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Top 10 Quotes About Gnr

#1. If you're so far down the totem pole that someone considers it a favor to you just to have you in their circle (no matter how far outside the ring you are), you should probably cut them out of yours.

Michelle N. Onuorah

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#2. Reckless haste makes poor speed.

Benjamin Franklin

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#3. If you find yourself ruminating over a hurt and are not ready to forgive, shift to gratitude. Think about all that is good in your life and all that you appreciate.

Stephen G. Post

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#4. The historian in me love to uncover things, and the mother in me hates to be lied to...[Why Dotsy investigates murder]

Maria Hudgins

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#5. If you don't have a job right now, and you have a computer and a basic intelligence level, I guarantee you can get a great job, paying really well, in less than three months. How? Learn to program.

Tucker Max

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#6. The ranks included a carpenter and furniture-maker named Elias Disney, who in coming years would tell many stories about the construction of this magical realm beside the lake. His son Walt would take note.

Erik Larson

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#7. My denim jacket had 'I love GNR' and 'I love AC/DC' written all over it, but I always came back to swing.

Paloma Faith

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#8. But life is just a party, and parties weren't meant to last.


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#9. But nothing lasts forever," Drew said, and then he and Roger sang together "Even cold November rain." I looked from one to the other, baffled.
"Seriously?" asked Drew, catching my expression in the rear-view mirror. "Magellan, get this girl some GNR.

Morgan Matson

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#10. The predicament of a person in a restaurant who is unable to determine his or her designated restroom (e.g., turtles and tortoises).

Rich Hall

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