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#1. Did you know that the chances of being in a plane crash are less than 0.00001 per cent? That means that you're more likely to be killed by a donkey or to naturally conceive identical quadruplets. Bunty - Author: Holly Smale
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#2. If you take away the fancy graphics of today's games, most of the time you're left with a shell of a game that has been done to death a million times. - Author: Herman Leonard
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#3. The whole drift of my education goes to persuade me that the world of our present consciousness is only one out of many worlds of consciousness that exist. - Author: William James
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#4. There's a sin, a fearful sin, resting on this nation, that will not go unpunished forever. There will be reckoning yet ... it may be sooner or it may be later, but it's a coming as sure as the Lord is just - Author: Solomon Northup
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#5. A bored Gwenvael is an entire town
destroyed accidently. - Author: G.A. Aiken
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#6. Man is the nobler growth our realms supply, And souls are ripened in our northern sky. - Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld
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#7. There are a lot of spikes that can happen when what you're doing starts to get attention or people start to talk about it. They can just kind of really do a number on your reasons for making music. - Author: Babatunde Adebimpe
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#8. There are two things you will never be without: One is your reputation and the other is your credit rating. - Author: Larry Winget
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#9. It is always allowable to ask for artichoke jelly with your boiled venison; however there are houses where this is not supplied. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#10. Adeline hadn't owned a television since 1992.
She'd suffered fifteen years hearing about how the Internet would transform American culture and open new avenues of expression.
But in the end, it was only more people talking about television. - Author: Jarett Kobek
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