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Top 100 Quotes About Health Issues

#1. I can understand why some people might look at me and say, 'What's she got to be depressed about?' I get that a lot in Britain, where mental health issues seem to be a big taboo. - Author: Natalie Imbruglia
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#2. I want people to feel inspired to reach out and be inclusive and supportive of others in their community who might be facing any kind of challenge, whether it is a health issue or a disability. - Author: Avril Lavigne
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#3. The issue of universal coverage is not a matter of economics. Little more than 1 percent of GDP assigned to health could cover all. It is a matter of soul. - Author: Uwe Reinhardt
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#4. I would be the best for women, the best for women's health issues. - Author: Donald Trump
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#5. When you help someone through a health issue, positively impact someone's personal wealth, or take a sincere interest in their children, you engender life-bonding loyalty. - Author: Keith Ferrazzi
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#6. On the most recent battles on health insurance reform, the women led the battle to end gender discrimination by the insurance companies [where] women paid more and got less of a benefit, and also the whole issue of prevention. - Author: Barbara Mikulski
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#7. The issue of providing women all forms of preventative health care has been and remains very important. The, the importance of protecting religious liberties in this country has been important to the president and will always be. - Author: Jacob Lew
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#8. A Harris poll I've seen says only 12 percent of the electorate names taxes as one of the most important issues facing the nation. Voters put tax cuts dead last, behind education, Social Security, health care, Medicare and poverty. - Author: Lane Evans
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#9. We now have a national security consideration, public health issues, we have an epidemic of heroine overdoses in all places in this country because of the ease of bringing heroine in. We have to secure the border. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#10. The issues that matter to me are the social safety nets for people, health care, middle-class concerns. We need to take care of the middle class and the poor in our country. - Author: Tim McGraw
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#11. We all want things in life we can't have. Happens all the time. Jobs we don't get. Houses we don't live in. Health issues we sure as hell don't want. People we love who don't love us back. Not feeling the way someone wants you to feel doesn't make you a bad person. - Author: Sarah Morgan
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#12. The only possible role that I can see for reconciliation would be to make modest changes in the major package to improve affordability, to deal with what share of Medicaid expansion the federal government pays, those kinds of issues, which is the traditional role for reconciliation in health care. - Author: Kent Conrad
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#13. I was having health issues all my life. You're just not conditioned to think of them as health issues. - Author: Robin Quivers
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#14. I think we're at a place wherea woman's health is danger because of whether this family planning or contraception or any issues that relate to women's health, there's an assault on that in the Congress. - Author: Barack Obama
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#15. We live in a country where you can electively have your nose broken to reshape it, inject fat from your butt into your face to look younger, but pushing a baby out of your own vagina can be restricted. - Author: Ann Brasco
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#16. We collaborate with other countries on issues like public health and climate change because we understand these issues affect our collective welfare. - Author: Wendy Kopp
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#17. How can you begin to uncover whether gluten sensitivity is causing some of your health issues? Symptoms occur shortly after eating gluten and improve or disappear within hours or days after gluten is withdrawn. Symptoms return again if gluten is reintroduced. - Author: Kris Carr
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#18. I don't know if it's a racial thing or not, but it's hard for the Roundtrees to talk about health issues. People have to get over all that stuff. - Author: Richard Roundtree
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#19. It is better to survive with the WEALTH issues rather than the HEALTH issues. - Author: Samar Sudha
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#20. Male social conditioning encourages boys and men to aim to bed as many women as much so, that their self esteem and self worth become intertwined with the number of sexual partners they have; and when that number is low or even zero, so too is their self-confidence. - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
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#21. female health issues stem from "denial of the self and rejecting femininity"; - Author: Doreen Virtue
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#22. When it comes to brain health issues, many of our children are as vulnerable today as children a hundred years ago were to infectious diseases. Far - Author: Sue Klebold
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#23. We have to treat smoking as a major public health issue. We have to reduce the extent to which young people start smoking, and one of the issues is the extent to which display of cigarettes and brands does draw young people into smoking in the first place. - Author: Andrew Lansley
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#24. Everyone knows about the substantive issues of concern, like federal health care, but very little is said about the process, the lack of accountability. - Author: Justin Amash
