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#1. At long last, somebody believes in her. Tonight in this exchange she has gained the tools with which she will build her self esteem: She has been chosen and she has security. Maybe this is all that a person ever needs to succeed. Pearl has been picked, and that has begun to define her. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#2. I define discipline as the ability to make + keep promises and to honor commitments. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#3. It's a complicated issue, but I define myself as an American, primarily. - Author: Deborah Eisenberg
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#4. Preparing to improvise is at a level commensurate with mastering the structure in a European classical piece. Another way to define improvisation is spontaneous melody. In order to improvise, a player first needs to have memorized and analyzed the harmonic structure of so many pieces. - Author: Jimmy Heath
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#5. my past behavior need not define who I was, am, and could be. - Author: Ken
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#6. If you want to know whether God exists, all you have to do is define the word 'exist'. - Author: Bill Gaede
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#7. The way I define what I do is, basically, I do whatever I want. - Author: Spoken Reasons
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#8. With their survival as an institution and as individual human beings at stake, the Marines have had to ruthlessly and endlessly examine, discard, define, refine, and redefine their approaches to achieve the ultimate in rapid, effective response to dynamic challenges. - Author: David A. Freedman
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#9. Businesses need to define what they need so training providers can offer up the right training. - Author: Penny Pritzker
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#10. I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? If I define myself by things that are always changing, like the public's opinion, or what I'm wearing, or what job I'm doing, there's no stability in that. - Author: Blake Lively
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#11. Let all the green leaves be mine
as long as the trees define
shades created by their limbs
for the soil made with victims
of atrocity's vileness
to redeem the fragileness - Author: Munia Khan
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#12. Never let the world define you as less than Great. - Author: Bill Parcells
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#13. Every book changes you in some way, whether it's your perspective on the world or how you define yourself in relation to the world. - Author: Mindy Mejia
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#14. We are what we love. We are the things, the people, the ideas we spend our days with. They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.
Without them, we are empty. - Author: Daisy Whitney
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#15. I need men to define me: to give me an idea of what I am. If I didn't have boyfriends I don't think I would exist. I would fly apart in all directions. So I must live my life in perpetual pain, if I want to live at all. - Author: Fay Weldon
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#16. I define influence simply as literary love, tempered by defense. The defenses vary from poet to poet. But the overwhelming presence of love is vital to understanding how great literature works. - Author: Harold Bloom
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#17. I express myself through clothes, but clothes don't define me. - Author: Ginnifer Goodwin
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#18. Feminism is sort of like God. Many people profess to believe in it, but no one seems to be able to define it to everyone's satisfaction. - Author: Aaron Allston
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#19. It is our choices that define who we are, not our abilities. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#20. Poetry is what you can't translate. Art is what you can't define. Film is what you can't explain. But we're going to try, anyway. - Author: James Monaco
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#21. I asked Elsie how much food they needed from outside the community. 'Flour and sugar,' she said, and then thought a bit. 'Sometimes we'll buy pretzels as a splurge.'
It crossed my mind that the world's most efficient psychological evaluation would have just one question: Define splurge. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#22. Don't let that thing define you -Will Traynor - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#23. Pop music is a difficult term to define. I think about good music and bad music. Good music is good music whatever origin it comes from. - Author: Nina Persson
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#24. I'm just getting to know myself. I'm no wherwhere near to being concise about it yet. I can't define myself. Wait a minute - I'm angry, I'm funny and I'm trying. - Author: James Marsters
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#25. The leader's role is to define reality, then give hope - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#26. I tried to go back and talk about what I did know. I told her about one girl he'd brought home from Cornell; I'd asked if she was his girlfriend, and he's said, When you define something, you limit it. - Author: Melissa Bank
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#27. But that does not mean I do not wish to possess you."
"What if I want to possess you instead?"
He flashed her a grin, warm and wicked and laced with something more that Reggie couldn't quite define.
