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Top 100 Quotes About Differences

#1. You can make a lot of speeches, but the real thing is when you dig a hole, plant a tree, give it water, and make it survive. That's what makes the difference - Author: Wangari Maathai
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#2. She got to her feet and tucked her fingers into her armpits to warm them, glaring at Briar and Parahan as she walked over to the mules. It wasn't fair that men didn't have to twist themselves into knots to pee! - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#3. Difference of opinion is the one crime which kings never forgive. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#4. You do not want to be in a creative organisation with everybody being like-minded and stroking each other's creative egos. You want differences of opinion ... constructively. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#5. I've been doing It's Aways Sunny for 12 years, and so I have this cable sensibility. When I read the Grinder script, I was like "this is edgy," which is great, but in a different way from Arrested Development. I feel like the characters are a little more relatable, so maybe that's the difference. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Ellis
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#6. The difference between the real winners is how long they take to feel sorry for themselves. My winners feel it ... but they come back up and say 'hit me again.' - Author: Barbara Corcoran
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#7. Identifying, they said, was trying to see how I was like the people I was with. Comparing, they told me, was looking for differences, usually seeing how I was better than others. - Author: Alcoholics Anonymous
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#8. When you're a kid, you might be picked on for your differences. When you're an adult, employers, colleges, friends - people look for differences when you're adult, and that's what makes you shine and stand out. - Author: Crystal Bowersox
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#9. He taught me the difference between a good single malt whisky and a bad one. - Author: Catherine Zeta-Jones
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#10. The surest way of ruining a youth is to teach him to respect those who think as he does more highly than those who think differently from him. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#11. Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#12. According to a recent study, ten percent of 'Star Trek' fans meet the psychological criteria for addiction. Deprived of their favourite show, some Trekkies disply withdrawal symptoms similar to drug addicts. Of course, the real difference is that drug addicts aren't nearly as annoying. - Author: Jay Leno
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#13. Everyone I know, men and women alike, would love to see the world changed so that boys and girls, men and women are valued equally for what we contribute, despite the differences in how our brains and bodies work. - Author: Cris Mazza
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#14. We are the only creatures that both laugh and weep. I think it's because we are the only creatures that see the difference between the way things are and the way they might be. - Author: Robert Fulghum
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#15. So often the difference between success and failure is belief. Belief leads to action and execution. - Author: Jon Gordon
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#16. It's possible to live without the Web. It's not possible to live without water. But if you've got water, then the difference between somebody who is connected to the Web and is part of the information society, and someone who (is not) is growing bigger and bigger. - Author: Tim Berners-Lee
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#17. What are the differences between me and you, I stand up and continue you just stay down and don't move and you think that nobody will touch. But when you are down, you always easy to be attacked - You will find down "IT" :D :D - Author: Deyth Banger
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#18. It's important to see what we can do to make a difference, but it's more important to me to do it every single day. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
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#19. Sweet Bird of Youth": "The big difference between people is not between the rich and the poor, the good and the evil. The biggest of all differences between people is between those who have had pleasure in love and those who haven't. - Author: Paul Newman
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#20. Don't be intimidated by power, wealth or station, character alone makes all the difference. - Author: Joe Biden
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#21. I can't speak to the differences within the Catholic Church. - Author: Jacob Lew
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#22. What do you really believe makes a difference in the company? For me it's really clear. It's about customers and employees. Everything else follows. If you take care of your customers and you have motivated employees, everything else follows. - Author: Anne M. Mulcahy
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#23. The only difference between [America] and South Africa, South Africa preaches separation and practices separation, America preaches integration and practices segregation. This is the only difference, they don't practice what they preach, whereas South Africa practices and preaches the same thing. - Author: Malcolm X
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#24. Loving friendships provide us with a space to experience the joy of community in a relationship where we learn to process all our issues, to cope with differences and conflict while staying connected. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#25. As a comedian, I think we all look for those areas where the truth diverts from what people are saying. That's why politics is such a rich area for us, because politicians make promises, and they don't keep them, and when we point out the difference, we get the laugh. - Author: Bill Maher
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#26. Next to occupation is the building up of good taste. That is difficult, slow work. Few achieve it. It means all the difference in the world in the end. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
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#27. There is absolutely no difference between religion and politics at all in Jesus' time. In other words, every seemingly religious word that came out of Jesus' mouth had very clear and unmistakable political connotations to it. - Author: Reza Aslan
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#28. Whether you fail or set the world on fire cannot make so very much difference if only you have the opportunity to try for it, to work for it, to think of nothing else! - Author: Gertrude Atherton
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#29. Compassion can be put into practice if one recognizes the fact that every human being is a member of humanity and the human family regardless of differences in religion, culture, color and creed. Deep down there is no difference. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#30. When we are in a true Reiki space, species differences melt away and profound
interspecies connections are forged. - Author: Kathleen Prasad
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#31. What is humility but truthfulness? There is no real difference. - Author: Walter Hilton
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#32. The common misery of destitution would have made a bitter mockery of a marked insistence on social differences. Gaspar - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#33. Gandhi has asked that the British Government should walk out of India and leave the Indian people to settle differences among themselves, even if it means chaos and confusion. - Author: Stafford Cripps
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#34. We may have lots of differences,
We may not be the perfect couple.