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#25. I look forward to working with our leadership team to advance the causes of smaller government, lower taxes, eliminating terrorism, and providing affordable health care, among other issues. - Author: Howard Coble
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#26. You can't make assumptions when you're dealing with health issues. - Author: Adam Clayton
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#27. Iran's experience shows that when religious scholars and UNFPA work together to solve reproductive health issues, there can be excellent results. - Author: Hossein Malek-Afzali
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#28. In short, bioethics investigates ethical issues arising in the life sciences (medicine, health care, genetics, biology, research, etc) by applying the principles and methods of moral philosophy to these problems. - Author: Adele Langlois
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#29. The word, 'issues,' is perhaps a misnomer, a gross understatement, or a pale and withered description for very real psychological illnesses and emotional losses. Nevertheless, "post-adoption issues" is a catch-all phrase, and at least it avoid pathologizing adoptees. - Author: Laura Dennis
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#30. As state leaders, I think its important for us to provide our perspectives on issues we face every day - like access to school spending, access to health care and governing in a global economy. - Author: Bill Richardson
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#31. I'm an ordinary Tasmanian like everybody else, and I have weight issues; I have issues around finding the time to do the exercise and things, but in my role as Health Minister, and in my role as myself as well, I have to look after my own health. - Author: Lara Giddings
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#32. At CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, we recognize people live their lives in a holistic manner. Issues such as health care, education and economic empowerment cannot be addressed in a vacuum. Thus, effective programs need to tackle the multiple root causes of poverty. - Author: Helene D. Gayle
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#33. Try being an indie author, a minority author, a woman, and a person with health issues in the world of traditional - that's where you are clearly 'different' and marginalized. I am all of that, yet I am still here and smiling. Life is good! - Author: Kailin Gow
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#34. About 40 percent of my time is spent on social issues and building new organizations, more for the benefit of the climate or health issues. - Author: Richard Branson
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#35. I'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#36. We cannot confront the massive challenges of poverty, hunger, disease and environmental destruction unless we address issues of population and reproductive health - Author: Thoraya Obaid
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#37. But I don't want to be out there anymore; I don't want people asking me about my health issues, about my kids. I choose not to be a public paparazzi girl on purpose. - Author: Toni Braxton
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#38. I think everyone's had a brother or a father or a cousin, uncle or grandfather who's had health issues because they've neglected things. I think that's almost been part of Australian culture, which is why I think Movember is really important. We need to change that outlook. - Author: James Magnussen
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#39. There might be a lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats on key social issues like women's rights and health care. But when it comes to taking corporate cash, they're pretty much the same beast. - Author: Moby
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#40. Issues to do with disability, mental health and not being neurotypical often affect many genuine teenagers but are rarely reflected in the fiction they read. - Author: Tansy Rayner Roberts
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#41. Childhood obesity issue is critically important to me because it's critically important to the health and success of our kids, and of this nation, ultimately. - Author: Michelle Obama
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#42. Years ago nobody was elected on the economic ticket. It was either the education platform, or it was health or it was other issues. It is only recently that economic values have superceded every other human value. - Author: Anita Roddick
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#43. While good business ideas are plentiful, many entrepreneurs struggle to understand payroll taxes, health care and other thorny issues ... In other words, they don't have the financial literacy to scale their businesses and attract investors. - Author: Daymond John
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#44. I have personally been affected by women's reproductive health issues, and I will continue to support that cause and spread awareness about it. - Author: Bethany Cosentino
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#45. Long-term trauma for women who have survived armed conflict is a haunting reminder that health issues and depression can follow decades after the end of war, but women who hope for healing can and do move forward. - Author: Zainab Salbi
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#46. I didn't smoke often, and had never smoked before the apocalypse, but now I had more pressing health issues to worry about. - Author: Andrew Cormier
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#47. Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women's empowerment - these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
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#48. What issues sidetrack you from your mission to get well? - Author: Shirley Corder
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#49. We're taught to solely blame our luck-of-the-draw genes for our health issues, rather than our daily habits, dietary choices, and interplay with the environment that surrounds us. - Author: Kris Carr
