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#1. Bush sees the evil as out there in the wider world, residing in people who 'hate freedom'. Look at his immediate response to the pictures of prisoner abuse; this is not what Americans do, these are not our values.

Peter Singer

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#2. But maybe they were barbarians. Maybe this is what most barbarians look like. They look like everybody else.

Susan Sontag

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#3. A man can look upon his life and accept it as good or evil; it is far, far harder for him to confess that it has been unimportant in the sum of things.

Murray Kempton

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#4. You pronounced your words as if you don't acknowledge the shadows, or the evil either. Would you be so kind as to give a little thought to the question of what your good would be doing if evil did not exist, and how the earth would look if the shadows were to disappear from it?

Mikhail Bulgakov

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#5. A look into the Human Mind..of how we perceive..How can we see beauty in and around us..Not the correction of evil or pursuit of the virtuous..BUT..pleasure that resides in the Sense of Self !! A Self living in a state of 'nothingness' and beauty as it lies there..from that place! Simple and Deft

Abha Maryada Banerjee

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#6. He who searches for evil, must first look at his own reflection.


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#7. He pointed at Abby's electric-blue pumps. "Women wear these evil creations around to confuse us. Sure, they make a girl's legs look good, but that's the black magic, my friends. They want us to feel their pain and not understand why.

Tessa Bailey

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#8. The good and the bad mix themselves so thoroughly in our thoughts, even in our aspirations, that we must look for excellence rather in overcoming evil than in freeing ourselves from its influence.

Anthony Trollope

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#9. When we forgive evil we do not excuse it, we do not tolerate it, we do not smother it. We look the evil full in the face, call it what it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it.

Lewis B. Smedes

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#10. The artist, surgeon, through clay form, can only look for cure with great obstinacy until he discovers, repeatedly, that love is god's only gift that enables man to transcend his tragedy and regain his wholeness and well-being beyond the claws of evil, rampaging as evil may be.

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

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#11. Valentine lifted Rose to look her in the eye. You are staying away from men, my
sugar cake. Men are evil, wicked, and devious. I know this, because I am one.

Suzanne Enoch

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#12. Look, kid," he said, "you don't spend a lifetime in comedy without learning a thing or two about evil.

Larry McCarley

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#13. A thing may look specious in theory, and yet be ruinous in practice; a thing may look evil in theory, and yet be in practice excellent.

Edmund Burke

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#14. The wolf turned to Rachel. She was afraid to run, afraid fleeing would make it chase her. Somewhere in the stored files of her mind, she remembered one should not look directly at a menacing dog, but she couldn't take her eyes from it.

G.G. Collins

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#15. As you begin to look deeply into the mystery of your own evolution, in place of good and evil you will find only stories, finished or unfinished.

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

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#16. Bearing our cross does not mean wearing gunny sacks and long faces. Some people ... wear the look of a martyr every time they hear criticism. Sometimes we deserve the criticism we receive; however, we are blessed only when men speak evil against us falsely for Christ's sake.

Billy Graham

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#17. If you look at your life and compare your life to that of an evil person, you will find that in most regards both lives are the same. You don't live a longer life or live forever by being virtuous.

Gerry Lindgren

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#18. Let the spirits witness: for theirs is the knowledge of the future - both what it would be, and what I will: You are the Queen of the Damned, that's what you are! Evil is your only destiny. But at your greatest hour, it is I who will defeat you. Look well on my face. It is I who will bring you down.

Anne Rice

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#19. I cannot significantly improve on the assertion that it simply is proper for us, as intelligent members of the universe, to try to look after our fellow creatures, and evil for us to do otherwise.

Colin Tudge

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#20. Goethe said, "A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart." The same holds true for demons. If you look for evil, you will find it.

Jack Grisham

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#21. I know that evil hides here, but I cannot be the one to uncover it. Neither can any of you. Time will do that for us.
And how I fear that day, for I know that when I look into my betrayer's face, I will see someone I thought I knew. And I will still love them.

Matthew J. Kirby

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#22. I feel like there's different kinds of evil and there's different kinds of villains, and as much as I would like to be dark and playing with knives ... it's not me and it's not my look.

Rachelle Lefevre

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#23. When he had first come to Mr. Peabody he had not wanted to look back. He had felt like someone just awake after a nightmare, and afraid to think about it lest it catch him again, but now the evil had receded so far that he liked to set it as a backcloth to the procession of his shining days.

Elizabeth Goudge

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#24. The primitive in each of us climbs closer to the surface during the night, for the moon sings to it, and the cold void between the stars speaks its language. To that savage self, evil can look lovely in too little light.

Dean Koontz

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#25. Look pal, I'm a superhero, not a liability.

