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Top 22 Quotes About Misdiagnosis

#1. There is no common standard for education about diagnosis. Distinguishing between bipolar depression and major depressive disorder, for example, can be difficult, and mistakes are common. Misdiagnosis can be lethal. Medications that work well for some forms of depression induce agitation in others. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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#2. You still can't find Israel on a map of the Middle East in a Palestinian schoolbook. - Author: Suzanne Fields
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#3. I work out, but not like I should. - Author: Troy Garity
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#4. I just try to think of celebrations that suprise people, that people have fun with, and that people enjoy.. - Author: Jorge Lorenzo
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#5. American credibility in the war on terrorism depends on a strong stand against all terrorist acts, whether committed by foe or friend. - Author: Arlen Specter
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#6. The medical definition of miracle is misdiagnosis. - Author: Stephen King
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#7. When different identity states convey contradictory information and then have amnesia for what the other identity states said, the patient may be thought to be lying. This can appear to be characterological mendacity when it is not. - Author: Elizabeth F. Howell
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#8. I think the further away you get from completing a book, the more responses you see to it from readers, the more your own tastes and opinions shift and the more you start to see things you could have written differently in the detail, or done differently on the broader scale of plot and character. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#9. I really do think that if we had lost that case we would really live in a country that would be really quite different. - Author: Floyd Abrams
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#10. Parisians are so besotted, so silly and so naturally inept that a street player, a seller of indulgences, a mule with its cymbals,a fiddler in the middle of a crossroads, will draw more people than would a good Evangelist preacher. - Author: Francois Rabelais
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#11. That's what the enemy wants. He wants you living in a state of defeat. Your defenses down. Your resolve weak and flimsy. Surrendering to an army of insecurities and misdiagnosis instead of courageously thriving in the sophisticated security of your identity in Christ. - Author: Priscilla Shirer
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#12. Gotta slay a lion before you can slay a dragon - Author: Gena Showalter
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#13. The mindset of a believer every time he opens the Bible must be the conviction that whatever the Bible says is true. We cannot trust our reason to determine what is true or false, right or wrong. - Author: Michael P. V. Barrett
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#14. Many DID patients have been misdiagnosed as schizophrenics and treated with neuroleptics. - Author: Masatoshi Shibayama
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#15. The pollsters and pundits will keep trying to read voters' minds. - Author: Rick Scott
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#16. Will the social networking phenomenon lessen? I don't think so. - Author: Marissa Mayer
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#17. Undiagnosed DID patients received incorrect diagnoses of schizophrenia in 25% to 40% of cases in two large series (Putnam, 1989; Ross, 1989), while in one stores 12% and in the other 16% had received electroconvulsive therapy. - Author: Colin A. Ross
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#18. The pleasures of love lasts but a fleeting but the pledges of life outlusts a lieftime. - Author: James Joyce
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#19. I said to the the sun
'Tell me about the big bang'
The sun said
'It hurts to become - Author: Andrea Gibson
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#20. It [ME] is one of the most disabling diseases that I care for, far exceeding HIV disease except for the terminal stages. - Author: Daniel L. Peterson
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#21. History offers us vicarious experience. It allows the youngest student to possess the ground equally with his elders; without a knowledge of history to give him a context for present events, he is at the mercy of every social misdiagnosis handed to him. - Author: Hilary Mantel
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#22. Those wanderers must have looked on Earth, circling safely in the narrow zone between fire and ice, and must have guessed that it was the favourite of the Sun's children. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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