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#50. Parents own the children, and it is an issue of freedom and public health. - Author: Rand Paul
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#51. We cannot eradicate global drug markets, but we can certainly regulate them as we have done with alcohol and tobacco markets. Drug abuse, alcoholism and tobacco should be treated as public health problems, not criminal justice issues. - Author: Otto Perez Molina
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#52. One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration, because this is a multi-headed Hydra that affects our economy, our health care, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality. - Author: Allen West
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#53. From this experience we have learned that in a big party it is important to have the necessary and often controversial discussions on policy issues such as the health system while in opposition. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#54. When I was a child, I was unable to go to any type of sleepaway summer camp because of health issues. Once I learned about the Lopez Foundation, I knew I wanted to get involved, send kids with kidney disease away to camp so they can still experience overnight camp with medical needs at hand. - Author: Sarah Hyland
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#55. There's more money spent on research to cure symptoms than search for causes. Diet, everyday living health issues, corporate dumping of toxins into drinking water - science isn't interested in that. It's interested in money. - Author: Christien Gholson
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#56. Over 120 Aboriginal communities run their own health services - some have been doing so for 30 years. They struggle with difficult medical problems. They also try to deal with counselling, stolen generations issues, family relationships, violence, suicide prevention. - Author: Malcolm Fraser
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#57. My own emotional health issues were bullying me during the time I was drafting that poem. It was a pressure I couldn't pin down or diagnose. And like many, if not most, writers I had the self-consciousness to recognize it made great conditions for writing. - Author: Gregory Pardlo
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#58. All I can say on women's issues and women's health issues, there will be nobody better than Donald Trump. - Author: Donald Trump
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#59. The risks of transporting deadly nuclear waste, the environmental justice impacts and the long-term health effects of both these projects are untenable ... We cannot afford to be silent on these important issues. - Author: James Cromwell
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#60. We are so used to our own history, we do not see it as remarkable or out of the ordinary, whereas others might see it as horrendous. Further, we tend to minimize that which we feel shameful about. - Author: Patrick J. Carnes
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#61. Thankfully, President Obama has stood firmly behind women's health care issues by supporting coverage for contraception and reaffirming commitment to organizations like Planned Parenthood. - Author: Felicity Huffman
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#62. As the National Football League and other pro sports increasingly reckon with the early dementia, mental health issues, suicides and even criminal behavior of former players, the risk of what's known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), is becoming clear. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#63. When you need a lifestyle change due to [health issues], a dietary change is usually the first thing you need to take control of. - Author: Mark Spitz
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#64. I feel bad because I haven't been able to say anything to the fans to let them no why I've been absent. I'm torn as I'm quite private. I'm not feeling well. I'm having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers. - Author: Avril Lavigne
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#65. A lot of people do not think of forests as a health issue, but we have found out that is where our clean water comes from, from the forests. - Author: Jay Inslee
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#66. Global health issues remind us - perhaps more than any other issue - that we are all children of the same extended family. - Author: Kathleen Sebelius
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#67. Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children's lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. - Author: Luna Leopold
Quotes About Health Issues #149493
#68. You have more issues than Reader's Digest. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
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#69. Much of what I do in my job is think about whether relationships we see in data are causal, as opposed to just reflecting correlations. It's exactly these issues which come up in evaluating studies in public health. - Author: Emily Oster
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#70. And the other issue is Gore, $4.6 trillion - the single largest expansion of government in American history, from universal preschool, now, to prescriptions to health care - it is Socialism 101. - Author: Sean Hannity
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#71. Handguns are a public health issue. - Author: Joycelyn Elders
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#72. See what it is you would like to attract into your life. See how you would like your business to go, your relationships to go, and even your body to go in terms of overcoming addictions and dealing with weight and health issues. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#73. There is unspeakable yet entirely preventable suffering in this world. The job of journalists and writers engaged with global issues is to articulate the unspeakable and give voice to solutions.
