalue the new.

Nir Eyal

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#18. It's very dangerous to invent something in our times; ostentatious men of the other world, who are hostile to innovations, roam about angrily. To live in peace, one has to stay away from innovations and new ideas. Innovations, like trees, attract the most destructive lightnings to themselves.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#19. Adversity helps a man to know his inherent great abilities.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#20. It is good for everyone to know how to forget.

Ernest Renan

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#21. Now she realized she had never been kissed before. Not really. Not like this.
Ah, never like this.

Mary Balogh

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#22. If we can come up with innovations and train young people to take on new jobs, and if we can switch to clean energy, I think we have the capacity to build this world not dependent on fossil-fuel. I think it will happen, and it won't destroy economy.

Kofi Annan

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#23. One shouldn't believe in all those so-called innovations. There is only one nature and only one way to see it. Nowadays, they want to succeed too fast, this is how they go about inventing new aesthetics, pointillism, pipisme! All this is just to make noise.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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#24. The acceleration of the marketing process, the concentrating of manufacturing, greater diversification, increased international competition, have in turn speeded up product improvements, product innovations and new product introductions. The stakes are high, the failures costly.

Tom Sutton

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#25. I also have to add that if Rembrandt had been given a camera then that guys understanding of light and form would have blown the rest of us shooters into a black hole of despair.

Steve Merrick

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#26. There was a dark aura about him, a hint of caged power in that deceptively casual, sprawled poise. Danger personified.
If this had been a film she would have expected to hear the warning wail of an electric guitar creep over the soft background bustle of the city.

Heather R. Blair

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#27. In order to realize the goal of creating a new starting line that anyone can instinctively understand we have come up with a design that differs greatly from any of today's controllers. We have also made bold innovations in play style as well.

Satoru Iwata

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#28. Integrity is the source of new solutions and innovations; courage is a means of halting progress down a wrong road.

Scott K. Edinger

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#29. Wherever I am in the world I want to be creating new projects and innovations, which are exciting and make a difference to communities.

David Batstone

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#30. By definition, the Singularity means that machines would be smarter than us, and, in their wisdom, they can innovate new technologies. The innovations would come so quickly, and increasingly quickly, that the innovation would make Moore's Law seem as antiquated as Hammurabi's Code.

Marvin Ammori

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#31. Innovations and discoveries have created new industries giving more and more Americans better jobs and adding greatly to the prosperity and well being of all.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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#32. If every effect of any new products or methods were required to be known before they could be produced and marketed, they would not be true innovations - and thus not represent new knowledge of what people would like, if offered.

Edmund Phelps

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#33. I want the people of New Jersey to jump off a cliff like Kurt Vonnegut so I can show them how to fly. This way, nobody needs to grow any wings, which would be impossible anyway because we're humans and not some kind of bird.

Richie Sambora

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#34. I want to remake the whole world; anything less is not worth the trouble.

Karen Cushman

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#35. When a new building block is discovered, the result is usually a range of innovations.

John Henry Holland

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