Steven Poore

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#26. Look at us! Are we not proof that there is no good, no evil, no truth, no reason? Are we not proof that the universe is a drooling idiot with no fashion sense - Mr Nobody on the fundamental philosophy of the Brotherhood of DADA

Grant Morrison

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#27. It would hardly be kindness if he didn't punish sin, not to use every means to put the evil thing far from us. Whatever may be meant by the place of misery Mr. Sutherland, it's only another form of his love. Love shining through the fogs of evil, and thus made to look very different.

George MacDonald

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#28. Visualization is often used for evil - twisting insignificant data changes and making them look meaningful. Don't do that crap if you want to be my friend. Present results clearly and honestly. If something isn't working - those reviewing results need to know.

John Tukey

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#29. Do I look evil? I can't do evil. I can barely pull off dangerous.

Dan Abnett

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#30. You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel. But I got wise, you're the devil in disguise.

Elvis Presley

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#31. Whoever be the instruments of any good to us, of whatever sort, we must look above them, and eye the hand and counsel of God in it, which is the first spring, and be duly thankful to God for it. And whatever evil of crosses or afflictions befalls us, we must look above the instruments of it to God.

Thomas Boston

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#32. It is painful enough to discover with what unconcern they speak of war and threaten it. I have seen enough of it to make me look upon it as the sum of all evils.

Stonewall Jackson

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#33. True evil is unlikely to receive an invitation from us, so it clothes itself in just enough truth to make itself look appealing and then it looks to unpeel us.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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#34. I see how you look at me," spits the hateful man. He thinks we look upon him with the evil eye when we are not looking at him that way at all. We are just looking at him. It's because he can't accept the hate inside of himself that he projects it onto us.

Kate McGahan

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#35. Well, some people say I'm pessimistic because I recognize the eternal cycle of evil. All I say is, look at the history of mankind right up to this moment and what do you find?

Wole Soyinka

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#36. If attachment is an evil, we must look for its cause in the scandal of birth, for to be born is to be attached. Detachment then should apply itself to getting rid of the traces of this scandal, the most serious and intolerable.

Emil Cioran

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#37. People are now looking at the world in terms of axis of evil and evil-doers and by logical extension good-doers, and that's a very polarised look at good and bad people. Reality is much more complex than that and people can be good and evil on the very same day.

Mario Van Peebles

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#38. I wonder if this is how is is with all evil men, that to someone, they look just like good men, talk like good men, are just as likable as good men.

Veronica Roth

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#39. I wonder if this is how it is with all evil men, that to someone, they look just like good men, talk like good men, are just as likable as good men. "Tris.

Veronica Roth

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#40. Down in Louisiana where the alligators grow so mean, there lived a girl that I swear to the world made the alligators look tame.

Tony Joe White

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#41. And now that you have seen a really evil man, you will know how evil they can be and you will go after them to destroy them in order to protect yourself and the people you love. You won't wait to argue about it. You know what they look like now and what they can do to people.

Ian Fleming

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#42. I should have learned many things from that experience, but when I look back on it, all I gained was one single, undeniable fact. That ultimately I am a person who can do evil.

Haruki Murakami

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#43. The essence of morality is a questioning about morality; and the decisive move of human life is to use ceaselessly all light to look for the origin of the opposition between good and evil.

Georges Bataille

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#44. The simple-minded always look for something - if it's not pornography, it's DVDs or the Internet or video games - but I don't think there's anything inherently evil about Facebook.

David Fincher

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#45. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Albert Einstein

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#46. Demons are a very human creation. You look for ways to explain evil, and instead of seeing it in yourselves, you offload the responsibility onto monsters. The monstrous exists in the mirror, not in the sulfurous depths of some fantasy world.

Kelley Armstrong

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#47. It is always man's ideas which drive his actions. This has, at times, resulted in great evil; but as we look around us, we cannot doubt that it has resulted in greater good.

Steven Brust

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#48. I didn't want the person standing there, beside the bed, to have the same face I'd found so attractive at the airport. But you were there all right: the blue eyes, blondish hair, and tiny scar. Only you didn't look beautiful this time. Just evil.

Lucy Christopher

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#49. Are you tempted? Look unto Jesus. Are you afflicted? Look unto Jesus. Do all speak evil of you? Look unto Jesus. Do you feel cold, dull, and backsliding? Look unto Jesus.

J.C. Ryle

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#50. It wasn't right. Evil should look evil. It should reek like rotten flesh, not smell like pine cleaner and fabric softener

Sydney Croft

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#51. Before you condemn me my friends, I suggest you look deep inside you. For good and evil exists in us all.

Ray Davies

Quotes About Evil Look #643203
#52. I see evil when I look in my shaving mirror. It is, philosophically, present everywhere in the universe in order, apparently, to highlight the existence of good. I think there is more to this theory, but I tend to burst out laughing at this point.

