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Top 21 Quotes About Headspace

#1. I really don't feel it's necessary, as an actor, to make people feel uncomfortable, just because you need to be in a certain headspace. So, I do take myself away and do my own work and hunker down. - Author: Tom Weston-Jones
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#2. Big changes don't happen at the battlefield; they are made in closed rooms where very powerful people decide in which direction things should go. - Author: Henning Mankell
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#3. In her own headspace - Author: Robert Pobi
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#4. Well, I never got into the young adult headspace. With 'Twilight,' they are pretty adult themes, aside from maybe the first one, but even that. They're very adult themes, actually, particularly as the characters age. I never wrote for young adults. I wrote for myself, as an audience. - Author: Melissa Rosenberg
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#5. I love movies that are challenging to me both physically and emotionally and that I have to take a lot of time leading up to it to get into that headspace and live in that headspace throughout the course of the production. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#6. People really respond to the songs when I play them in concert. Every song comes from a different place emotionally or from a different headspace. - Author: Brett Dennen
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#7. You really try to work the character out and spend time in the headspace of the character. That's what I did. - Author: James Norton
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#8. There is no such thing as a secret - not really, not in the modern world, not with photography and telegraphy and railways and newspaper presses. - Author: Robert Harris
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#9. The films that I do are deep, introspective, brooding roles that you're in this heavy headspace all the time. - Author: Vin Diesel
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#10. You always want your significant other to think that you hung the moon, but when you're working in music you also want them to be honest with you. - Author: Stacey King
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#11. You know that something is really well written when you have to think so little about the words that are coming out of your mouth, and you're able to dwell in your own headspace to get there. - Author: Tom Weston-Jones
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#12. I can sort of will that stuff to happen to me if I put myself in the right headspace. Then I can actually get to a space where it won't just be one song that comes through, but a series of them. - Author: Ryan Adams
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#13. The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world. - Author: Austin Kleon
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#14. You're always in a different headspace when you make each record, so hopefully they're all different. You just pick up things that you wish you hadn't done on the first one. - Author: Keith Urban
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#15. I guess I usually write when I'm in a really intense headspace, because it's my form of self-therapy. - Author: Sharon Van Etten
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#16. I try to find 15 minutes a day to just be alone without any distractions just for headspace to meditate and get my Zen on. I think that helps me get through the hecticness of the day on tour with the interviews, the sound check, the meet and greets, the show and the post-show meet and greets. - Author: G-Eazy
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#17. I really have to be in a specific headspace to even begin to illuminate an idea that would create another Bon Iver record, and I'm just not there. - Author: Justin Vernon
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#18. The one thing I've observed over the years is the best way to get an actor to not want to play a certain role is to offer it to them. That makes them say, "Well, maybe it's not that good. These guys don't want me to do this ... " - Author: Wes Anderson
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#19. I'm a businessman, and I think there's nothing wrong with being a businessman provided you have the right headspace and do good things with the money you make. - Author: Kim Dotcom
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#20. There are major writers who have written books [based on my research]. If one looks carefully at the copyright page, you'll see my name. Writers of the stature of Mailer and even bigger. All over the world. - Author: Lawrence Schiller
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#21. It's not art, it's science. - Author: Billy Sheehan
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