Top 100 Quotes About Group Love

#1. Dividing into teams doesn't necessarily mean denigrating others. Studies of groupishness have generally found that groups increase in-group love far more than they increase out-group hostility.

Jonathan Haidt

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#2. I wish that she had had a black loon because I don't think that Nina [Simone] did. I have always had - I've been very fortunate - a group of little old ladies that I love and who love me, and who turned and to whom I turn at different times.

Nikki Giovanni

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#3. When you do 'Before Sunset,' you know while it's a limited audience, there was a very small group of people that love 'Before Sunrise.' You feel a certain pressure to make sure that you uphold a level of quality that has been a bar. You set a bar and you have to at least match it.

Ethan Hawke

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#4. I'm one of the girls that you would love to have in your group of friends.

Tila Tequila

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#5. No, I thought. Not just Hell. Really, Heaven was just as guilty. What kind of group could advocate goodness and not allow its members to love?

Richelle Mead

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#6. This love thing awakened a group of slumbering senses in my body that I never even knew existed.

Cecelia Ahern

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#7. Besides, Prague is famous for its many churches with gold-leaf covered domes. In the sunshine, Prague is golden. I fell in love for ever. At the end of the five day stay, the entire group boarded a train for Paris. Although my parents knew the time of my arrival, they could not travel on the

Pearl Fichman

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#8. We must resist in-group thinking and practice seeing every soul as a brother or sister in a larger grouping of humans on earth.

Bryant McGill

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#9. I love being part of a group who tells stories, whether it be in the theater or in cinema, and I love creating imaginary worlds rather as children do, but I never had a burning desire to act, but it just sort of suited me.

Jeremy Irons

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#10. You should just keep your mouth shout! It gets very tedious having you make a snarky comment about everything that someone says in this group.

Jojo Moyes

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#11. If you can find a group of women, any age, who are supportive and kind and love you, that's the best. I have a group of girlfriends that I would lay in front of a bus for. They've picked me up through really, really bad times and I can definitely say I've done the same for them.

Katie Lowes

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#12. Thank God kids love following an artist. When you get a group who pop, it's the best thing in the world.

Simon Cowell

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#13. I love being in the business I'm in-I do love being a part of a group of people that work well together. I love it when there's a connection.

Mary Steenburgen

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#14. I love being on the periphery with a group of people who have the same values that I do. People who don't get off on fame, who just like the process of making movies and thrive.

Kristen Stewart

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#15. I think there's a lot of elements that go into making a really awesome horror film and that's like putting together like a real good group of people that you love to watch them either live or die.

Elisha Cuthbert

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#16. The thing I love about reporting is being able to blend in with any group, whether that's neo-Nazis or pedophiles.

Anderson Cooper

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#17. I love watching foreign films on my projector at home along with my closely knit group of friends and family. I also love to dissect movies and discuss them with my friends who are movie buffs.

Terence Lewis

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#18. I write. See you there.

Barbara Johansen

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#19. There is this group of people who love innovation. Those people want to innovate, and they think the Internet is a wonderful tool for innovation, which is true. But you also have to remember that much of that innovation is constrained within the realities of the foreign policy.

Evgeny Morozov

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#20. I love nothing more than being in the last group on Sunday at the Masters. It's the greatest thing in professional golf.

Louis Oosthuizen

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#21. As they walked toward the group waiting for them by the cars, Simon's hand brushed against Meg's. He hesitated for a step or two; then he took her hand, ready to release her if she growled an objection. But after a startled look, she smiled and curled her fingers around his.

Anne Bishop

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#22. We - we spend a lot of time, scholarly time, thinking about love and sex, but very little about the - the kind of joy that can take over a crowd of people or a group of people, in festivity, in ecstatic ritual of some kind, in celebration.

Barbara Ehrenreich

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#23. What I love about the Bible is that it's a group of stories but it's all telling one main story. It's about Jesus Christ. The story is not about me. That takes a lot of the pressure off me, but it also puts the responsibility on me to point people to who the true story is about.

