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#1. If you have a clear idea of a soul, you will have a clear idea of a form; for it is of the same genus, though a different species. - Author: Gottfried Leibniz
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#2. The term 'Being' does not define that realm of entities which is uppermost when these are articulated conceptually according to genus and species: the 'universality' of Being 'transcends' any universality of genus. - Author: Martin Heidegger
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#3. Surely not without reason, when pirates, highwaymen, and other varieties of the extensive genus Marauder, are the only beau ideal of the active, as splenetic and railing misanthropy is of the speculative energy. - Author: Thomas Love Peacock
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#4. The female of the genus homo is economically dependent on the male. He is her food supply. - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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#5. We belong to a short-lived genus of species. All of our cousins are already extinct. What's more, we do damage. The brutal climate and environmental changes that we have triggered are unlikely to spare us. For - Author: Carlo Rovelli
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#6. Though you strut proud of your money, yet fortune has not changed your birth.
[Lat., Licet superbus ambules pecuniae,
Fortuna non mutat genus.] - Author: Horace
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#7. The townspeople are morons, yokels, peasants and genus homo boobiensis ... surrounded by gaping primates from the upland vallies. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#8. If there should prove to be one real, living Free State Democrat in Kansas, I suggest that it might be well to catch him and stuff and preserve his skin as an interesting specimen of that soon-to-be-extinct variety of the genus Democrat. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#9. All powerful money gives birth and beauty.
[Lat., Et genus et formam regina pecunia donat.] - Author: Horace
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#10. The species and the genus are always the work of nature [i.e. specially created]; the variety mostly that of circumstance; the class and the order are the work of nature and art. - Author: Carl Linnaeus
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#11. To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding; one must use the same words for the same genus of inward experience; ultimately one must have one's experiences in common. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#12. Man is the plumeless genus of bipeds, birds are the plumed. - Author: Plato
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#13. Producer's Surplus is a convenient name for the genus of which the rent of land is the leading species. - Author: Alfred Marshall
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#14. Another world exists that I must experience. A genus of people exists who I must meet. I must inhale the air they breathe
share their world at all costs. - Author: Hideo Kojima
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#15. In omni adversitate fortunae, infelicissimum genus est infortunii fuisse felicem In every adversity of fortune, to have been happy is the most unhappy kind of misfortune. - Author: Boethius
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#16. Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
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#17. Christians who like to write might do as a description of the genus. But the actual species shared more precise characteristics, including intellectual vivacity, love of death, conservative politics, memories of war, and a passion for beef, beer, and verbal battle. - Author: Philip Zaleski
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#18. Her unusual upbringing had made her worldly enough to understand that every female, no matter her genus and species, had the ability to physically coerce a male into full cooperation.
And yes, she knew just the male to coerce. - Author: Delilah Marvelle
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#19. Flatterers are the worst kind of enemies.
[Lat., Pessimum genus inimicorum laudantes.] - Author: Tacitus
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#20. It is the genus that gives the characters, and not the characters that make the genus. - Author: Carl Linnaeus
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#21. Our probable ancestors, Homo erectus and Homo habilis -now extinct- are classified as of the same genus (Homo) but of different species, although no one (at least lately) has attempted the appropriate experiments to see if crosses of them with us would produce fertile offspring. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#22. Who left nothing of authorship untouched, and touched nothing which he did not adorn.
[Lat., Qui nullum fere scribendi genus non tetigit; nullum quod tetigit non ornavit.] - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#23. I had found again and again that the most aberrant population of a species - often having reached species rank, and occasionally classified even as a separate genus - occurred at a peripheral location, indeed usually at the most isolated peripheral location. - Author: Ernst Mayr
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#24. One would think that plants belonging to the same genus would always produce identical or at least similar oils. But this is by no means so. - Author: Otto Wallach
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#25. I used to think my father was an idiot, until I turned twenty-one ... Then I thought he was a genus. - Author: Mark Twain
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#26. All of my work is based on nature. I grew up in a rural environment and living in the Bay Area allows for immediate access to wonderful natural environs. Basically nature is my Genus Loci, or the place where my spirit resides. - Author: Judith Anderson
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#27. Taxonomically, my family is Freethinker (including atheists, skeptics, agnostics); my genus is Humanist (including the religion-based), and my species is Secular. - Author: John Rafferty
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#28. The changes that have occurred in poetry have been minor when you look at it over the scale of human time. It's like a rose, maybe a hybrid with color and size differentials, but the same genus, plucked from the same original blowsy family. - Author: Dorianne Laux
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#29. Ignorance produced genera, and science produced, and will continue to produce, proper names; nor of these shall we be afraid to increase the number, whenever we shall have occasion to denote different species. - Author: Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon
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#30. That?" I glanced back to the door where JT had disappeared. "That was Genus Homo, species Whowantstofuckus, subspecies Closeted Headup Hisassia. Let us move on to the cages with the interesting animals."
Jacob "Yasha" Livingston - Author: Z.A. Maxfield
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#31. The angels are a strange genus, they are precisely what they are and cannot be anything else. They are themselves soul-less beings who represent nothing but the thoughts and intuitions of their Lord. - Author: Carl Jung
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#32. As the species of the same genus usually have, though by no means invariably, much similarity in habits and constitution, and always in structure, the struggle will generally be more severe between them, if they come into competition with each other, than between the species of distinct genera. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#33. He who abstains from anything animate ... will be much more careful not to injure those of his own species. For he who loves the genus will not hate any species of animals. - Author: Porphyry
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#34. Of all mushrooms commonly consumed, oyster mushrooms in the genus Pleurotus stand out as exceptional allies for improving human and environmental health. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive. - Author: Paul Stamets
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#35. And then God, in his benevolence, tasked Adam with the nasty business of nomenclature, calling beasts of land and water and air for what he saw fit, giving them names, calling them names, pegging down their potentials to classifications, to genus, to species. - Author: Carlos Malvar
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#36. It was the very worst kind of Banbury-Road house, depressing, with laurels. The front door was opened by a slut. I had never seen a slut before but recognized the genus without difficulty as soon as I set eyes on this one. - Author: Nancy Mitford
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#37. That was Genus Homo, species Whowantstofuckus, subspecies Headup Hisassia. Let us move on to the cages with the interesting animals.
Jacob to Ben describing JT - Author: Z.A. Maxfield
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#38. Some cry: 'Love me!!' Others: 'Don't love me!!' But a certain genus, the worst and most unhappy, cries: 'Don't love me and be faithful to me!!' - Author: Albert Camus
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#39. God is not related to creatures as though belonging to a different "genus," but as transcending every "genus," and as the principle of all "genera. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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#40. We are placed in the genus of Homo, which is Latin for man - Homo sapiens: supposedly wise men. I sometimes think - wonder - whether we really are wise men. - Author: Donald Johanson
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#41. Male, A member of the unconsidered or negligible gender. The male of the human race is commonly known to the female as Mere Man. The Genus has two varieties: good providers and bad providers. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#42. Nomenclature, the other foundation of botany, should provide the names as soon as the classification is made ... If the names are unknown knowledge of the things also perishes ... For a single genus, a single name. - Author: Carl Linnaeus
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#43. Now the maximum in any genus is the cause of all in that genus; as fire, which is the maximum heat, is the cause of all hot things. Therefore there must also be something which is to all beings the cause of their being, goodness, and every other perfection; and this we call God. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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#44. While we're at it, why don't we add a third emotion to this list: lust. You are probably unaware that Linnaeus lumped the tomato into the same genus as the potato, a food with a reputation for its widespread availability and easy satisfaction of oral needs. - Author: Benson Bruno
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