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Top 35 Quotes About Military Sacrifice

#1. I put my heart and soul everyday into showing my appreciation for the incredible sacrifices of the US Military heroes by using my freedom and rights, that they provided and safeguarded at such sacrifice, to the best of my ability fighting the enemies at home. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#2. I love writing about the military, as I live near an air force base and am inspired by the sacrifices our soldiers make for us. I like to give them a lot of challenges to beat, and show how they live with intrigue and danger. - Author: Franny Armstrong
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#3. There's nothing like white trash at the White House. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#4. By requiring all 30 million Americans age 18 to 25 to perform two years of national service, in the military or civilian life, we will be asking for a shared sacrifice from all American citizens. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
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#5. I've had people tell me to get over it. I politely tell them, 'How about if I chop off your finger and see if it grows back? - Author: Jim Sheeler
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#6. But now inquiry is being made concerning these issues. First, can any believer enlist in the military? Second, can any soldier, even those of the rank and file or lesser grades who neither engage in pagan sacrifices nor capital punishment, be admitted into the church? No on both counts. - Author: Tertullian
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#7. In art there is no progress, only fluctuations of intensity. - Author: Robert Hughes
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#8. I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits. - Author: Monica Keena
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#9. Throughout the history of our young nation, we have seen our military go bravely into battle, armed with courage and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. - Author: John M. McHugh
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#10. One thing I have throughout my career, it felt like I did my best to align myself with quality artists, quality work, and it is a situation of steel sharpening steel. - Author: Common
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#11. Great military leaders have to sacrifice soldiers; great captains of industry have to sacrifice people. You can't only look after the poor, and the weak, and the disabled. You've got to do what's best for the community, and that often means sacrificing innocent people. - Author: David Nasaw
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#12. Eleanor laughs. Oh, I know that, silly. But it's easier not to let them realize it, because then they'd stop ignoring me, and they'd realize how much mischief I really get up to. Now, Lord Ackerly, I will have to ask you to stop stroking my hand, or my own shadow might replace your missing one. - Author: Kiersten White
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#13. I hear my friends and my mom tell me I'm special, but honestly, I still don't get it. - Author: LeBron James
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#14. A military coup needs a sacrifice and courage that you can't find in an army without morale. - Author: Jalal Talabani
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#15. Have you ever stopped to ponder the amount of blood spilt, the volume of tears shed, the degree of pain and anguish endured, the number of noble men and women lost in battle so that we as individuals might have a say in governing our country? Honor the lives sacrificed for your freedoms. Vote. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#16. There were things, your own acts, from which you could never recover. Something was killed in your breast: burnt out, cauterized out. - Author: George Orwell
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#17. The appropriate place to really render honors, and to acknowledge the sacrifice that somebody has made is at the gravesite. And it's at the gravesite because that's where friends and family can be. That's where members of the military unit can gather. - Author: Brian Whitman
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#18. In the military, you learn the essence of people. You see so many examples of self-sacrifice and moral courage. In the rest of life, you don't get that many opportunities to be sure of your friends. - Author: Adam Driver
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#19. Beauty is a radiance that orginates from within. - Author: Jane Seymour
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#20. The thing about a marine is that they can be the nicest men and women you will ever meet, but when it comes to their duty there are none fiercer. - Author: Joshua Mcnutt
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#21. This is all based on a true story, gentlemen. Hollywood big shots lined up all the way to the Hills to have a diet soda with me, but I wasn't gonna let them fuck me! No, sir!" Graham flashed his middle finger to the erstwhile line of big shots. "Feel free to fuck yourselves, you bunch of Weinsteins! - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#22. You know, rural Americans are a special people. Their labor puts food on our table and fuel in our gas tanks. Their service in our military sets a powerful example of leadership, honor and sacrifice. Their spirit of community inspires us all. - Author: Tom Vilsack
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#23. The system becomes more coherent as it is further extended. The elements which we require for explaining a new class of facts are already contained in our system. In false theories, the contrary is the case. - Author: William Whewell
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#24. Italy will always have the best food. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#25. Persistence is important in every endeavor. Whether it's finishing your homework, completing school, working late to finish a project, or "finishing the drill" in sports, winners persist to the point of sacrifice in order to achieve their goals. - Author: Lee Ellis
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#26. A wise and clear-eyed book, Future Hype challenges the conventional wisdom about technological change and provides a fresh perspective on our so-called computer age. - Author: Nicholas G. Carr
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#27. Anyone who met him today would say, *Soldier. Fighter.* They would want him on their team. As a mother she was willing to engage in pride over fear and to admit the possibility that his sacrifice was hers, too. His sacrifice was something she had been able to give her country. - Author: Lea Carpenter
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#28. It's hard to force creativity and humor. - Author: Al Yankovic
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#29. So my view's quite clear. I believe Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the first example, i believe they're going to Change the world ... - Author: Richard Brown
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#30. A son for a flag is a lot of sacrifice. - Author: Tucker Elliot
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#31. You know, sometimes I wish they would do this for us when we come home alive. - Author: Jim Sheeler
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#32. In the military, they give medals for people who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may survive. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#33. Johnny was great in the studio; he was there to make the music that he wanted to make. We lived right beside each other and had a rehearsal studio that was just ours, with nobody else using it, it was part of Johnny's house, so we could rehearse every day. - Author: Rick Derringer
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#34. Our nation's military and law enforcement personal work hard to protect us. We must thank them for their continued vigilance. Without their sacrifice we would less capable of protecting our nation. - Author: Leonard Boswell
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#35. In relation to the immense sacrifices that the state demands of the individual through the blood tax, it seems rather incidental whether it compensates the soldier more or less abundantly for the loss of time that he suffers from his military-service obligation. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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