Matt Diaz

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#24. Let me tell you who we conservatives are: we love people. When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don't see groups. We don't see victims.

Rush Limbaugh

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#25. I can't imagine anything more life-giving, more comforting, or more fun than being curled up and
surrounded by a group of women who know you deeply, and love you relentlessly.

Stephanie May Wilson

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#26. I'm happy in the UK. I absolutely love it and I've finally got a great group of friends. I've got a lovely little flat and my work's here.

Billie Piper

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#27. In the Scriptures, a comrnu- nity is a group of people, living under God's rule, who are learning how to love God and love one another.

Jeffrey Arnold

Quotes About Group Love #1300622
#28. I love comedy and did a lot of comedy in college. I was in an improv comedy group with my friends.

Kevin Rahm

Quotes About Group Love #1548197
#29. I used to hate L.A., but I met such a great group of people there that I fell in love with it.

Alber Elbaz

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#30. It's been such a group effort. When you're a new band and you have limited resources, you end up getting people that are there because they love what you do, and that's great.

Balthazar Getty

Quotes About Group Love #1521211
#31. Working with the cast of 'Glee' was inspiring. To be around a group of kids who work so hard and love what they do is so refreshing.

Tate Donovan

Quotes About Group Love #1509391
#32. I love bands that can collaborate, and I feel like the Rolling Stones wouldn't be nearly as great as they are if it wasn't for them having a real group.

Britt Daniel

Quotes About Group Love #1502735
#33. It is difficult to recognize true love, the one which you feel for the other person, when for years the girls, even more than one per night, after concerts would sneak in our beds and were willing to do everything - group sex also - just to stay with Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot ...

Anthony Kiedis

Quotes About Group Love #1500563
#34. What a group we were. A pregnant girl in love, a kindly shoemaker, an orphan boy, a blind girl, and a giantess who complained that everyone was in her way when she herself took up the most room. And me, a lonely girl who missed her family and begged for a second chance.

Ruta Sepetys

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#35. One of our group said that a lot of people in church spend a lot of time correcting each other these days, but in order to correct another person in love, you really have to know that person. Only then, she told us, can you practice the kind of community that the Didache teaches.

Tony Jones

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#36. I enjoyed every minute of what I was doing with sessions, because The Blossoms, the group that I was singing with, they were the first black background singers. There weren't any.

Darlene Love

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#37. My mother was a woman. A black woman. A single mother. Raising two kids on her own. So she was dark skinned. Had short hair. Got no love from nobody except for a group called the Black Panthers. So that's why she was a Black Panther.

Tupac Shakur

Quotes About Group Love #1429251
#38. Not everyone will like what you write but there's a certain group who'll love what you write. Keep WRITING for them.

David Chuka

Quotes About Group Love #1407642
#39. 'Harry Potter' made it cool to read children's fiction, and 'Twilight' did the same for a slightly older age group. What I'm seeing is mothers and daughters who love to read the same books.

L.A. Weatherly

Quotes About Group Love #1373461
#40. I love the dancers in the Bolshoi, but all of my Moscow friends are outside the company. A friend introduced me to Vika Gazinskaya, a well-known Russian designer. I met her group. The rest is history.

David Hallberg

Quotes About Group Love #779999
#41. Any play I do, anything I do in the theatre, it's absolutely essential for me in a sense, to create a family, to put a group of people together who love to share together what they're doing, rather than be individuals.

George Ogilvie

Quotes About Group Love #1287278
#42. Even listening to a lot of other music inspires me, too. Like I'll find something and be like, "I love this group!" And I want to write something that's kind of like this.

LeAnn Rimes

Quotes About Group Love #1259580
#43. Support other women! We are taught to be competitive with other women, to vie with them for the 'girl spot' in a group or job. Anything that helps an individual woman is good for all of us! Love and support your friends!