But in-spite of those differences,
In-spite of those imperfection,
We are always at our best for each other ... - Author: NerD_Seyer
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#35. Groups break up because they never got across what they wanted to do personally, and they have creative differences, and egos start to clash. - Author: Kendrick Lamar
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#36. Differences must be not merely tolerated, but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic. - Author: Audre Lorde
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#37. Mutants, super beings, gods, aliens, a guy who sticks to walls at one extreme, a creature who eats planets at the other; Each one that comes into being, they feel, diminishes the rest of humanity, ordinary homo sapiens, that little bit more. - Author: Jim Lee
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#38. I wonder how often in the past I may have missed the good in people because I pre-judged, based on the differences? - Author: Anne Perry
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#39. You don't want someone who can't tell the difference between having a different opinion and dismissing your opinion. - Author: Carolyn Hax
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#40. The only thing even in this world is the number of hours in a day. The difference in winning or losing is what you do with those hours. - Author: Woody Hayes
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#41. The sixth doorway is the Doorway of Vision. This relates to seeing with the eyes of love and corresponds to the energy center located in the third eye area of our forehead. When this doorway is open, we're more able to see life through love instead of differences. - Author: Marci Shimoff
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#42. I can be vilified. I can be misunderstood. I didn't come here to be liked. I came here to make a difference. - Author: Kanye West
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#43. We cannot become the world's policeman, but where our values and our interests are at stake, and where we can make a difference, we must act and we must lead. That is our job and we are better, stronger and safer because we are doing it. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#44. The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own. - Author: Frank Zappa
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#45. Look at identical twins. When you get closer, you start to see the small differences. It all depends on how much you magnify it. - Author: Bryan Swanson
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#46. Being inclusive means to appreciate differences and enjoy the diverse viewpoints. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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#47. The difference between ordinary players and champions is the way they think. - Author: Patty Berg
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#48. The important thing is the willingness to give back the gift that is you, not the perfection of the gift itself. Can you feel the difference? - Author: Richard Rohr
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#49. Programmes like the BES are what make the difference between a good university & one that is truly outstanding. I believe this programme will be invaluable for the future sustainability of Singapore and the region; perhaps even the world, if others follow our lead. - Author: Geh Min
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#50. The tallest and the smallest among us are so alike diminutive and pitifully base, it is a meanness to calculate the difference. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#51. War's a profanity because, let's face it, you've got two opposing sides trying to settle their differences by killing as many of each other as they can. - Author: Norman Schwarzkopf
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#52. The difference between those who are committed and those who are not is the difference between the words want and will. - Author: Marvin J. Ashton
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#53. It is not easy to be stranded between two worlds, the sad truth is that we can never feel completely comfortable in either world - Author: Sharon Kay Penman
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#54. There is, of course, a world of difference between cricket and the movie business ... I suppose doing a love scene with Racquel Welch roughly corresponds to scoring a century be fore lunch. - Author: Oliver Reed
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#55. The effectiveness of political and religious propaganda depends upon the methods employed, not upon the doctrines taught. These doctrines may be true or false, wholesome or pernicious it makes little or no difference. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#56. Despite the differences between our species and cultures, there is an order that we all share. The development of a civilization is a scripted event. Minds join together to create new technologies, on its own against threats from the outside, that civilization crumbles. - Author: Becky Chambers
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#57. And that's it; that's why I want to teach; that's the one and only compensation: to make a permanent difference in the life of a child. - Author: Bel Kaufman
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#58. To me, the difference between a good marriage and a great marriage is conviction. - Author: Diane Greene
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#59. The 9/11 commission recommended the appointment of a national intelligence director with budgetary authority to better coordinate the work of the intelligence community and resolve differences. - Author: Ronald Kessler
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#60. The difference between a vision and a daydream is the audacity to act. - Author: Steven Furtick
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#61. If you chase the market, it's not going to come to you. You have to have faith in yourself. I think one of the differences in what I call 'civilians' and 'authors' is that we have an antenna hat buzzing all the time. - Author: David Morrell
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#62. The interesting thing about staring down a gun barrel is how small the hole is where the bullet comes out, yet what a big difference it would make in your social schedule. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#63. Good or bad, if you're not "normal," you can't have a normal relationship. If you are different, people will relate to you differently. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#64. For some of the large indignities of life, the best remedy is direct action. For the small indignities, the best remedy is a Charlie Chaplin movie. The hard part is knowing the difference. - Author: Carol Tavris
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#65. Grade A objectivity won't come from those who are closest to us. It will come from outsiders. That's where we'll find divergent thinking, unexpected questions, novel ideas, differences of opinion, and added expertise. - Author: David Sturt
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#66. Be accepting. Of everything. People's differences, their similarities, their choices, their personalities. Sometimes it takes a variety to make a good collection. The same goes for people. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#67. Leica, schmeica. The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But you have to see. - Author: Ernst Haas
