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#1. With a terrible script you hustle and try to make it better. But with a good script it can be trouble because you rest on your laurels, so to speak, you think it's going to translate easily.

Robert Downey Jr.

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#2. I'm always trying to improve my skills as an actor. I think it shows in 'El Gringo;' it shows in the new 'Universal Soldier.' You can't rest on your laurels; you've got to keep improving.

Scott Adkins

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#3. I don't like to look back, and I'm always worried about the next thing rather than resting on the laurels or the degradations of the last thing.

Steve Martin

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#4. I don't rest on my laurels and start getting lazy. It makes me just wanna keep working.

Andre Ward

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#5. I'm not retiring. I am graduating. Today is my graduation day. Retirement means that you'll just go ahead and live on your laurels and surf all day in Oceanside. It ain't going to happen.

Junior Seau

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#6. To be a real entrepreneur you always have to be looking forward. The moment you rest on your laurels is the moment your competition overtakes you.

Richard Branson

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#7. It's been the work that has carried me and I never wanted to rest on my laurels or go back and do what I done before.

David Cassidy

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#8. As entrepreneurs, we must continue to ask ourselves 'What's next?' It takes humility to realize that we don't know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing.

Cher Wang

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#9. Let war yield to peace, laurels to paeans.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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#10. Our cheer goes back to them, the valiant dead! Laurels and roses on their graves to-day, lilies and laurels over them we lay, and violets o'er each unforgotten head.

Richard Hovey

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#11. I kind of feel like I have grown as just like a human being as a human being by being able to adapt and adjust and know that like you can't ever rest on your laurels, you have to sort of wake up; you actually have to be present.

Nicole Beharie

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#12. Actions speak louder than words. In the days to come the Goddess of Victory will bestow her laurels only on those who prepared to act with daring.

Heinz Guderian

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#13. You win the lasting laurels with your laughter.

Joni Mitchell

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#14. Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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#15. The laurels of an orator who is not a master of literary art wither quickly.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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#16. Forcing modern speakers of English to not - whoops, not to split an infinitive because it isn't done in Latin makes about as much sense as forcing modern residents of England to wear laurels and togas.

Steven Pinker

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#17. Nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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#18. Georgia is in an enviable position today, but we can't rest on our laurels.

Roy Barnes

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#19. John D. MacDonald is by any standards a better writer than Saul Bellow, only MacDonald writes thrillers and Bellow is a human-heart chap, so guess who wears the top-grade laurels?

Kingsley Amis

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#20. Isn't it true that when some couple celebrates their tenth or fifteenth anniversary they seem far from triumphant? In fact they seem duped while dirty Uncle Harry, the rake, seems to wear the laurels.

John Cheever

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#21. I just want to leave you with this thought, that it's just been sort of a dress rehearsal, and we're just getting started. So if any of you start resting on your laurels, I mean just forget it, because ... we are just getting started.

Walt Disney Company

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#22. I have been accused of being a very simplistic, very lyrical player, and that's okay. That just comes from the blues, which is my background. But every day you wake up and transcend. You can't ever rest on your laurels.

Carlos Santana

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#23. Never look back, except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future. Success is not built on past laurels, but rather on a continuous activity. Keep busy searching out new ideas and, experimentally, keep ahead of the times, or at least up with them.

Dorothy Draper

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#24. Scars do not bother me. They are the laurels of the survivor.

Patricia Briggs

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#25. I look at everything I've done critically - but I think that's the job of an actor. If you ever sit on your laurels or think that you're good - in a way, I don't then think you're pushing yourself.

Nicole Kidman

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#26. You never sit on your laurels. It is always a case of trying to work on your deficiencies as much as working on your strengths.

Brian O'Driscoll

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#27. I don't know all the reasons for these achievements, but I know that I love what I do and I have never wanted to rest on my laurels.

Ahmed H. Zewail

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#28. We need to look to our laurels a bit with television in this country. I don't think enough risks are being taken in drama television in the U.K., and I think a lot of programme makers are underestimating the intelligence of the viewing public, basing it all on ratings.

Charles Dance

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#29. But at the same time you can't assume that making a difference 20 years ago is going to allow you to sort of live on the laurels of those victories for the rest of your life.

Angela Davis

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#30. The laurels of victory are at the point of the enemy bayonets. They must be plucked there ; they must be carried by a hand-to-hand fight if one really means to conquer.

Ferdinand Foch

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#31. Too much success gets you resting on your laurels and creates a kind of quicksand that you can't get out of.

Colin Wilson

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#32. There's a lot of guys that just get comfortable with their positions and rest on their laurels. I had to earn my way.

Paul Walker

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#33. Rest on laurels? I wish I could do that. No, you rest when you're dead

Lee Kuan Yew

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#34. [Fringe] was just about doing the job, or trying to do the job, properly. It was never a job that you could rest on your laurels. It was a very challenging 43 minutes of television that we were shooting, every week.