Megan Amram

Quotes About Group Love #1257778
#44. Maybe this was a better way, even though it seemed alien. To be part of this amorphous group, believing love could come from any direction. So you wouldn't be disappointed if not enough came from the direction you'd hoped. -

Emma Cline

Quotes About Group Love #1225933
#45. I see my fans as music lovers. I really love that. There's no age group or demographic. It's people of all ages and backgrounds. Country people and non-country people. I wanted to make music across the board.

Kacey Musgraves

Quotes About Group Love #1223507
#46. Well, it's my age group, anywhere from, I'd say 30 to 70. The biggest comment I get about the book is how honest it is and that people can relate to my circumstances going across the line. Anybody could learn and deal with this book from reading it.

Darlene Love

Quotes About Group Love #1220868
#47. Every church is flawed. Still, you'd better learn to love it since it's the only group Jesus said he's taking to Heaven.

Rick Warren

Quotes About Group Love #1207175
#48. You can always make a lot of people love one another so long as there are a smaller number outside the group for them to kick.

Sigmund Freud

Quotes About Group Love #1192857
#49. I am all for cultural diversity and would be willing to see each recognizable group value its cultural heritage. I am a New York patriot, for instance, and if I lived in Los Angeles, I would love to get together with other New York expatriates and sing "Give My Regards to Broadway".

Isaac Asimov

Quotes About Group Love #1187343
#50. I noticed recently, in the last few shows I did, that I'm starting to get people - not a large group, but quite a few people - who come to see me because they love Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Wanda Sykes

Quotes About Group Love #1166195
#51. What if I invited several people to form a study group with the purpose of living out the teachings of James together - a study that wasn't focused on learning facts, but on transforming our lives?

April Love-Fordham

Quotes About Group Love #1165875
#52. I've been on enough sports teams in my life to have experienced the magic of what can happen when a group of people care for and love each other.

Tim Ryan

Quotes About Group Love #166773
#53. ...A canonical leader is someone whose exemplary rule might have appeared to be for the alleviation of the pains and miseries of a particular group, but which in reality is for the advancement of humanism...

Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Quotes About Group Love #289813
#54. Sometimes you can be with a group of people and feel so much love for them while you're looking around and then you get to yourself and you go, "Ugh."

Jai Uttal

Quotes About Group Love #274054
#55. It would be nice to be a professional pilot. I'm an amateur pilot at the moment. I've got a lot of friends in the RAF and I don't think I've ever met a group of people who love their job as much as they do.

Martin Shaw

Quotes About Group Love #263453
#56. I love working with a cast and a group of people every day, which is different than recording because you're usually pretty isolated and alone. They serve as a good balance for each other.

Idina Menzel

Quotes About Group Love #260455
#57. You'll love Philadelphia," she said. "But watch out for the ladies who are putting on your shin-dig. There's a romance writing group near here in Erie, and let me just say - we've been called out to a few of their parties. Some of those chicks are decently hard-core.

K.C. Dyer

Quotes About Group Love #257278
#58. There's lots of incredible roles out there that I'd love to tackle, but there's a select group of actors I find myself gravitating towards, like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Sean Penn or Daniel Day-Lewis - real transformational actors.

Derek Magyar

Quotes About Group Love #242898
#59. It's hard to keep the energy going sometimes, that's why I like to go with a group of people who are meditating. I love meditating in groups, it's fantastic.

Donna Karan

Quotes About Group Love #241333
#60. What is there in the world NOT to love? Other than enemies, drugs, diseases, traffic, morning alarms, people snoring, dishes, folding fitted sheet, YouTube ads, group texts you don't want to be a part of, taxes, unknown callers ...


Quotes About Group Love #228093
#61. The same way all the people I love factor in - my parents, my sister, my girlfriend [Lena Dunham], my best friend, all the people I love are always right there. I don't have a lot of people in my life, but there's a small group of people that I don't like to do things without.

Jack Antonoff

Quotes About Group Love #209984
#62. I think I first got into acting through church. I would go to these church retreats, and they would tell us to make a skit or make a video and present it to the rest of the group. And I started doing that. And I fell in love with it.