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#68. [I am enthusiastic about journalism because] it's a craft that can ... galvanize an often complacent citizenry, and make a difference. - Author: Katie Couric
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#69. Marriage is what you make of it, and God has many versions of what that looks like based on what different souls need, in order to grow. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#70. Consider your actions and words. Be thoughtful when expressing your feelings or concerns. Sometimes it's not what you say, but the way you say it. That makes all the difference - Author: Amaka Imani Nkosazana
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#71. You don't become a teacher to make a world of money. You become a teacher to make a world of difference. - Author: Charles M. Blow
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#72. This preservation of favourable individual differences and variations, and the destruction of those which are injurious, I have called Natural Selection, or the Survival of the Fittest. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#73. The Tragedy of the human condition is that the very things that make us interesting and culturally important and progressively brilliant are our differences; and these are also the principle reasons for our prejudices - Author: Bryce Courtenay
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#74. I love you, Dawson. I love who you are, what you are. And I don't think love recognizes differences. It just is. And we really aren't that different. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#75. These composers," Captain Nemo answered me, "are the contemporaries of Orpheus, because in the annals of the dead, all chronological differences fade; and - Author: Jules Verne
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#76. People tell us the countries that we'll have the most difficulty with are France and Japan. They say, 'Nothing you do in the rest of the world will work for us.' But that's changing. The differences are narrowing. - Author: Joe Tripodi
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#77. Bad friends try to change you, good friends accept your differences, while true friends embrace and celebrate them. Watching this circle of clowns, I know I've made the truest of friends. I'm glad I didn't settle for anything else. - Author: A.J. Compton
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#78. I will conduct a respectful debate. Now, it will be dispirited
it will be spirited
because there are stark differences. I am a proud conservative, liberal Republica
conservative Republican ... Hello? Easy there. - Author: John McCain
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#79. They have a national policy where they have no ability grouping until the age of ten. Denmark waits to make selection decisions until maturity differences by age have evened out. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#80. The beauty of the infantry is its ability to truly teach tolerance. At the lowest level, when it is simply a matter of survival to count on everyone around you, regardless of religion or skin color, the only logical option is to ignore the differences. - Author: Adam Fenner
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#81. Historically, it appears that society has capitalized on what is at most a degree of difference between the sexes in order to institutionalize the polarization of aggression. - Author: Freda Adler
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#82. A leader should never risk their ability to make a difference by making an unnecessary point. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#83. when men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom - Author: John Gray
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#84. If you can tell the difference between good advice and bad advice, you don't need advice. - Author: Laurence J. Peter
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#85. Seymour once said to me - in a crosstown bus, of all places - that all legitimate religious study must lead to unlearning the differences, the illusory differences, between boys and girls, animals and stones, day and night, heat and cold. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#86. When you find yourself thinking far from others ... .. When you are faced with the differences between you and the rest ... .. Know you found your uniqueness. - Author: Sameh Elsayed
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#87. The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make. - Author: Robert M. Parker Jr.
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#88. There is a difference between going to a service "for the worship" and going to a service "to worship the Lord." The distinction appears to be a minor one, but it may imply the difference between the worship of God and the worship of music! - Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
Quotes About Differences #22196
#89. I say that male and female are cast in the same mold; except for education and habits, the difference is not great. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#90. It makes a great difference in the force of a sentence, whether a man be behind it or no. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#91. Sex and race, because they are easy and visible differences, have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior and inferior groups and into the cheap labour on which this system still depends. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#92. Know the difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#93. Our mission is to speak the truth to power. We send home that first rough draft of history. We can and do make a difference in exposing the horrors of war and especially the atrocities that befall civilians. - Author: Marie Colvin
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#94. Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#95. A 1990 study by the (liberal) Progressive Policy Institute showed that, after controlling for single motherhood, the difference in black and white crime rates disappeared. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#96. History is filled with tragic examples of wars that result from diplomatic impasse. Whether in our local communities or in international relations, the skillful use of our communicative capacities to negotiate and resolve differences is the first evidence of human wisdom. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
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#97. Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers
and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt
of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of
sheep against the practice of eating mutton. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#98. What difference would a clear vision of my principles, values, and ultimate objectives make in the way I spend my time? - Author: Stephen Covey
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#99. It's just really important that we start celebrating our differences. Let's start tolerating first, but then we need to celebrate our differences. - Author: Billie Jean King
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#100. Know the difference between famous and great. - Author: Deacon Jones
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