Top 36 Quotes About Ex Offenders

#1. Unless the number of people who are labeled felons is dramatically reduced, and unless the laws and policies that keep ex-offenders marginalized from the mainstream society and economy are eliminated, the system will continue to create and maintain an enormous undercaste.

Michelle Alexander

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#2. Perhaps most heroic are those who, upon release, launch social justice organizations that challenge the discrimination ex-offenders face and provide desperately needed support for those newly released from prison.

Michelle Alexander

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#3. I am a firm believer that upon release, ex-offenders should be afforded a second chance to become productive citizens by providing rehabilitation and education that will help them join the workforce.

Charles B. Rangel

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#4. The idea is to make sure that these sex offenders are occupied with constructive matters and not focused on the children who may be knocking at their doors this Halloween

Andrew Spano

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#5. The strong equilibrium point f just described is one of "unrelenting ferocity" against offenders. It exhibits a zeal for meting out justice that is entirely oblivious to the sometimes dire consequences to oneself or to the other faitheful i.e., those who have not deviated.

Robert Aumann

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#6. My mentor used to say that no one can make us feel badly about ourselves unless we allow it. He lectured me endlessly that the biggest offenders to shrink our self-worth weren't others, but ourselves.

Veronica Blade

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#7. Criticism is properly the rod of divination: a hazel switch for the discovery of buried treasure, not a birch twig for the castigation of offenders.

Arthur Symons

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#8. Subjects in the experiments were sometimes unwitting civilians. At other times they were soldiers, prisoners, mental patients, sex offenders, cancer patients and other individuals who were unwitting, or who could not give meaningful informed consent.

Colin A. Ross

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#9. Time is the old justice that examines all such offenders, and let Time try.

William Shakespeare

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#10. In order to drill into young men the need to stay alert and stay alive, I used to punish offenders with my fists, boots and rifle butt, and with stockade time.

David Hackworth

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#11. MERCY, n. An attribute beloved of detected offenders.

Ambrose Bierce

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#12. Laws must be efficaciously deterrent in nature, and in grave offences where offenders trespass the precincts of being a human, and commit crimes against even babies/infants/children; solely for beastly gratification, deserve no mercy.

Henrietta Newton Martin Legal Consultant

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#13. Outside the practice of science itself, scientists have sometimes been the greatest offenders in adhering to dogmatic ideas against all the evidence.

Mary Hesse

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#14. The more estimable the offender, the greater the torment.


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#15. Because to ignore what had happened in the recent and distant pasts, to turn away and look elsewhere because it was easier to do so, was to be an accomplice to the crimes that were committed. To refuse to delve deeper would be to collude with the offenders.

John Connolly

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#16. Malevolence takes a bite out off your spirit. Just sitting with it, just talking with people who consciously and deliberately exploit others, feels like being beaten. Over the years, l have seen many therapists burn out and leave the field entirely. [Refers to treating sex offenders, p6]

Anna C. Salter

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#17. Forgiveness is choosing to see your offender with different eyes.

Max Lucado

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#18. The DOE and DOD are among the most notorious offenders of our hazardous waste laws.

John Dingell

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#19. And just as two wrongs don't make a right, rage against offenders is probably the worst way to try to correct them.

Albert Ellis

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#20. The adjective so often coupled with mercy is the word tender, but God's mercy is not tender; this mercy is a blunt instrument. Mercy doesn't wrap a warm, limp blanket around offenders. God's mercy is the kind that kills the thing that wronged it and resurrects something new in its place.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

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#21. The Children's Safety Act will help protect children from the perpetrators of these vile crimes by strengthening notification requirements for sex offenders and increasing criminal penalties.

James T. Walsh

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#22. In the progressive narrative, America is to blame, and the first offenders were the Founders themselves. The progressive conclusion is that the founding was "defective," setting up the progressive agenda to replace and move away from founding principles, what Obama called the "remaking" of America.

Dinesh D'Souza

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#23. 'The Sound of Music' did more damage to the industry than any other picture. Everyone tried to copy it. We were the biggest offenders.

Richard D. Zanuck

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#24. I have said repeatedly that in this country we track library books better than we do sex offenders.

Mark Foley

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#25. In addition, to punishing sexual offenders and protecting our children, we must also provide services, resources and counseling to the people who are victims of these horrible crimes.

Jim Costa

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#26. We have initiated programs for re-entry offenders, since some 500,000 to 600,000 offenders will come out of prison each year for the next three or four years. We want to have positive alternatives when they come back to the community.

Janet Reno

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#27. The practice of executing such offenders is a relic of the past and is inconsistent with evolving standards of decency in a civilized society.

John Paul Stevens

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#28. And let's stop calling them "sex offenders," as if their crimes had anything to do with sex. (Perhaps Jeffry Dahmer was a "food offender.")

Mike Lew

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#29. Victim-stancing - whereby the offender claims and believes that s/he is the real victim (one of the most prevalent sophistries in the false memory controversies)

Harvey L. Schwartz

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#30. I knew a girl so ugly, they use her in prisons to cure sex offenders.

Rodney Dangerfield

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#31. Fines are preferable to imprisonment and other types of punishment because they are more efficient. With a fine, the punishment to offenders is also revenue to the State.

Gary Becker

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#32. By Strict Father morality, harsh prison terms for criminals and life imprisonment for repeat offenders are the only moral options.

George Lakoff

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#33. If you've ever wondered how many prisons need to operate withinin America, just look at the literacy rate. 60% of America's prison inmates are illiterate and 85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems.

United States Dept. Of Education

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#34. It is possible to imagine a society flushed with such a sense of power that it could afford to let its offenders go unpunished.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#35. I would love to be erased from our association with Pearl Jam or the Nymphs and other first time offenders.

Kurt Cobain

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#36. Children whose parents return to study do much better at school. Offenders who persist with studies are much less likely to reoffend. The national mental health strategy recognises the important role adult learning can play for people recovering from mental illness.

David Blunkett

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