Ki Hong Lee

Quotes About Group Love #205958
#63. I get bored very easily, so I love doing different things, changing, doing a job for a month and then doing another one for six months and then moving into a different group of people. I love being able to stop. That's one of the greatest benefits we have in our profession.

Jeremy Irons

Quotes About Group Love #186097
#64. I really love travelling to places where I get to learn something new about a new group of people or a new place. Learn some history, contemplate some business ideas, and sort of get off the beaten track a little bit.

Leila Janah

Quotes About Group Love #173236
#65. He had no wish to converse with her: that his bright lady and himself formed one group, exclusively their own, and containing no others in the world, was enough.

Thomas Hardy

Quotes About Group Love #291116
#66. I do love horror movies, but I'm not the kind of guy who would dress up as a ghoul for Halloween. I might go as a member of the Blue Man Group.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Quotes About Group Love #165387
#67. Public acceptance will never replace self-love. Nor will group membership add, create, or dictate your value.

Tiffany L. Jackson

Quotes About Group Love #145887
#68. Above all we need, particularly as children, the reassuring presence of a visible community, an intimate group that enfolds us with understanding and love, and that becomes an object of our spontaneous loyalty, as a criterion and point of reference for the rest of the human race.

Lewis Mumford

Quotes About Group Love #145390
#69. I do not see the E.E.C. [European Economic Community] as a great love affair. It's more like nine middle aged couples with failing marriages meeting at a Brussels hotel for a group grope.

Kenneth Tynan

Quotes About Group Love #139558
#70. [On playing a bad guy in Harry Potter's film]: I think it's more fun, there are a lot of goodies in the film and not a lot of baddies, so I like to be in the baddie group.

Tom Felton

Quotes About Group Love #134633
#71. What I love about the sci-fi community is that it's the most nonjudgmental, inclusive, diverse environment in the country. There's no group of people that is more diverse and inclusive.

J. August Richards

Quotes About Group Love #113034
#72. My mate is really, really weird.
She is also absolutely covered in brown, mushy clay.
She laughs and holds a large lump up to show it to me. Her mouth moves, and she makes enough noise to scare away a group of birds near the shore.
She is so, so strange.

Shay Savage

Quotes About Group Love #80919
#73. There's a new hit rock group or singer every five minutes, but with country music, you have one hit and those people love you forever.

Kenny Rogers

Quotes About Group Love #52544
#74. I love museums, but I always thought there was something funny about a group of strangers silently staring at works of inanimate objects together. Each person is having a very personal and maybe even emotional experience, but it's in the confines of an extremely quiet and sterile room.

Hiro Murai

Quotes About Group Love #44980
#75. I think that I have this core group of fans that fell in love with the character I played on Buffy and now they're following me to everything I do. They're very dedicated and loyal. I'm very lucky.

Amber Benson

Quotes About Group Love #13896
#76. A myth is 'a narrative involving supernatural or fancied persons embodying popular ideas or social phenomena.' Women love telling stories ... the girl-group is a gigantic narrative full of morality tales locked up like charms in a crystallized sound.

Lucy O'Brien

Quotes About Group Love #12927
#77. We are bidden to 'put on Christ', to become like God. That is, whether we like it or not, God intends to give us what we need, not what we now think we want. Once more, we are embarrassed by the intolerable compliment, by too much love, not too little.

C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Group Love #540878
#78. A leader enables people to love and honor the role they play in the organization or group they are part of

Dallas Willard

Quotes About Group Love #763730
#79. don't belong to Abnegation, or Dauntless, or even the Divergent. I don't belong to the Bureau or the experiment or the fringe. I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me - they, and the love and loyalty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could. I

Veronica Roth

Quotes About Group Love #745615
#80. When belonging to an elite group eclipses the love of God, when I draw life and meaning from any source other than my belovedness, I am spiritually dead. When God gets relegated to second place behind any bauble or trinket, I have swapped the pearl of great price for painted fragments of glass.

Brennan Manning

Quotes About Group Love #724642
#81. I like my name. My mom named me after a song by the 1970s group Bread. So, it's meaningful, and I like the song. It's a love song - kind of - but it's kind of depressing and dark.

