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#1. A mans religion will rise no higher than his concept of God.

Adrian Rogers

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#2. Trying to understand fundamental processes that take place as organisms develop and how their various cells interact with one another - one can see what happens with those cells by asking questions about the fundamentals of biology.

Martin Chalfie

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#3. I was unable to recognize something that I would come up against time and time again. You could not be filled with hate and be beautiful. Like any girl, I wanted to be beautiful. But I was filled with hate. So how could I be both..?

Alice Sebold

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#4. It doesn't matter if dragons are flying overhead or whatever - a lot of Victoriana is still cut in the frame of fantasy.

Terry Pratchett

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#5. I am a big proponent of adopting dogs through shelters and rescue operations. Having dogs in the office might not be right for everyone, but it has certainly worked well for me. My advice to other offices, on the Hill and off, would be to try it out.

Linda Sanchez

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#6. Webs are made mostly of spaces. They break easily. They barely exist. They belong to the category of half-things: mist, smoke, shrouds, ghosts, membranes, retinas or rags; and they quickly fill up with un-things: old legs and wings and heads and hollow abdomens and body bags of wasps.

Alice Oswald

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