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#1. I feel like making the mistakes I always wanted to make, but never had the courage to ... I can make new friends and teach them how to be crazy too in order to be wise. I'll tell them not to follow the manuals of good behaviour but to discover their own lives, desires, adventures and to live

Paulo Coelho

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#2. Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading sex manuals without the software.

Arthur C. Clarke

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#3. ... no matter how we go about it, we are never poorer for the experiences that teach us how to write our own manuals.

Tania Aebi

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#4. You wouldn't know how to pinch the right buttons on a girl if we came with manuals.

Elizabeth Eulberg

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#5. For most of our lives, sex seems fated to remain steeped in longing and awkwardness. Whatever the manuals may promise, there are really no solutions to the majority of the dilemmas sex creates for us.

Alain De Botton

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#6. A few dauntless souls even enter the chemist's -- that shamelessly anatomical chemist's, whose wares do not figure in school manuals on the practical uses of rubber.

Radclyffe Hall

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#7. Selling is a person-to-person business. You cannot send the sales manual out to make the sale. Sales manuals have no legs and no voice.

Jim Rohn

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#8. Bad design cannot be patched up with labels, instruction manuals or traingin courses.

Donald Norman

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#9. There are several books that I have-the Physics of Star Trek, Star Trek and Business, there are manuals on command style and countless scholarly papers that have been written about the significance of Next Generation.

Patrick Stewart

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#10. But a sweater? I mean,that is so unromantic.It is the kind of thing I would get my dad - if he wasn't so in need of anger-management manuals,which is what I got for him for Christmas.

Meg Cabot

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#11. He would read up on parenting, if he thought it would help, but his errors always seemed too basic for the manuals. "Always tell your kids they have siblings ... " He couldn't imagine any child-raising guru taking the trouble to write that down. Maybe there was a gap in the market.

Nick Hornby

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#12. As manuals for contemplative understanding, the Bible and the Koran are worse than useless. Whatever wisdom can be found in their pages is never best found there, and it is subverted, time and again, by ancient savagery and superstition.

Sam Harris

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#13. I'm very impatient, and if I get a new piece of technology, no matter what it is - I recently got the iPhone, which is very exciting - I can't be doing with reading manuals. I want it to work immediately and to do what I want it to do.

Kimberley Nixon

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#14. Before I was published, I thought men read car manuals or books about football. But once I started having really serious conversations with male lovers of literature, I let go of that prejudice.

Michel Faber

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#15. Fairy tales are about money, marriage, and men. They are the maps and manuals that are passed down from mothers and grandmothers to help them survive.

Marina Warner

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#16. This used to be about sex. The literature of my people was pornography, filled with cries for mercy, drama enacted on people without prolonged negotiation, partners engaged in a dance in the middle of a bonfire. Now, it's 300-page manuals about how to make sure nothing bad will happen.

Laura Antoniou

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#17. We use the official definitions of terrorism. The definitions in the U.S. code, in British law, in U.S. Army manuals and so on. And if you use those definitions it follows instantly that the United States is the leading terrorist state in the world.

Noam Chomsky

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#18. I'm rather pleased with the new manuals. I see Inform now as a gauche young adult, having got past the stage of growing out of his shoes every few months.

Graham Nelson

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#19. Many persons have been confused and discouraged at the very outset of the study by the great variety and the delicate distinctions of the openings: and this has constituted a fault in many otherwise excellent manuals for the learner.

Howard Staunton

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#20. To have luck and fail to act on it is tantamount to not having luck at all. In fact, it was worse. Barnes thought back to his self-help manuals. They all proclaimed with compelling force the necessity of recognizing opportunity then seizing it when it stuck.

Joseph G. Peterson

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#21. I don't know anybody's road who's been paved perfectly for them, there are no manuals, you don't know what life has in store for you.

Drew Barrymore

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#22. Software is usually accompanied by documentation in the form of big fat scary manuals that nobody ever reads. In fact, for the past five years most of the manuals shipped with software products have actually been copies of Stephen King's The Stand with new covers pasted on.

Dave Barry

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#23. Books, Manuals, Directives, Regulations. The geometries that circumscribe your working life draw norrower and norrower until nothing fits inside them anymore.

Lord Byron

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#24. I love it when you talk clean to me, quoting training manuals like sonnets.

Amanda Hocking

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#25. Manuals have their uses ... but they are not to be confused with living.

Robert Fulghum

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#26. The manuals we got from IBM would show examples of programs and I knew I could do a heck of a lot better than that. So I thought I might have some talent.

Donald Knuth

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#27. You can read a dozen different textbooks or how-to manuals that will tell you the basic rules of what makes a story - a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Len Wein

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#28. Recipes are not assembly manuals. Recipes are guides and suggestions for a process that is infinitely nuanced. Recipes are sheet music.

Michael Ruhlman

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#29. My overall recommendation: for decades corporate policy manuals and HR departments have told people they are responsible for their own careers. It's about time people really heeded those warnings.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

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#30. You read a hundred
military manuals you won't
find the word kill they trick
you into killing.

Anne Carson

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#31. But typically for a project like the Mac, the size we had was pretty good. And it has different stages. The team grows as you have to write manuals and do testing ... though the Mac had no formal testing.

Andy Hertzfeld

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#32. She wanted to make sure she studied all the manuals thoroughly, but she had to admit that part of her hesitation was the unsettling length of the list of things that could go wrong if she mishandled the pressure.

Jaleigh Johnson

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#33. In spite of the six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck - and, of course, courage.

Bill Cosby

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#34. A rock band used to be four guys and a drummer. Now it's five guys sitting around reading manuals!

Bill Bruford

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#35. Kids don't come with owner's manuals. You have to figure each of them out, and by the time you do, they're gone.

Richard Paul Evans

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#36. Raising a child is an on-the-job kind of thing. There aren't a whole lot of manuals for that.

Larry Elder

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#37. I decided, as I succumbed to sleep, that men should come with manuals, subtitles, and reset buttons.

Penny Reid

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#38. Stories are Life's instruction manuals.

Robert Peate

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#39. Through our evolution, we're so specialized for social interaction. So, if you can really design robots that can interact with people, in this very natural, interpersonal way, I think that would be great. You wouldn't have to have people read manuals, in order to operate them.

Cynthia Breazeal

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#40. Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time. Codes and manuals create patterned behavior. All patterned behavior tends to go unquestioned, gathering destructive momentum. - Darwi Odrade

Frank Herbert

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#41. And Nate? You kiss like a slobbering dog, you have bad breath, and you wouldn't know how to punch the right buttons on a girl if we came with manuals. Happy Thanksgiving, Jackass.

Elizabeth Eulberg

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#42. If it had anything to do with the PC or networking industry I was on top of it. I bought manuals. I read every book and magazine. Then I would get involved with industry conferences and put myself out there.

Mark Cuban

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#43. I never liked to work, I mean manual work.

P.T. Barnum

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