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Top 100 Quotes About Maine

#1. Maine Haiku
"Winter don't matter
when there's steaming lobster and
girls are steaming hot. - Author: Beryl Dov
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#2. Mr Michener, as timeless as a stack of National Geographics, is the ultimate Summer Writer. Just as one goes back to the cottage in Maine, so one goes back to one's Michener. - Author: Wilfrid Sheed
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#3. Ye who made war that your ships Should lay to at the beck of no nation, Make war now on Murder, that slips The leash of her hounds of damnation; Ye who remembered the Alamo, Remember the Maine! - Author: Richard Hovey
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#4. When I first came to Canada, I thought it was going to be easy to be a Canadian; like so many stupid Americans, I pictured Canada as simply some northern, colder, possibly more provincial region of the United States-I imagined it would be like moving to Maine, or Minnesota. - Author: John Irving
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#5. The inquiries of the jurist are in truth prosecuted much as inquiry in physic and physiology was prosecuted before observation had taken the place of assumption. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#6. The epoch of Customary Law, and of its custody by a privileged order, is a very remarkable one. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#7. I don't want to live in Maine full time, but the physical beauty is very striking. It is the exact opposite of New York. When you walk through my small town to get a cup of coffee, you bump into five people you know. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
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#8. Do you know how long it takes to charm people from Maine? They're uptight white people coated with a hard exterior made from other uptight white people. - Author: Joel Stein
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#9. I left New York in 2009 when I fell in love with someone who had a farmhouse in New Hampshire ... Portland, Maine, felt like the inevitable place for us. - Author: Kate Christensen
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#10. Many small towns I know in Maine are as tight-knit and interdependent as those I associate with rural communities in India or China; with deep roots and old loyalties, skeptical of authority, they are proud and inflexibly territorial. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#11. I wanted to go to the rooftree of Maine to start my trip before turning west. It seemed to give the journey a design, and everything in the world must have design or the human mind rejects it. But in addition it must have purpose or the human conscience shies away from it. Maine - Author: John Steinbeck
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#12. I looked along the San Juan Islands and the coast of California, but I couldn't find the palette of green, granite, and dark blue that you can only find in Maine. - Author: Parker Stevenson
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#13. Third box car, midnight train, destination Bangor, Maine. Old worn out suit and shoes, I don't pay no union dues. - Author: Roger Miller
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#14. Then I remembered how she was - fiery, ruthless, smart, and despite herself very caring, not a person who hurts anyone. - Author: Mike Bond
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#15. About 47 percent of able-bodied people in the state of Maine don't work. - Author: Paul LePage
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#16. I can't stop shaking. I need you. I want you. I can't let myself have you. - Author: Kelli Maine
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#17. Excellent education and an excellent environment are two hallmarks of our state. How we treat our environment is connected to so many other opportunities in Maine. - Author: John Baldacci
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#18. Why doesn't the United States take over the monarchy and unite with England? England does have important assets. Naturally the longer you wait, the more they will dwindle. At least you could use it for a summer resort instead of Maine. - Author: W. H. Auden
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#19. In Maine, nobody is required to belong to a union or pay dues. - Author: Cynthia Dill
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#20. I don't have time to have friends come and stay, except on weekends in Maine. I invite a lot of people to come to Maine. - Author: Martha Stewart
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#21. he normally had his pastry shipped from Boston's north end - Author: Leighann Dobbs
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#22. Law is stable; the societies we are speaking of are progressive. The greater or less happiness of a people depends on the degree of promptitude with which the gulf is narrowed. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#23. The whole state of Maine is unlocked. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
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#24. When you're up in Maine, there is Canada, I mean it's looking right at you; it's a different viewpoint. - Author: Barbara Mikulski
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#25. Why would she do that?"
"Because she's a Yankee - a Maine Yankee, the worst kind. On a given day, they can make the Irish look logical. - Author: Stephen King
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#26. When I was in the Maine Senate and proposed Maine RX - a plan to lower prescription drug costs by forcing the pharmaceutical companies to negotiate - I was told by many people that it was too big an idea, and we couldn't overcome opposition from the drug companies. - Author: Chellie Pingree
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#27. There's a food revolution going on throughout the country. And it doesn't matter if you're down south, up north in Maine, if you're out west in Portland or Seattle. - Author: Tom Colicchio
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#28. This was something that happened in bad horror movies, and books written by people from Maine. - Author: Chris Philbrook
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#29. I went to this very disorganized Jewish summer camp in Maine called Camp Modin. - Author: David Wain
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#30. Together we have sent a message that will echo from Wall Street to Washington, from Maine to California. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#31. We are born to believe
We can't change a thing
We can't, and we never could.
