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Top 30 Quotes About Fitness Training

#1. The typical response from people when I tell them I'm diabetic is, 'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.' You know, I'm not. I'm a better athlete because of diabetes rather than despite it. I'm more aware of my training, my fitness and more aware of nutrition. I'm more proactive about my health. - Author: Charlie Kimball
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#2. I can't believe we just did this. I'm such an asshole, I said. Note to self, women don't really want to hear this after you just shared oral sex with them - Author: J.D. Holmes
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#3. My fitness is good. I hope to improve it even further during training. - Author: Andriy Shevchenko
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#4. Keep records of your fitness progress throughout your training. Chart all of the food you eat, the exercises you complete, and even the amount of sleep you get each night. Refer back to your records to see where things went right or went wrong. - Author: Robert Cheeke
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#5. Training is such a vital part of preparation for a game, you really do train to play. It tops up your ability, like sharpening a carving knife. You can get away with not doing it for a while, as long as you have reached a certain standard of fitness. - Author: Graeme Le Saux
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#6. Work hard, play hard, stay hard. I coined it first back 1993. - Author: Scott Deuty
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#7. Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#8. I've still got a small fitness and conditioning business where I travel round the world doing stuff for individuals and corporations, mainly fitness training. - Author: Daley Thompson
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#9. You can live in the body you wish; exercise daily. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#10. I believe it's extremely important to include some other type of fitness activity in your training, so cross training will help you to avoid injury when you are dancing. - Author: Laurieann Gibson
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#11. Vegan bodybuilding is about fueling your body with a vast array of natural, healthy foods, combined with resistance weight training and exercise, providing your body with the appropriate tools to build your physique and achieve your fitness goals. - Author: Robert Cheeke
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#12. The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit. - Author: Morihei Ueshiba
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#13. I'm doing four hours of gymnastics training a day, six days a week and then an extra two to three hours in a fitness center as well. - Author: Shawn Johnson
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#14. The spirit of the Olympic movement is great for young people because it teaches them about the training and discipline required to compete. Even if they don't make the teams, they can rededicate their lives to the art of sport, discipline, and physical fitness. - Author: Richard M. Daley
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#15. Never, ever exercise in front of a TV or while reading. You lose 50 percent of the benefit of the exercise by not hearing and feeling your heart rate, your sweat and the pain levels that need to be encountered in fitness training. - Author: Kevin R. Stone
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#16. What? You just got boned by your trainer and minutes later felt the need to say hello to your son? - Author: J.D. Holmes
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#17. The five S's of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit. - Author: Ken Doherty
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#18. As your training moves from base training to more intense work, to tapering, your nutrition needs to change. - Author: Charlotte Campbell
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#19. I train Monday through Saturday. I usually have fitness training for 90 minutes, then I'm on the tennis court for 3 to 4 hours. - Author: Sloane Stephens
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#20. The brain is like a muscle; books are the diet and writing is the workout. - Author: Stewart Stafford
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#21. Daily mediation is a healthy spiritual exercise. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#22. Linguistics is a good way of defining the culture of a brand. The vocabulary used by sports and lifestyle brands - running, fitness, training, motorsports - is all about functionality, whereas the vocabulary of the luxury business - handbags, ready-to-wear - is all about the product. - Author: Francois-Henri Pinault
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#23. Training is the word we use now. To train means to teach a particular skill over a period of time. Every time you get up, show up, work out, you are training yourself to be better, to live happier and healthier. Don't expect results in a snap. Remember, change takes however long it takes. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#24. You can always improve your fitness if you keep training. - Author: Pastor Maldonado
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#25. I didn't mind basic training. It taught me that something that seems impossible at the start can be achieved. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#26. In a nutshell: Stress is stress - no matter whether it's from exercise or from lifestyle - and the more stress you're placing on yourself from your lifestyle, the less stress you'll be able to place on yourself from exercise. - Author: Ben Greenfield
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#27. Resting for me is fitness training. - Author: Jenson Button
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#28. Flexibility is crucial to my fitness. Incorporating a good warm-up and cool-down into every session decreases my chances of injury. I use both dynamic and static stretching in my training. I've starting doing a few yoga sessions which incorporates muscle strength and flexibility. - Author: Samantha Stosur
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#29. Fitness of a top-class squash player is very important, and talent only can't do the job. They have to get training regularly for at least eight hours a day so that they could put some good show in a two-hour match. - Author: Jahangir Khan
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#30. You want me to do something ... tell me I can't do it. - Author: Maya Angelou
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