Terry Pratchett

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#53. Violence, and evil, doesn't always come dressed in black, and it doesn't always look like Charles Manson. Nor does it always come to us as obvious and arrogant[ ... ]. Often it comes to us with the simple plea to be reasonable.

Derrick Jensen

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#54. Do not look for evil. Look for the goodness of God all around you. As you look for signs of His Presence, many more opportunities will occur for you to bless people and share God's true nature.

Graham Cooke

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#55. Scientology is not written with disrespect toward God. It doesn't worship something that is evil. It is scientific, mathematical, and spiritual. The black community has to check it out and see what's there. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but you have to take a look.

Doug E. Fresh

Quotes About Evil Look #672366
#56. You were true to her, even if she was not to you. Never repent of your own goodness, child. To stay true in the face of evil is a feat of great strength."
"Strength," she said with a little laugh. "I gave her strength, and look what she did with it.

Laini Taylor

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#57. As you can see, the hyphen is a nasty, tricky, evil little mark that gets its kicks igniting arguments in newsrooms and trying to make everyone in the English-speaking world look like an idiot - it's the Bill Maher of punctuation.

June Casagrande

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#58. If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.

William J. Clinton

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#59. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the good guy. I'm doing my job. That's how I look at it. I don't look at it as good or evil. I look at it and say, "I have a job to do. I love this woman. I love the people that I work with. They take care of me. I'm going to do whatever I can for them."

Dennis Haysbert

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#60. People who are crushed do not look behind them. They know but too well the evil fate which follows them.

Victor Hugo

Quotes About Evil Look #766548
#61. Many baseball fans look upon an umpire as a sort of necessary evil to the luxury of baseball, like the odor that follows an automobile.

Christy Mathewson

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#62. You never want to play too vampiric or generically evil, so you look for emotions or character traits that you can relate to.

Joseph Morgan

Quotes About Evil Look #775398
#63. You speak as if this is a good world with a little evil in it. Rubbish. It's a hellish one where the best a man can do is put a little sanity back and look after his own.

David Hewson

Quotes About Evil Look #779902
#64. People in the Middle East may consider the U.S. an evil hegemony that has tainted their culture, but when I look at the growth of racial and ethnic tolerance and understanding in my generation in the U.S., and see those sentiments make it around the world, it makes me feel proud.

Aloe Blacc

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#65. There's a slope down toward evil, a gentle gradient that can be ignored at each step, unfelt. It's not until you look back, see the distant heights where you once lived, that you understand your journey.

Mark Lawrence

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#66. You find them in any Kingdom," she said, "if you look hard enough. Young men, and young women, too, who believe that they are in love with evil, death, and darkness, but in fact, are in love with mystery.

Mercedes Lackey

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#67. Everybody's saying hell's the hippest way to go. Well, I don't think so, but I'm gonna take a look around it though.

Joni Mitchell

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#68. What would your good do if evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?

Mikhail Bulgakov

Quotes About Evil Look #853418
#69. Hadrian turned to look out at the lake. "I hear they have good fishing."

Royce lifted his head to look at him. "You're a very odd man."

"You were the one talking about evil geese .

Michael J. Sullivan

Quotes About Evil Look #868291
#70. I'm not a god or the God, but we're all God and we're all potentially divine - and potentially evil. We all have everything within us and the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh and within us, and if you look hard enough you'll see it.

John Lennon

Quotes About Evil Look #877318
#71. You spoke your words as though you denied the very existence of the shadows or of evil. Think, now: where would your good be if there were no evil and what would the world look like without shadow?

Mikhail Bulgakov

Quotes About Evil Look #906929
#72. If we could only learn to look on evil as evil, whether it's clothed in filth or monotony or magnificence.

F Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Evil Look #935009
#73. I envied Victor's certainty, the idiot syntax of the righteous. This belief - that the world had a visible order, and all we had to do was look for the symbols - as if evil were a code that could be cracked.

Emma Cline

Quotes About Evil Look #942142
#74. If you want to ask how evil begins, just look to basic human nature. What's good gets bent, and bad is the inevitable result.


Quotes About Evil Look #942313
#75. Why? Look around you, Genesis. The world is full of evil. Since the beginning of time. Evil. Evil things. Evil people.

Katie Klein

Quotes About Evil Look #942724
#76. We cannot look at Syria, and the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision, and think this is not the lowest point in the world's inability to protect and defend the innocent.

Angelina Jolie

Quotes About Evil Look #953238
#77. Let us look for the good rather than try to discover any hidden evil. We can easily find fault in others if that is what we are looking for.

Nathan Eldon Tanner

Quotes About Evil Look #958215
#78. Look too on this poor planet of ours,
Torn by the storms of mysterious powers,
Evil contending with good from its birth,
Wrenching in battle the heartstrings of earth,
Ah! what infinities circle us here,
Strangeness and wonderment swathing the sphere!