But before you believe
The things you believe
You must understand
To be understood. - Author: John C. O'Callaghan
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#32. My mother, as a girl, had remembered this woman from Maine, someone who was part of the extended family somehow, and I recall her talking about this great, risk-taking woman. There are the most amazing, heroic stories in everybody's lives. - Author: Patricia MacLachlan
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#33. Yes, you are. your dead," i say. "you left me. i saw you. you left me. snd now i'm here in maine where everything is crazy and you can't run at night and it's cold. - Author: Carrie Jones
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#34. The final cover for 'Heroes Are My Weakness' feels exactly right. It reflects the cold, wintry setting of an isolated island off the coast of Maine and the feisty spirit of a heroine who refuses to give up, even when the odds are stacked against her. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#35. On a late-winter evening in 1983, while driving through fog along the Maine coast, recollections of old campfires began to drift into the March mist, and I thought of the Abnaki Indians of the Algonquin tribe who dwelt near Bangor a thousand years ago. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#36. My mom was always a fan of just really elegant, sophisticated pieces. I mean we grew up in Maine, so we didn't have a lot of call for black tie or anything, but I think I definitely got that sensibility from her. - Author: Anna Kendrick
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#37. Though at opposite ends of our country, Maine and Hawaii are, other than climate, much alike. Places where you say who you are, be who you are, keep your word, and don't cheat or lie to take advantage of each other. Where you protect other folks because they are your tribe. - Author: Mike Bond
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#38. Just as the Red Sox proved the critics wrong, Maine can compete and can win. - Author: John Baldacci
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#39. Although deer season doesn't start until November in Maine, the fields of October are often alive with gunshots; the locals are shooting as many peasants as they think their families will eat. - Author: Stephen King
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#40. I go live in Maine for the summer. Without computer, and without the telephone service we are mercifully without the faxes and e-mails. So it's really about two and a half months that I'll feel like I can recover some silence in my life ... which is so hard to find. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#41. Our authorities leave us no doubt that the trust lodged with the oligarchy was sometimes abused, but it certainly ought not to be regarded as a mere usurpation or engine of tyranny. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#42. She was at the same table near the back where three nights ago I'd sat entranced by her songs. And where the two of us had talked like old friends. - Author: Mike Bond
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#43. The tops of mountains are among the unfinished parts of the globe, whither it is a slight insult to the gods to climb and pry into their secrets, and try their effect on our humanity. Only daring and insolent men, perchance, go there. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#44. The most celebrated system of jurisprudence known to the world begins, as it ends, with a Code. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#45. Reality isn't round, it's flat. There are edges where you can fall off and this October when I moved to Maine, I fell off one. - Author: Carrie Jones
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#46. In the fall term of 1933-34 I was on my family farm in Maine. - Author: Stephen Cole Kleene
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#47. The members of such a society consider that the transgression of a religious ordinance should be punished by civil penalties, and that the violation of a civil duty exposes the delinquent to divine correction. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#48. We sat bathed in luscious darkness, Casco Bay's thousand islands spread out before us like a diamond quilt. 'I don't get enough of this,' she said. - Author: Mike Bond
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#49. Man is born to die. His works are short-lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay, and wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all it's glory forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine. - Author: Percival Proctor Baxter
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#50. Indiana gets credit for having the most rabid basketball fans in the union, but Maine is a very, very active basketball state. - Author: Bob Cousy
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#51. They found him guilty, and brother, if Maine had the death penalty, he would have done the airdance before that spring's crocuses poked their heads out of the dirt. - Author: Stephen King
