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#1. You will have to look a long way before you find a bunch of scum-suckers more greedy, humourless and deserving of death than the suits in the music business. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#2. You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha - Author: Jay Crownover
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#3. We live in a society which salves its conscience more by helping the interestingly unfortunate than the dull deserving ... - Author: P.D. James
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#4. but when we believe we are owed something by life, deserving more than the person to our right or left, we get caught in a vortex of narcissism that makes personal disruption impossible. - Author: Whitney Johnson
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#5. The way to secure success is to be more anxious about obtaining than about deserving it. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#6. I am more afraid of deserving criticism than of receiving it. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#7. such a bitter taste in his mouth? He had become so accustomed to her feisty spirit and to the martial spark that flared in her eyes when she was ready to do battle, that this quiet surrender left him feeling more like a bullying lout than an officer deserving - Author: Andrea Pickens
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#8. I think most of us would agree that people who have, say, little formal schooling but labor honestly and diligently to help feed, clothe, and educate their families are deserving of greater respect - and help, if necessary - than many people who are superficially more successful. - Author: Ben Bernanke
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#9. Yet when it happens to me that the music moves me more than the subject of the song, I confess myself to commit a sin deserving punishment, and then I would prefer not to have heard the singer. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#10. During misfortunes, nothing aggravates our condition more, than to be esteemed deserving of them. - Author: Norm MacDonald
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#11. There's a million people I could name who are more deserving of the parts that I get and the life that I'm living. - Author: Megan Fox
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#12. I certainly don't think I'm deserving of taking up space forever as a human. There's a whole generation of people yet to be born that are going to be so much more evolved than I am. I don't want to take up space. They're going to be better equipped to make the world a better place than I am. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#13. We need religion, government, and laws to force a level of control over our baser natures. I intend to strip away the disease that is intelligence, to rip away the deception that allows humanity to believe itself mightier and more deserving of this planet. - Author: James Rollins
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#14. It appears evident, therefore, that those actions only can truly be called virtuous, and deserving of moral approbation, which the agent believed to be right, and to which he was influenced, more or less, by that belief. - Author: Thomas Reid
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#15. I say, too, with education, America needs to be putting a lot more focus on that and our schools have got to be really ramped up in terms of the funding that they are deserving. Teachers needed to be paid more. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#16. She, with her power to bring life into the world, was truly made in the image of the Creator, not man, and in all ways has proved Herself a more deserving object of man's worship than Christ, that unshaven fanatic who lusted for the end of the world. - Author: Joe Hill
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#17. I am no martyr upon cross, but I would gladly give my life so that those more deserving may live. - Author: Gannicus
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#18. Without knowing it, Javert in his awful happiness was deserving of pity, like every ignorant man who triumphs. Nothing could have been more poignant or more heartrending than that countenance on which was inscribed all the evil in what is good. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#19. When it happens that I am more moved by the song than the thing which is sung, I confess that I sin in a manner deserving punishment - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#20. Life is like that, full of words that are not worth saying or that were worth saying once but not any more, each word that we utter will take up the space of another more deserving word, not deserving in its own right, but because of the possible consequences of saying it. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#21. If you walk away from this, from us, my only hope is that you look back twenty years from now and remember that there is no person on earth more deserving to be cherished than you. - Author: Michelle Hughes
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#22. Anguish of mind has driven thousands to suicide; anguish of body, none. This proves that the health of the mind is of far more consequence to our happiness than the health of the body, although both are deserving of much more attention than either of them receive. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#23. You can search the world over and you will find no one who is more deserving of your kindness and well wishing than you yourself. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#24. The market system rewards me outlandishly for what I do, but that doesn't mean I'm any more deserving of a good life than a teacher or a doctor or someone who fights in Afghanistan. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#25. I do detest the human race as a whole, but some groups are more deserving than others, - Author: James D. Sass
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#26. Self-love makes our friends appear more or less deserving in proportion to the delight we take in them, and the measures by whichwe judge of their worth depend upon the manner of their conversing with us. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#27. Why should we think that we wouldn't have a cross to carry? Are we somehow more deserving than our Lord? - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#28. Simple question,' Uncle Todd repeated. 'Do you deserve respect?'
'Yeah,' Dylan answered.
'Well, you're never deserving of any more respect in life than you give. I don't see you showing the world much respect. Until you show the world respect, the world won't respect you, and neither will I. - Author: Ben Mikaelsen
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#29. This notion that I was somehow special and deserving of a more involved education was wrong.I was smart at taking tests, but I knew how smart some of my friends were; they were just smart in different ways. - Author: Kamasi Washington
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#30. I feel like I am more deserving than last year. It definitely feels good just to be on the team. - Author: Andrew McCutchen
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#31. If we want to reduce poverty and misery, if we want to give to every deserving individual what is needed for a safe existence of an intelligent being, we want to provide more machinery, more power. Power is our mainstay, the primary source of our many-sided energies. - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#32. That's an important lesson for me, to not qualify my experience against somebody else's. My experience is the experience that I wanted to have, and have created for myself, but it doesn't make me any more deserving than anybody else - or less. - Author: Alexis Denisof
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#33. Few needs are more pressing, or more deserving of our attention, than taking care of the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. - Author: Bill Richardson
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#34. Whoever would be a teacher of men let him begin by teaching himself before teaching others; and let him teach by example before teaching by word. For he who teaches himself and rectifies his own ways is more deserving of respect and reverence than he who would teach others and rectify their ways. - Author: Khalil Gibran
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#35. I've always believed fitness is an entry point to help you build that happier, healthier life. When your health is strong, you're capable of taking risks. You'll feel more confident to ask for the promotion. You'll have more energy to be a better mom. You'll feel more deserving of love. - Author: Jillian Michaels
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#36. I reasoned that God, while improbable, might exist, in which case he should be worshipped; whereas Humanity, being a mere biological idea and signifying nothing more than the animal species we belong to, was no more deserving of worship than any other animal species. - Author: Anonymous
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#37. Research is always the best part. As we dug deeper into the history and mythology behind each of the hallows, we discovered more and more stories - some of them deserving of novels in themselves. - Author: Michael Scott
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#38. You're believing in love more than I do; you're standing up for someone who is less than deserving. - Author: David Levithan
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#39. There is a strange sort of reasoning in Hollywood that musicals are less worthy of Academy consideration than dramas. It's a form of snobbism, the same sort that perpetuates the idea that drama is more deserving of Awards than comedy. - Author: Gene Kelly
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#40. If all the sins of the flesh are worthy of condemnation because by them man allows himself to be dominated by that which he has of the animal nature, much more deserving of condemnation are the sins against nature by which man degrades his own animal nature ... - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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