Martin Farquhar Tupper

Quotes About Evil Look #965607
#79. Sordid and infamous sensuality, the most dreadful evil that issued from the box of Pandora, corrupts every heart, and eradicates every virtue. Fly! wherefore dost thou linger? Fly, cast not one look behind thee; nor let even thy thought return to the accursed evil for a moment.

Francois Fenelon

Quotes About Evil Look #970562
#80. Denounce useless guilt. Don't make a cult of suffering. Live in the now(or at least the soon). Always do the things you fear most. Courage is an acquired taste like caviar. Trust all joy. If the evil eye fixes you in its gaze, look elsewhere. Get ready to be 87.

Erica Jong

Quotes About Evil Look #985250
#81. Davy, I knew the exact time of your birth and what you would look like when the time was at hand, for I dream dreams. Now is the time. A great evil is brewing in the land that will turn the nation against itself. But you must make a stand for what is right. Be strong, young man, be strong.

David Holdsworth

Quotes About Evil Look #992699
#82. I'd like to do more Shakespeare. I'd like to do Iago in Othello. I look so benign. It would be interesting to see that black evil come out of my soul.

Kyle MacLachlan

Quotes About Evil Look #994789
#83. Good has become bastardized, made to look evil by evil claiming to be good until both good and evil are lost in the mix."
Griffin, Of Good And Evil

Gerald G. Griffin

Quotes About Evil Look #1060593
#84. Evil can be a teacher, if you look at the wisdom of its negative power.

Tom Brown Jr.

Quotes About Evil Look #1065847
#85. Unexpected and pleasant surprises occur every day...random kindnesses from a stranger; would-be tragic accidents narrowly avoided; sicknesses healed.... We will notice if we look. We will see good sprinkled liberally over every day if we are open.

Steve Goodier

Quotes About Evil Look #1107583
#86. I have asked myself once or twice lately what was my natural bent. I have no doubt at all: It is to look at each day for the evil of that day and have a go at it, and that is why I have never failed to have an acute interest in each morning's letters.

Geoffrey Fisher

Quotes About Evil Look #1109614
#87. The forces of immorality and Marxism and evil count on one thing: Us not showing up. And often, they're justified in that. And I think if you look at some of the things that have happened this year with the Freedom Agenda, it should encourage you, that when you show up, we actually win.

Matt Shea

Quotes About Evil Look #1121540
#88. When I see big movies that are only about good versus evil, and the good guy wins, I only can think we're in a far more complicated world than that. I frankly think that this binary philosophy is actually a dangerous way to look at the world.

Gavin Hood

Quotes About Evil Look #1142886
#89. The very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those who look. By dwelling upon the faults of others, we are changed into the same image.

Ellen G. White

Quotes About Evil Look #1156501
#90. How do we get our values so mixed up? We look for shortcuts to happiness. Our lust for immediate pleasure prompts us to think of evil as good.

Billy Graham

Quotes About Evil Look #1159085
#91. If shaytan has entered into your heart - evil will look beautiful to you and good will seem tiring and exhausting.

Nouman Ali Khan

Quotes About Evil Look #1173038
#92. Look for good in men, and where they fail to posses it, try to build it up in them; try to increase the good in them; look for the good; build up the good; sustain the good; and speak as little about the evil as you possibly can.

Joseph Fielding Smith

Quotes About Evil Look #1182156
#93. Evil things often look beautiful.
But that's because they've stolen the beauty from the good ... Evil isn't beautiful on its own.

Regina Doman

Quotes About Evil Look #1184452
#94. Any film is about heroism: the triumph of good over evil. If you look back at my films, you will see that as a recurring theme.

Salman Khan

Quotes About Evil Look #1210406
#95. If someone asks you a question and you don't know the answer, belittle them. It's better to be an asshole than look stupid.

John LeFevre

Quotes About Evil Look #1229782
#96. Evil is important for us to look at, in my opinion, only insofar as it makes us look at our own actions and make us wonder, 'Am I participating in some kind of human evil that I really should stop doing?'

John Carroll Lynch

Quotes About Evil Look #1239044
#97. Look into the face of a man who will kill you for a belief and your nostrils will snuff up the scent of abomination. Hear a speech declaring a holy war and, I assure you, your ears should catch the clink of evil's scales and the dragging of its monstrous tail over the purity of the language.

Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Evil Look #1249471
#98. You're evil. Did you know that?" She just smiled. "Well I've got to say, you do look
devilish in my shirt.

Shelly Crane

Quotes About Evil Look #1275268
#99. We are not only to renounce evil, but to manifest the truth. We tell people the world is vain; let our lives manifest that it is so. We tell them that our home is above and that all these things are transitory. Does our dwelling look like it? O to live consistent lives!

Hudson Taylor

Quotes About Evil Look #1276798
#100. I look into the mirror for evil that just does not exist.

Sara Quin

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