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#1. Well, I guess I'm just not as special as you are. (Urian)
No one knows their true mettle until it's been tested. This is yours. Whether you pass or fail is entirely up to you. I can't tell you what to do, but I know where I'll be tonight. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#2. This camp is a forge for the army; it's testing our mettle. Instead of heat and hammer, our trials are cold and hunger. Question is, what are we made of? - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#3. Remember, a friend does not need you to impress him. A friend loves you because you are true to yourself, not because you agree with him. Beware of grand gestures; the real mettle of friendship is forged in life's daily workings. - Author: Ethan Hawke
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#4. A man who doesn't test the mettle of his soul isn't much of a man ... - Author: Joey W. Hill
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#5. To busy oneself with what is futile when one can do something useful, to attend to what is simple when one has the mettle to attempt what is difficult, is to strip talent of its dignity. - Author: Jose Marti
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#6. We are, I think, eager to show mettle we don't yet have. - Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
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#7. I love the game. I think it's a great game because you find out a lot about yourself. You test your mettle every week. There's no grey area, there's instant gratification and there are no quarterly reports. We're not just doing a little bit better. You know every Sunday what happened. - Author: Bill Parcells
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#8. To fall down is to face the weakness of my humanity, test the mettle of my character, and push the limits of my strength. Therefore, falling down will tell me who I am far more clearly than most things I might learn when I'm standing up. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#9. As I've been telling your, son, you get nowhere looking at clothes and the color of the skin to judge a man. It won't tell you nothing about what's inside. That's where a fellow's mettle is, and that's what counts. - Author: Richard Puz
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#10. Cowards shrink from toil and peril, Vulgar souls attempt and fail; Men of mettle, nothing daunted, Persevere till they prevail. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#11. There's nothing worse than being shackled by some miniscule sort of technology you have onstage, and I think your mettle is going to get tested in those moments. - Author: El-P
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#12. Marathon running, for me, was the most controlled test of mettle that I could ever think of. It's you against Darwin. - Author: Ryan Reynolds
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#13. Tender-handed stroke a nettle,
And it stings you, for your pains;
Grasp it like a man of mettle,
And it soft as silk remains.
Aaron Hill - Author: Michael Tappenden
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#14. Life provides ample opportunity to test our mettle. When circumstances call for it, let's give ourselves a break and ask for help. - Author: Gina Greenlee
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#15. O magnet-South! O glistening perfumed South! My South! O quick mettle, rich blood, impulse and love! Good and evil! O all dear to me! - Author: Walt Whitman
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#16. So what if she wasn't a pushover? So what if she had some mettle and didn't wear her heart on her sleeve? She had done everything she had done for the best. For king and country. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#17. Life brings sorrows and joys alike. It is what a man does with them - not what they do to him - that is the true test of his mettle. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#18. The sort of movies I make are not ones that can easily be sold upfront, so I have to make them and prove their mettle before I can sell them. - Author: Amber Sealey
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#19. The true courage of civilized nations is readiness for sacrifice in the service of the state, so that the individual counts as only one amongst many. The important thing here is not personal mettle but aligning oneself with the universal. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#20. A life without a storm would lack drama. Pounding waves of a tempestuous sea test a person's mettle. A fearless sailor climbs the rigging and shouts out at the top of their lungs into the wind and rain whipping across their face that they will not go quietly into the good night without a fight. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#21. What courage, man! What though care killed a cat? Thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#22. I have been so struck by the mettle of the men who founded this country and wrote the Constitution. What unbelievable persistence and integrity. I wonder if any of us would have the attention span required to forge a whole new world. I wish we did. - Author: Rosanne Cash
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#23. Legacy proves ones mettle and one's karma. - Author: Aporva Kala
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#24. You who live your lives in cities or among peaceful ways cannot always tell whether your friends are the kind who would go through fire for you. But on the Plains one's friends have an opportunity to prove their mettle. - Author: Buffalo Bill
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#25. Jay was intimidating to the point where I was totally intimidated before I even got to the booth. But I was like, this is going to be a test of my mettle. In the South, I'm regarded as the guy who, quote unquote, out-rapped Jay-Z. - Author: Bun B.
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#26. Her heart, she had discovered in the last half year, was of durable stuff. You could test its mettle with a hammer. - Author: Paul Russell
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#27. I find the Englishman to be him of all men who stands firmest in his shoes. They have in themselves what they value in their horses, mettle and bottom. mettle: spirited bottom: capacity to endure strain - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#28. I find life itself provides ample and sufficient tests of my valor and mettle: illness; betrayal; fruitless searches for love; working for the abusive, the insane, and the despotic. All challenges easily as thrilling to me as scrambling over icy rock in a pair of barely adequate boots. - Author: David Rakoff
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#29. Some men, under the pressure of incarceration, showed true mettle, while others revealed themselves as less than what they had appeared to be. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#30. If we didn't have any stress, we'd never grow and you'd probably wouldn't test your mettle and you'd probably wouldn't come up with a lot of creative stuff that people come up with by being somewhat on the edge. - Author: David Allen
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#31. Songs choose their hour and their own season. When your tune's tin, there is a reason. The tone of a tune is your heart's mettle, and there's no clear water from a muddy well. All you can do is let the silt settle, or you'll sound sour as a broken bell. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#32. When love begins to sicken and decay
It useth an enforced ceremony.
There are no tricks in plain and simple faith:
But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,
Make gallant show, and promise of their mettle. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#33. Achievement is not last, disappointment is not deadly: It is the mettle to proceed with that matters. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#34. What good is a dream that doesn't test the mettle of the dreamer? What good is a path that doesn't carry us to the edge of our capacity and then beyond that place? A true calling involves a great exposure before it can become a genuine refuge. - Author: Michael Meade
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#35. If you walk through life in a fighting pose with your fists balled up and ready to strike, someone, someday, somewhere, is going to want to test your mettle. - Author: Neal Boortz
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#36. We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff we are in, and that is where we have to prove our mettle. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#37. It is the age of ambition that proves the mettle of men - Author: Jose De Alencar
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#38. As a blacksmith uses heat to temper steel, so should a trial by fire strengthen one's mettle. - Author: Jeffrey Fry
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#39. The true test of a soldier's mettle is to see whether or not they will cling to what they believe in, even in the face of impending death. - Author: Matthew S. Williams
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#40. This is when family and friends must stand tall and strong - when mettle is tested, refined and purified. We'll survive. We must. And we'll watch the enemy burn in the fire. - Author: Jason Price
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#41. He says he was physically not right, that's fine but the mentality, even if you're not right, you're still in a fight and you still show what you have deep down inside, and I don't think he showed the mettle that he needed to show in that fight in order to beat a guy like Miranda. - Author: Andre Ward
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#42. Anger is like
A full hot horse, who being allowed his way,
Self-mettle tires him. - Author: William Shakespeare
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