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#52. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It takes me back to summers in Maine. - Author: Rachel Nichols
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#53. I was 17 when I left the small Maine town where I'd grown up. I wanted to do something I thought was important with my life, so I headed to California and didn't look back. - Author: Patrick Dempsey
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#54. Our goal is to make Maine the healthiest state in the nation and reduce our overall health care costs. - Author: John Baldacci
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#55. In this part of the world, only Maine gives winter the welcome and the worship it should have. - Author: Tom Allen
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#56. I remembered when I'd told my family I was moving to Belfast, their reactions were the same. "IRELAND?" I'd laughed. "Uh, no. Belfast, Maine. It's a twelve month position. - Author: N.R. Walker
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#57. In spite of overwhelming evidence, it is most difficult for a citizen of western Europe to bring thoroughly home to himself the truth that the civilisation which surrounds him is a rare exception in the history of the world. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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#58. Taking the time to read to children is not only a worthwhile investment but also a wonderful experience. I have visited 119 schools in Maine, and these visits are among the most rewarding experiences in my career in public service. - Author: Susan Collins
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#59. During the summers, when I'm in Maine, I work at a desk that's located beyond all tendrilly wi-fi reaches. It takes me a few days to break the constant e-mail-checking habit, then I find I don't want to check my e-mail ever, and often don't for days. - Author: Heidi Julavits
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#60. I support exemptions from the estate tax to ensure that when Maine farm owners die, their families will be able to continue to farm the land that they have protected and lived on, often for generations. - Author: Tom Allen
Quotes About Maine #153876
#61. During the warm season (August 8 and 9), Maine is a true vacation paradise, offering visitors a chance to jump into crystal-clear mountain lakes and see if they can get back out again before their bodily tissue is frozen as solid as a supermarket turkey. - Author: Dave Barry
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#62. I'm a fan of Tom's of Maine natural oral care line for those very reasons; they deliver on both healthy and environmental goodness. The beauty of it is you'll feel even more empowered knowing you're doing something good for yourself and the environmental footprint of your beauty routine. - Author: Sophie Heyman Uliano
Quotes About Maine #152278
#63. My blog is a celebration of the unexpected, settled, happy life I find myself living in Portland, Maine, at the ripe old age of fifty with someone I deeply love and am very happy with. That's part of why I started the blog. - Author: Kate Christensen
Quotes About Maine #128306
#64. The realization of a sustainable economic development strategy for Maine's Native American communities has always been a priority and a critical element of my administration's overall economic development strategy. - Author: John Baldacci
Quotes About Maine #228178
#65. Maine's long and cold winters may help keep our State's population low, but our harsh climate also accounts for what is unique and valuable about our land and our people. - Author: Tom Allen
Quotes About Maine #114774
#66. When I was a child growing up in Maine, one of my favorite things to do was to look for sand dollars on the seashores of Maine, because my parents told me it would bring me luck. But you know, these shells, they're hard to find. They're covered in sand. They're difficult to see. - Author: Sarah Parcak
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#67. Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England. - Author: John Irving
Quotes About Maine #113992
#68. Write, drink and be merry! - Author: Maureen A. Miller
Quotes About Maine #91930
#69. Renewable energy has economic advantages that extend beyond steady, predictable electric rates - and Maine is in a good position to capitalize on those opportunities. - Author: Chellie Pingree
Quotes About Maine #76144
#70. New York is part of the natural world. I love the city, I love the country, and for the same reasons. The city is part of the country. When I had an apartment on East Forty-Eighth Street, my backyard during the migratory season yielded more birds than I ever saw in Maine. - Author: E.B. White
Quotes About Maine #73527
#71. We're all weird. - Author: John O'Callaghan
Quotes About Maine #68721
#72. I know my dreams will be of you, and I'm not sure how I'll stay away from you in the morning. - Author: Kelli Maine
Quotes About Maine #44204
#73. Live for One day instead to die every day.