Aubrey Plaza

Quotes About Group Love #724538
#82. This is so much better than the 60's. So much less self indulgent and desperate. What you have here is a large group of people trying to practice unconditional love for strangers, and for the most part, succeeding.

John Perry Barlow

Quotes About Group Love #704949
#83. May we not be as foolish as we are almost bound to be. If we cannot eschew hatred, at least let us eschew group hatred. May we see that we could have been born as each other. May we, in short, believe in humane logic and perhaps, in due course, love.

Vikram Seth

Quotes About Group Love #692821
#84. Frankly, it's self-evident. As people of faith, it's our duty to love everyone, the way God loves everyone. There's no reason why any one group is less deserving of love - either the love of a church community, to the love of a family - than any other.

Robin Talley

Quotes About Group Love #685168
#85. One of my favorite things about my life is that I have the same group of friends that I grew up with. I love them so dearly, and we give each other a hard time.

Jamie Dornan

Quotes About Group Love #683442
#86. I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a new group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again.

Eddie Redmayne

Quotes About Group Love #615700
#87. If you love what you do and if you believe in what you do, others will share your enthusiasm. Passionate people find their way to the Virgin Group, and when they do, we snap them up and try to keep them within the family.

Richard Branson

Quotes About Group Love #576048
#88. I get very nostalgic for times and places and experiences, but I have a wonderful group of core friends and family who I love and adore, so I don't mourn the loss of any particular friendship. I think they're all part of a path, and the ones that really mean something are still important in my life.

Katie Aselton

Quotes About Group Love #563229
#89. I think that is the very definition of a family: a group of individuals, bound by the essence of love, who share a life together and yet maintain their unique individuality.

Kathy Magliato

Quotes About Group Love #775291
#90. Jesus is infinite. he does not finish. there is no start time for Jesus. he has always existed and will always exist. and his love for us is vaster than we are able to comprehend ... And i have to remind myself that God is not 30 minutes of accessible group singing.

Brenton Brown

Quotes About Group Love #531293
#91. The home group is a wonderful school of love and discipleship.

Sunday Adelaja

Quotes About Group Love #530904
#92. I cry and watch Pitch Perfect and sing along with the Barden Bellas. I don't want to be a person who knows the name of a fictional a cappella group in a chick flick but that's what love has done to me.

Caroline Kepnes

Quotes About Group Love #519472
#93. Her voice was so soothing and gentle that it would have caused an assortment of cobras, tigers, wolverines, and badgers to all snuggle together and take a group nap.

Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Group Love #518279
#94. Oh, I love making independent films, it's such a special, magical thing because you collaborate with a small group of people and everyone's pitching in. You'll see producers setting up the lunch table and the sound guy driving a van. We're all really there because we want to be.

Olivia Thirlby

Quotes About Group Love #457634
#95. I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me
they, and the love and loyaty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could.

Veronica Roth

Quotes About Group Love #375783
#96. The study of love is an emerging field. Perhaps the leaders in the field are a group called The Institute of HeartMath who have found that we have many physiological, psychological, and social benefits when we're living with greater love, care, and compassion.

Marci Shimoff

Quotes About Group Love #360527
#97. We've assembled a group of people, your team, people who love you and pray for you. Take a look around the circle. These people represent thousands of words spent in prayer before the throne of God, begging for your safe return to the fold, begging for your peace, your faith, your heart.

Nicole O'Dell

Quotes About Group Love #348476
#98. On various shows, I've been the producing-director, the executive producer-director; and if you were working with the material you love with the right group of people, it's an incredible job to be doing.

Lesli Linka Glatter

Quotes About Group Love #309941
#99. The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate. Any nation or group of nations which employs hatred eventually is torn to pieces by hatred ...

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Quotes About Group Love #300913
#100. Where are the Robert Redfords and Paul Newmans of my age group? I love James Franco, but where's the next James Franco? Where are the hunks who can act?

Jennifer Lawrence

Quotes About Group Love #291576

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