K. Lee Lerner - Author: K. Lee Lerner
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#74. I think it's important for me as an actor that I say these are the issues I'm going to be committed to. One of them for me is women and children's health around the world and their rights;the other is ovarian cancer. - Author: Nicole Kidman
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#75. [The GOP] must decide soon where they stand on the issue of socialized medicine. President Clinton threw down the gauntlet in his State of the Union address, when he proposed guaranteeing health insurance for at least half of the 10 million American children who have none. - Author: Tony Snow
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#76. To be able to achieve the laudable goals (of preventing and treating HIV/AIDS), especially for us in sub-Saharan Africa, there is the need for us to invest in improving our weak health systems. The inadequate number of healthcare facilities in many of our countries are major issues of concern. - Author: John Dramani Mahama
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#77. When my little son, Prince, had health issues as a baby, we were told that he had a 20 percent chance of survival. - Author: Tyson Fury
Quotes About Health Issues #814323
#78. When treatment for health issues is conducted like a military operation, our body-minds become a battlefield. - Author: Heidi DuPree
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#79. If you've stacked on the weight over time, and if you don't have any health issues, you don't realise. So you'll see yourself in the mirror and, yes, you know what the scales say, but you don't actually see what other people see. - Author: Barry O'Farrell
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#80. Access to basic quality health care is one of the most important domestic issues facing our nation. - Author: Ed Pastor
Quotes About Health Issues #789062
#81. I really never look at my health issues as 'Woe is me.' I've seen the reality of that. And it's not a pleasant thing. - Author: Rick Majerus
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#82. Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues. If your gut isn't working right it can cause so many other issues. - Author: Jay Woodman
Quotes About Health Issues #753746
#83. I am especially proud of taking on issues most central to the health of our American democracy. - Author: Chellie Pingree
Quotes About Health Issues #747098
#84. And the issues I think are important in Louisiana right now happen to be health care and education. And those are two areas that the federal government can play a very important role. And I think I can be effective in trying to help our state from the Washington scene. - Author: John Breaux
Quotes About Health Issues #741306
#85. I only wish my health issues to be open to the public in the hope that I can educate others. - Author: Renee Sloan
Quotes About Health Issues #735437
#86. But the dollars spent on economic incentives and new investment strategies are wasted unless we seriously address the two most important economic issues in Kansas: education and health care. - Author: Kathleen Sebelius
Quotes About Health Issues #732050
#87. I had all kinds of food issues, including health concerns and weight concerns. - Author: Sally Schneider
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#88. I think the two biggest issues are world hunger and health, and all the things that stem from bad food. - Author: Brett Dennen
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#89. People were concerned about national security, and that precluded us from having the opportunity to break through on the issues that we cared most about - the economy, education and health care. - Author: Tom Daschle
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#90. At the end of the day, sleep is a barometer of your emotional health. And so if you're not in the right place where you need to be, then you're going to have voices keeping you up at night because you have to work through those issues. - Author: Mehmet Oz
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#91. It's so important that people get tested and find out what they're allergic to, because they might be struggling with their weight or health issues and not realize that they're actually just allergic to the food they're eating. - Author: AnnaLynne McCord
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#92. Health care is still the number-one issue out there. Someone who seizes it, I think, will do very well in an election. Let's face it: Clinton's two big issues were the middle class tax cut, which he dropped, wisely, at the time to help reduce the deficit, and health care. That's what he ran on. - Author: Russ Feingold
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#93. You cannot achieve environmental security and human development without addressing the basic issues of health and nutrition. - Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
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#94. It's important for people of color to link up with issues around globalization, food security, health, the environment. - Author: Danny Glover
Quotes About Health Issues #550330
#95. It's important to know the jam-packed power of certain foods that will not only protect you from a myriad of health issues, but also will help you with hormone balance. Ideally, your food choices should be organic and pesticide free. - Author: Suzanne Somers
Quotes About Health Issues #530719
#96. If I never had any mental health issues, there's no doubt in my mind I'd still be playing, - Author: Mardy Fish
Quotes About Health Issues #521602
#97. For all of my life I'd been extremely healthy. I'd never had any health issues, so to go from being perfectly healthy to having this very rare disease was scary. In a lot of people it is very severe. Some people go blind, you can have neuro-lesions which affect your brain, so I was very nervous. - Author: Sanya Richards-Ross
Quotes About Health Issues #520108
#98. 'Green' issues at last are attracting serious attention, owing to critically important links between the environment and the economy, health, and our security. - Author: Sylvia Earle
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#99. Issues relating to global health and sustainability must stay high on the agenda if we are to cope with an ageing and ever-increasing population, with growing pressure on resources, and with rising global temperatures. The risks and dangers need to be assessed and then confronted. - Author: Martin Rees
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#100. I have had moments where I've had mental-health issues and I've felt like yoga and meditating and reading these Buddhist self-help books actually really help. - Author: Mike White
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