John Noble

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#35. I refuse to sit on my laurels.

Patricia Cornwell

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#36. Even though I've had the body of work I've had, and the success I've had, I do not rest on my laurels whatsoever.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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#37. When the course of events shall have removed you to distant scenes of action where laurels not nurtured with the blood of my country may be gathered, I shall urge sincere prayers for your obtaining every honor and preferment which may gladden the heart of a soldier.

Thomas Jefferson

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#38. But there was no time to rest on my laurels.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

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#39. In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory there is a glory to be found if one has done his best.

Eric Liddell

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#40. You can't rest on your laurels. You have to continue to innovate; you have to continue to be different.

Keith Belling

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#41. I've never been the type of person to stick with the same thing or be complacent or rest on my laurels.

Chris Jericho

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#42. Knowledge can be heady stuff, but it easily leads to an excess of zeal!
to illusions of grandeur and a desire to impress others and achieve eminence ... Our search for knowledge should be ceaseless, which means that it is open-ended, never resting on laurels, degrees, or past achievements.

Hugh Nibley

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#43. Memories and hope are not so different; one is "having done" the other is "to do." Neither constitutes action. You are what you do; thus, if you do nothing, you are nobody. If you once did great things, you think you are great. You coast along on dead, preserved laurels, lifeless and wasting away.

Mark Twight

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#44. But I think the one thing that I can say about us is that we're very consistent about certain things and part of that is our desire to do the very best work that we can and not rest on our laurels, or not allow formula to come into what we do.

Michael Stipe

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#45. I gotta say" - Apollo broke the silence - "these kids did okay." He cleared his throat and began to recite: "Heroes win laurels - "
Um, yes, first class," Hermes interrupted, like he was anxious to avoid Apollo's poetry.

Rick Riordan

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#46. When you rest on your laurels is right when you have the risk. It exists for every company, no matter how big.

David Sze

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#47. We just keep making the shows that we love, and the good news is that we can never rest on our laurels, knowing that we're going to be on forever. We're constantly challenged to write the very best story that we can, week in and week out, hoping that that will allow us to keep telling more of them.

Jeff Pinkner

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#48. You will learn, but you have to act. You will be given, but you have to receive. Stretch your hands and take up your laurels by the power put in you!

Israelmore Ayivor

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#49. As you get older, the assumption is you get wiser. I try to earn it by not staying still, not resting on laurels. A lot of people in other professions are retired at my age. I care about music more than ever.

Lorin Maazel

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#50. Yea, he who is a true king of men, will not say to himself, 'Lo! I am worthy to be crowned with laurels;' but rather will he say to himself, 'What more is there that I may do to make the world the better because of my endeavors?

Howard Pyle

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#51. Alas, if our children lose the crown of life, it will be but a small consolation that they have won the laurels of literature or art.

Charles Spurgeon

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#52. I like to be able to present myself in two or three different ways because I've never really wanted to rest on my laurels and be something that people expected.

Bryan Adams

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#53. The half-hour before dinner has always been considered as the great ordeal through which the mistress, in giving a dinner-party, will either pass with flying colours, or lose many of her laurels.

Isabella Beeton

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#54. Many are so used to laurels and presume that they are real winners.

Dejan Stojanovic

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#55. Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more Ye myrtles brown, with ivy never sere, I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude, And with forced fingers rude Shatter your leaves before the mellowing year.

John Milton

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#56. People who refuse to rest honorably on their laurels when they reach retirement age seem very admirable to me.

Helen Hayes

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#57. I don't want to rest on my laurels. I still feel like I'm learning a lot about the golf game and the swing. There are so many different little facets of golf that there is always something to learn.

Fred Funk

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#58. I must leave others to wear the laurels that I have sown.

John Adams

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#59. Laurels grow in the Bay of Biscay, I hope a bed of them may be found in the Mediterranean.

Horatio Nelson

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#60. A lot of people like to live on laurels that happened 20 or 30 years ago, but it's nice to get awards. It's nice to be labeled and things like that, but I'm not sure everybody qualifies.

Tim Conway

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#61. It's about doing things that you haven't done before, where you're still kind of a beginner, and not resting on your laurels.

Caterina Fake

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#62. Early laurels weigh like lead and of many of the boys whom I knew at Eton, I can say that their lives are over ... Once again romanticism with its death wish is to blame, for it lays an emphasis on childhood, on a fall from grace which is not compensated for by any doctrine of future redemption.

Cyril Connolly

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#63. You must be conquerors through him who hath loved you, if conquerors at all. Our laurels must grow among his olives in Gethsemane.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#64. I'm actually doing what I want with my life. I do sometime think I could just shut up and rest on my laurels and say: you know what guys, I'll operate out of the pocket you put me in ... but no way! No way I'm gonna do that! I'd just get bored stiff the first minute.

