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Top 11 Quotes About Malam

#1. You don't think much of the individual, because you don't think you've hit him and you hope that he will bail out or something; it's the aeroplane you've hit ... normally it was more of a game if you like, you were outwitting and shooting down another aircraft, you were simply hitting metal.

Peter Malam Brothers

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#2. I like that I am needed, that I am beholden to somebody.

Jenny Han

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#3. When the British became Christian, Christianity in no way altered their political organisation.

Sabine Baring-Gould

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#4. It's fun to be in California. The police are kind of weird here. They ask you stupid questions. 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' Because I have pot in the glove compartment?

Robert Schimmel

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#5. If it had a name, he says, what would that change, exactly? Would it be more acceptable to you? Would it be a thing people do? Would it have a category unto itself?

Jess Row

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#6. No matter how humble a man's beginnings, he achieves the stature of the office to which he is elected.

Nikita Khrushchev

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#7. Well, I am not 100 percent sure of the definition of polemic, but it wasn't meant to convince anybody of anything.

Art Spiegelman

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#8. A successful lawsuit is the one worn by a policeman.

Robert Frost

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#9. I used to say of Napoleon that his presence on the field made the difference of forty thousand men.

Duke Of Wellington

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#10. We deserved to lose and it was a good result for us, considering the way we played in the second half.

Fabio Capello

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#11. Go to a place and just send out emails. That's my entire life. I go to countries and I ask, "Who would I know who lives here?" Not even do I know, but who exists and is on the planet.

Jessa Crispin

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