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#1. Space may seem distant, but is an integral part of our daily life. It drives our modern communication and connects even the remotest family to the ordinary. India's space programme is a perfect example of our vision of Scale, Speed and Skill.

Narendra Modi

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#2. Although the Irish language is connected with the many recollections that twine around the hearts of Irishmen, yet the superior utility of the English tongue, as the medium of all modern communication, is so great that I can witness without a sigh the gradual decline of the Irish language.

Daniel O'Connell

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#3. Without question, we need to be informed of the happenings in the world. But modern communication brings into our homes a drowning cascade of the violence and misery of the worldwide human race. There comes a time when we need to find some peaceful spiritual renewal.

James E. Faust

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#4. The Internet is the great highway of the modern communication, free and independent.

Katya Chamma

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#5. The business of art is no longer the communication of thoughts or feelings which are to be conceptually ordered, but a direct participation in an experience. The whole tendency of modern communication ... is towards participation in a process, rather than apprehension of concepts.

Marshall McLuhan

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#6. Nothing matters more to AA's future welfare than the manner in which we use the colossus of modern communication. Used unselfishly and well, it can produce results surpassing our present imagination.

Bill W.

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#7. If there's one thing that the Web has changed about modern communication, it's that we've at long last done away with the archaic idea that publishing is the private playground of people who have ideas, experiences, and opinions.

Lore Sjoberg

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#8. I love that there's no cutoff where we get labeled and sent off to a home for hopeless, cranky, depressives. Every day is a new chance to listen longer and be braver and love more. We get to try again and again and again.

Anna White

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#9. What's your sport?"
Trey held his chin up, looking very pleased with himself. "Football. A real man's sport.

Richelle Mead

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#10. The wonderful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates. And the awful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates.

Mark McGuinness

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#11. What we do in life is determined by how we communicate to ourselves. In the modern world, the quality of life is the quality of communication.

Tony Robbins

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#12. The language of theism which was familiar to the people, gave Gandhi the advantage of easy communication with the people, but it is atheistic in principle. It could have been the starting point for the atheistic movement in the modern age.

Goparaju Ramachandra Rao

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#13. Perhaps we now need to engineer scarcity in our communications, in our interactions, and in the things we consume. Otherwise our lives become like a Morse code transmission that's lacking breaks - a swarm of noise blanketing the valuable data beneath.

Michael Harris

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#14. I felt the need to get back to painting and I thought the best way was to start drawing, so I enrolled in a life drawing class. I soon discovered that people made very interesting subjects and I am still surprised that I had never discovered it before.

Peter Wright

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#15. For example, a telegram is a "lightning-letter"; a wireless telegram is a "not-have-wire-lightning-communication"; a fountain-pen is a "self-flow-ink-water-brush"; a typewriter is a "strike-letter-machine". Most of these neologisms are similar in the modern languages of China and Japan.

Wolfram Eberhard

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#16. The advantage of modern means of communication is they enable you to worry about things in all of the world

Laurence J. Peter

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#17. A book ... unlike a television program, moving picture or any other 'modern means of communication' ... can wait for years, yet be available at any moment when it happens to be needed.

Joseph Wood Krutch

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#18. The terrors of the child are quite reasonable, and add to his loveliness; for his utter ignorance and weakness, and his enchanting indignation on such a small basis of capital compel every bystander to take his part.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#19. It's not just land that is broken, but more importantly, our relationship to land.

Robin Wall Kimmerer

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#20. The worst thing about the miracle of modern communications is the Pavlovian pressure it places upon everyone to communicate whenever a bell rings.

Russell Baker

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#21. There's no denying that Christy Turlington looks good in everything, but it's especially great when she uses her supermodel looks and charitable spirit to support the organization she founded, Every Mother Counts.

Amanda Hearst

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#22. What has this book got to do with Palaeoanthropology? The short answer is 'not one tiny bit'. But it has everything to do with stress, communication and change, especially for the modern Caveman.

Carl Rosier-Jones

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#23. Music fills in for words a lot of the time when people don't know what to say, and I think music can be more eloquent than words.


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#24. It really was amazing, thought Mindy, the way modern electronics made it so easy to ignore those people who were physically so close.

James Rozoff

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#25. During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts.

David Bohm

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#26. Individuals can make choices about their own health treatments, but it is critical public health decisions are evidence based and that consumers have appropriate evidence based information about alternative health products.

Metiria Turei

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#27. The first reason for the preponderant influence of those Evangelicals who define themselves as advocates of Religious Right theological and political ideologies is that they have both the financial means and technological know-how to make widespread use of modern electronic forms of communication.

Tony Campolo

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#28. If the aim of physical theories is to explain experimental laws, theoretical physics is not an autonomous science; it is subordinate to metaphysics.

Pierre Duhem

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#29. Just as characteristic, perhaps, is the intellectual interdependence created through the development of the modern media of communication: post, telegraph, telephone, and popular press.

Christian Lous Lange

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#30. From the child of five to myself is but a step. But from the new-born baby to the child of five is an appalling distance. - LEO TOLSTOI

Ernest Becker

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#31. I don't like this," his brother told him as they walked down the stairs.
"You don't like anything. I've heard you complain about the air."
"It irritates me when it whistles.

G.A. Aiken

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#32. Popular revolt against a ruthless, experienced modern dictatorship, which enjoys a monopoly over weapons and communications, ... is simply not a possibility in the modern age.

George F. Kennan

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#33. [on Rouge] This is a film about communication that disappears. We have better and better tools and less and less communication with each other. We only exchange information.

Krzysztof Kieslowski

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#34. Russia must realise its full potential in high-tech sectors such as modern energy technology, transport and communications, space and aircraft building.

Vladimir Putin

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#35. Throughout the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, Latin was the language of learning and international communication. But in the early modern period, it was gradually displaced by French. By the eighteenth century, all the world - or at least all of Europe - aspired to be Parisian.

Michael Dirda

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#36. Now, 75 years [after To Kill a Mockingbird], in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books.
[Open Letter, O Magazine, July 2006]

Harper Lee

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