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Top 37 Quotes About Impressionist

#1. Life always involves some logic in its manifestations, and logic, as a rule, excludes the versatility of life from its considerations. - Author: Raheel Farooq
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#2. For an Impressionist to paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations. - Author: Paul Cezanne
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#3. I was hoping to do an impressionist painting, but I wanted a good likeness and I wanted to create a feeling of the lady as a person, as a human being rather than as a figurehead for the monarchy and a pomp-and-circumstance sort of formal portrait. I wanted more of a relaxed portrait. - Author: Rolf Harris
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#4. How many impressionist painters painted the same damned thing? How many actors have played the same part in renditions of a play or dancers do the same dances, - Author: Paul Provenza
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#5. You come up and read books?" asked Gregor. "Read them, eat them, whatever mood strikes me, - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#6. Kissing is what humans do when words have reached a place they can't escape from. - Author: Matt Haig
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#7. I wasn't really qualified to be on Saturday Night Live - I'm not like an impressionist or anything. - Author: Victoria Jackson
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#8. I am an anarchist in politics and an impressionist in art as well as a symbolist in literature. Not that I understand what these terms mean, but I take them to be all merely synonyms of pessimist. - Author: Henry Adams
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#9. I was never really an impressionist. If there was somebody within my range, maybe I could work on it and do a little exaggeration of them - which I think is really the way to do an impression. - Author: Kevin Nealon
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#10. I went out with a promiscuous impressionist - she did everybody. - Author: Jay London
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#11. To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them. - Author: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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#12. The Bible is very clear about one thing: Using politics to create fairness is a sin. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#13. An impressionist is the one who does not paint like everyone, does not obey the rules and attitude.
[Vincent Van Gogh] - Author: Irving Stone
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#14. Dr. Turing, of Cambridge University, has pointed out that bobbadah bobbadah hoe daddy yanga langa furjeezama bing jingle oh yeah, Waterhouse says, or words to that effect. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#15. I've never been an impressionist. I was doing Sofia Vergara and Elizabeth Dole. I'm sometimes so low-confidence and self-aware, so characters that are confident and ignorant and wrong are my favorite. - Author: Cecily Strong
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#16. I never thought of myself as an impressionist, so when I do audition for voice-matching things, I have to work really hard and do a lot of listening and trial-and-error. - Author: Tom Kenny
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#17. I don't know if I'm an impressionist or an expressionist. You can call me an American first ... I've been labeled doing neimanism, so that's what it is, I guess. - Author: LeRoy Neiman
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#18. In his lifetime the great French impressionist painter Corot painted 2000 canvases. Of that number, 3000 are in the United States. - Author: Morley Safer
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#19. I started out as an impressionist and that's all about observing - how people move, their voice quality, their attitudes and quirks. - Author: Eddie Murphy
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#20. Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by worshipping in the mornings, the nights. - Author: Muhammad
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#21. If you think too much about things, life sometimes just passes you by. - Author: David Baldacci
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#22. Ms. Harrison paled so that the makeup floated on her suddenly pale skin like impressionist water lilies. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#23. I don't really consider myself an impressionist. - Author: Rachel Dratch
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#24. I didn't become an impressionist. As long as I can remember I always have been one. - Author: Claude Monet
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#25. I absorbed as many Impressionist paintings as I could, in Parisian museums and in many museums in the United States and in books, looking for clues to architecture, clothing, settings. - Author: Susan Vreeland
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#26. Anyway, for whatever interest is to be derived therefrom. Bacon, Balthus, and Magritte are my three favourite painters, along with Dubuffet, of the whole post-impressionist period, by which I mean that before them Bonnard, Vuillard, & Seurat are my favourite painters of that time. - Author: Edward Gorey
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#27. Anyone who calls my music "impressionist" is an imbecile. - Author: Claude Debussy
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#28. French Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin would never have become Gauguin if he had not followed this principle. He was a bank employee for a good part of his life, until the day he decided he was an artist. That day he left the bank and became a genius painter. - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#29. After being an Impressionist, Cubist, and an Abstract Expressionist, I was influenced by realistic artists, including Andrew Wyeth in the late '50s, and I haven't changed my style since. - Author: Robert Bateman
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#30. Walking across the moors made me feel as if I'd stepped primly out of a Jane Austen book or an Impressionist painting. But I bet even Elizabeth Bennet had never punted a rabbit before, and my current count was 137. - Author: Delilah S. Dawson
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#31. Like an impressionist's stroke on a canvas, up-close formed a new image. This image was vibrant and alive. This image was not the woman who - Author: Ava Harrison
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#32. I started out as a television news anchor but I wasn't very good at it. I think I was too positive. I wanted to begin every newscast by saying, 'Good evening, in the news tonight ... everything's great! Go to sleep. We'll let you know if anything important comes up.' - Author: Bob Burg
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#33. I loved pretending to be a middle-aged Jewish woman. I just wanted to do what I saw Gilda Radner and Carol Burnett doing. But I'm not a particularly good impressionist. It was never my strong suit. - Author: Jenny Slate
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#34. Ninety per cent of the theory of Impressionist painting is in ... Ruskin's Elements. - Author: Claude Monet
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#35. She fell asleep, and it was a sleep as thin as the night clouds, dotted with dreams that came and went like the stars. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#36. I also became inspired by impressionist painters such as Renoir, and wanted to do the same sort of thing with music-portray whatever mood strikes me the way Keith Jarrett does on piano. - Author: Lenny Breau
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#37. It took some time before the public learned that to appreciate an Impressionist painting one has to step back a few yards, and enjoy the miracle of seeing these puzzling patches suddenly fall into one place and come to life before our eyes. - Author: Ernst Gombrich
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