Paul McCartney

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#65. I think that men know how to romance a woman and most do it well, at least for a time, otherwise women wouldn't marry them. The problem is that most of them begin to rest on their laurels.

Nicholas Sparks

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#66. There are no laurels in life, just new challenges.

Katharine Hepburn

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#67. I've grown tired of resting on my laurels and have decided to start resting on my failures.

Dana Gould

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#68. Never, ever rest on your laurels. Today's laurels are tomorrow's compost.

Tom Peters

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#69. The popular scientific books by our scientists aren't the outcome of hard work, but are written when they are resting on their laurels.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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#70. You never want to rest on your laurels. You want to keep doing things that terrify you.

Kate Walsh

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#71. Yield, ye arms, to the toga; to civic praise, ye laurels.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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#72. I'm always trying to do stuff I haven't done before or challenge myself so I'm not resting on my laurels all of the time because if I just found my little niche and never left it, I'd be pretty boring, I think.

Zooey Deschanel

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#73. The property adjoined the bay, and when the tide came in it was possible to go kayaking, which some of the residents not yet disabled by their infirmities were happy to do. This is how I would like to live, thought Irina, taking deep breaths of the sweet aroma of pines and laurels.

Isabel Allende

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#74. Whether in chains or in laurels, liberty knows nothing but victories.

Wendell Phillips

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#75. If you want to conquer conceit, do not desire praise, laurels, nice garments, respect, favor, but like to be blamed and slandered by people ...

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov

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#76. I, poor creature, worn out with scribbling for my bread and my liberty, low in spirits and weak in health, must leave others to wear the laurels which I have sown, others to eat the bread which I have earned. A common case.

John Adams

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#77. Once you fall into habits, I think, you're dead as an artist. You have to challenge yourself and never rest on your laurels, never think about what you've done in the past.

Jonathan Lethem

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#78. Don't rest on your laurels. There's always going to be someone behind you who's going to be better than you. So you need to get out there and keep working.

Sheila Johnson

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#79. do you reckon to win the everlasting laurels without a conflict?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#80. You Can't Rest on Your Laurels. Your Own Body of Work Is Yet to Come.

Barack Obama

Quotes About Laurels #748925
#81. I don't want to be remembered for my activities of my past, but for what I am doing today. By that I mean, I don't want to rest on my laurels satisfied by my past deeds. I want to contribute to the advancement of our Folk each and everyday.

Richard Kemp

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#82. Also, she had been secretary to the soccer coach, an office pretty much without laurels in our own time, but apparently the post for a young girl to hold in Jersey City during the First World War.

Philip Roth

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#83. With racing, you never rest on your laurels, and there are no counterfeits.

Julie Krone

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#84. People who have known a person for many days but could never spot or appreciate his hidden talent in the first place, are likely to raise their suspicions on seeing him ever winning laurels in the life's race.


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#85. I'm not very good at resting on my laurels. I am a bit of a workaholic, and I like to keep busy and active, so I think that's what drives me.

Tricia Helfer

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#86. We did a lot of press for the last film and now for this one. We don't rest on our laurels.

Shawn Wayans

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#87. It was the very worst kind of Banbury-Road house, depressing, with laurels. The front door was opened by a slut. I had never seen a slut before but recognized the genus without difficulty as soon as I set eyes on this one.

Nancy Mitford

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#88. Platonic England, house of solitudes,
rests in its laurels and its injured stone

Geoffrey Hill

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#89. Oh, talk not to me of a name great in story; The days of our youth are the days of our glory; And the myrtle and ivy of sweet two-and-twenty Are worth all your laurels, though ever so plenty.

Lord Byron

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#90. I'm always hungry for the next thing. I'm never resting on my laurels.

Constance Wu

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#91. And once you've found success, don't stop. It's not about being insatiable; it's about not resting on your laurels.

Sophia Amoruso

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#92. I want to give the audience the whole package, and for me, the whole package is to give them something fresh as well. It's not as much fun resting on your laurels.

Al Jarreau

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#93. To be defeated and not submit, is victory; to be victorious and rest on one's laurels, is defeat.

Jozef Pilsudski

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#94. All my laurels you have riven away, and my roses; yet in spite of you, there is one crown I bear away with me ... One thing without stain, unspotted from the world, in spite of doom mine own! And that is ... my white plume.

Edmond Rostand

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#95. But at the same time you can't ...

Angela Davis

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#96. I refuse to make money out of my science. My laurel is not for sale like so many bales of cotton.

Albert Einstein

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#97. Deathless laurel is the victor's due.

John Dryden

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#98. Nothing wilts faster than a laurel rested upon.

Mary Kay Ash

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#99. No matter what we are, and what we sing, Time finds a withered leaf in every laurel

Edwin Arlington Robinson

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#100. You'll get no laurel crown for outrunning a burrow.


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