Work is worship
Do or die. - Author: Nancy Patchen
Quotes About Maine #43978
#74. It had rained on some vivid green ferns in Maine and it was quite beautiful. I was moving the camera slightly and studying the ground glass. Looking at those 20 square inches, trying to find out just what were the right elements to include. - Author: John Sexton
Quotes About Maine #26564
#75. At one point, I was seriously considering playing Huck Finn in a production in Northern Maine in the dead of winter. - Author: David Walton
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#76. I grew up in Maine working at a video store and found myself being pulled more and more to on-camera stuff. - Author: Timothy Simons
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#77. I think that marijuana should not only be legal, I think it should be a cottage industry. It would be wonderful for the state of Maine. There's some pretty good homegrown dope. I'm sure it would be even better if you could grow it with fertilizers and have greenhouses. - Author: Stephen King
Quotes About Maine #501671
#78. The jobless recovery in Maine is much more of a reality than we thought it was. - Author: Charles J. Colgan
Quotes About Maine #482448
#79. What is most striking in the Maine wilderness is the continuousness of the forest, with fewer open intervals or glades than you had imagined. Except the few burnt lands, the narrow intervals on the rivers, the bare tops of the high mountains, and the lakes and streams, the forest is uninterrupted. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Quotes About Maine #480023
#80. When I go to a bar, I don't go looking for a girl who knows the capital of Maine. - Author: David Brenner
Quotes About Maine #472267
#81. Besides trying to influence opinion in Maine, Webster sent agents to disrupt the activities of the "Patriot Hunters," a radical American group hoping to oust the British from Canada, and the scheme seems to have been the first time that Americans were targets of their own government. - Author: Gary May
Quotes About Maine #470500
#82. Maine should be pleased that its animal is not a waverer, and rather than fight, lets the primed quill fall. Shallow oppressor, intruder, insister, you have found a resister. - Author: Marianne Moore
Quotes About Maine #451204
#83. They're each on separate coasts but I think that the deep Maine woods shares some similarities to the Pacific Northwest. - Author: Mark Duplass
Quotes About Maine #438636
#84. The wind was picking up off the ocean now and the whole coastal scene had a bleak, abandoned look, as though Maine in November really belonged to the ragged gulls who wheeled over the sun-worn pier, and the humans had just gotten the news and taken a powder. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
Quotes About Maine #415100
#85. [Sharon Howard:] You know, I didn't expect a kid fresh out of college from Maine to be so cutthroat. - Author: Jessica Lave
Quotes About Maine #385985
#86. When primitive law has once been embodied in a Code, there is an end to what may be called its spontaneous development. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
Quotes About Maine #378048
#87. He is appointed Lieutenant Colonel, second-in-command of the Twentieth Maine Regiment of Volunteers. - Author: Jeff Shaara
Quotes About Maine #370402
#88. Eventually, when I started studying Egyptology, I realized that seeing with my naked eyes alone wasn't enough. Because all of the sudden, in Egypt, my beach had grown from a tiny beach in Maine to one eight hundred miles long, next to the Nile. - Author: Sarah Parcak
Quotes About Maine #351477
#89. Maine is a joy in the summer. But the soul of Maine is more apparent in the winter. - Author: Paul Theroux
Quotes About Maine #4494
#90. As I write, snow is falling outside my Maine window, and indoors all around me half a hundred garden catalogues are in bloom. - Author: Katharine Sergeant Angell White
Quotes About Maine #330245
#91. There's a quality of life in Maine which is this singular and unique. I think. It's absolutely a world onto itself. - Author: Jamie Wyeth
Quotes About Maine #323152
#92. Happiness isn't something she spends much time thinking about. Survival, discomfort, hunger ... these are the concerns that fill her days. - Author: David Maine
Quotes About Maine #316462
#93. I would really rather feel bad in Maine than feel good anywhere else - Author: E.B. White
Quotes About Maine #303703
#94. I did a play called 'On Golden Pond' in a dinner theater in Maine and then went to New York for a talent competition having put together a three-man juggling routine and some one-liners and I got myself an agent from that. - Author: Patrick Dempsey
Quotes About Maine #303129
#95. Have you ever dreamt about doing something totally foolish, something so absurd that perhaps you were afraid to tell anyone except possibly those closest to you? I harbored such a secret for most of my adult life - I secretly wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail [A.T.] from Georgia to Maine. - Author: Dennis R. Blanchard
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#96. The best part of my life is I've been hired to work for the people of the state of Maine, and I'm very humble and very proud. - Author: Paul LePage
Quotes About Maine #299738
#97. I made an impulse buy of a house in Maine to make my wife happy and now have gone back into debt and it's all started over for me. - Author: John Hodgman
Quotes About Maine #294410
#98. My greatest fear in the state of Maine: newspapers. I'm not a fan of newspapers. - Author: Paul LePage
Quotes About Maine #277573
#99. I love the action that I'm able to do. I grew up in Maine, outdoors and playing with the boys and shooting skeet. I have my girly side, too. But, I do like playing the strong female roles, especially now with something as simple as Twitter, where you've got young women following you. - Author: Rachel Nichols
Quotes About Maine #259742
#100. The most superficial student of Roman history must be struck by the extraordinary degree in which the fortunes of the republic were affected by the presence of foreigners, under different names, on her soil. - Author: Henry James Sumner Maine
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