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Top 10 Quotes About Mmorpg

#1. It was very pleasant to savor its aroma, for smells have the power to evoke the past, bringing back sounds and even other smells that have no match in the present. -Tita

Laura Esquivel

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#2. Have you had your first baby yet? I might have one myself, once they find a way for the man to carry it around the first nine months.

Joe Haldeman

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#3. If at first you don't succeed, use more force the second time.


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#4. The Australian Open attracts one of the most competitive line-ups in the world and I'm looking forward to putting the heat on some of my old on-court rivals.

Mark Philippoussis

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#5. Personally I'm hoping to spend the last years of my life plugged into a real life MMORPG simulation that makes me think and feel like I'm 18 again while my 90 year old body lies in a tube somewhere getting fed thru an IV. Be a great way to finish up a life.

Drew Curtis

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#6. My wife loves Europe, but to me it's a bad day at a theme park.

Jay Leno

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#7. I always felt different as a kid, and the Kinks were like, 'Yeah, we're the Kinks.' Celebrate your difference; don't be afraid of your sense of humor, or your personality, or who you are. It emboldened me.

Michael Weatherly

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#8. When you write by hand, you don't have the excessive freedom of a computer. When I write down something, I have to be serious about it. I have to ask myself, Is this necessary at this point in the book?

Pat Conroy

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#9. I think capital punishment's day is done in this country. I don't think it's fairly applied.

Oliver North

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#10. I've always said I'm going to get married only once.

Joe Namath

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