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Top 9 Quotes About Hadeeth

#1. I have one share in corporate Earth, and I am nervous about the management. - Author: E.B. White
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#2. The strongest man is the one who, when he gets angry and his face reddens and his hackles rise, is able to defeat his anger.
(Reported by Imaam Ahmad, 5/367, and classified as hasan in Saheeh al-Jaami', 3859) - Author: Anonymous
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#3. Gimme a couple G's for every emcee I knocked to his knees.
Verbally useless, 'Oh you got the juice?' I squeeze you juiceless. - Author: Kurupt
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#4. With an operating profit margin topping 40 percent, Fanuc makes 25 percent more income per employee than Goldman Sachs, - Author: Anonymous
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#5. It was odd to have something so personal out there in that way, but the good thing about art is that no one necessarily knows what you mean by it anyway. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
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#6. You let the cops in. Thy've brought in a ram to take down the front door. A white chick in an evening gown will settle the cops faster than a brother with guns. - Author: Faith Hunter
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#7. When a hadeeth is found to be saheeh, then that is my madhhab. - Author: Abu Hanifa
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#8. The tendency of humanity is towards the forbidden. - Author: Horace
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#9. I'm sorry he hurt you, but hurting yourself isn't going to change that. You can't control what people do or how they treat you. You can only control how you react to it. - Author: Jay McLean
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