"Dushka," he murmured, lowering his mouth to hers. "You already do. - Author: Christine Warren
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#28. Anyone can get a degree or a certificate in something. Big deal. A piece of paper from a university somewhere doesn't define a person. It won't tell you who I am. - Author: Rachel Gibson
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#29. Let me define prayer for you in this show. Prayer is man giving God permission or license to interfere in earth's affairs. In other words, prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference. - Author: Myles Munroe
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#30. I know I'm not a coal miner, but I do long hours and I never complain, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. So, yeah, that's how I'd define myself. I want to do it right, and prove people wrong once and for all about the myth of child stars. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#31. How do we define consciousness, or what has been called the human soul or the spirit, if it can't be quantified as matter or a particle? ... it can be quantified or observed just by a process of elimination. - Author: Vanna Bonta
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#32. Define your purpose in life.
Define your wishes.
Define your future. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#33. You should not go to war for the privilege of withdrawal. You need to define your objective and the outcome, and it cannot be the removal of one man. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
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#34. You can't let your failures define you. You have to let your failures teach you. - Author: Barack Obama
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#35. There are certain characteristics that define a good chimp mother. She is patient, she is protective but she is not over-protective - that is really important. She is tolerant, but she can impose discipline. She is affectionate. She plays. And the most important of all: she is supportive. - Author: Jane Goodall
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#36. Terms don't define our lives; our lives define our terms. - Author: Joshua Harris
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#37. She was truly beautiful, though that was not what drew him to want to know more about her. This woman of wealth and privilege had something else about her - and inner beauty - which he couldn't quite define. - Author: Kathleen Y'Barbo
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#38. Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#39. It was the only lie she ever told. She did not do it to protect Francisco; she did it because she felt, for some reason which she could not define, that the incident was a secret too precious to share. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#40. Stories are epically important to how we view and interact in the world around us. We define ourselves, our abilities and even our goals by the stories we believe and share. These stories become part of our personal view of our world. - Author: Lyssa Danehy DeHart
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#41. We can't define anything precisely. If we attempt to, we get into the paralysis of thought that comes to philosophers ... one saying to the other: you don't know what you are talking about! The second one says: what do you mean by talking? What do you mean by you? What do you mean by know? - Author: Richard Feynman
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#42. Failure does not define us, it refines us. - Author: Steve Knox
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#43. Allow the light to fall across you. Shadow or sunlight. Allow it to define your shape. In its way. Another day it may be different. It surely will be. Are we ever the same? Is the light? And the way a form presses into the grass? - Author: Jay Woodman
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#44. I'm interested in how we define things by how we choose to observe them, and how everywhere in our lives, and in every moment we experience, there are forces at work that we don't fully understand. Couple this curiosity with a love of portraiture painting, and that's how this project was born. - Author: Oliver Jeffers
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#45. We know who we are and we define what we are by references to the people we love and our reasons for loving them. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#46. We cannot let the haters of this world define us. Or frighten us into no longer being ourselves. - Author: Mary E. DeMuth
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#47. Your life is define by you.
Pay no attention to what others says.
Pay attention to yourself. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#48. I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material but I know it when I see it. - Author: Potter Stewart
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#49. If you are surprised by the things I say and do, then you really haven't paid attention to who I am. - Author: Tanya Masse
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#50. The three biggest funerals in Alabama history define the state's contending loyalties, I was told: George Wallace's, Martin Luther King's, and Bear Bryant's. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#51. Music is one of the highest art forms there is. It can define a life, change a life, or even safe a life, in just three short minutes. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#52. Jhumpa Lahiri calls living in a foreign country "an eternal pregnancy"; an uncomfortable wait for something impossible to define. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#53. Your race doesn't define you. -Richard - Author: S.M. Boyce
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#54. I would define liberty to be a power to do as we would be done by. The definition of liberty to be the power of doing whatever the law permits, meaning the civil laws, does not seem satisfactory. - Author: John Adams
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#55. You seek a false comfort when you demand that I define myself for you with words. Words do not contain or define any person. A heart can, if it is willing. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#56. We all are faced by problems of 'How am I going to get the rent?' or 'Am I going to have this job six months from now?' It's very difficult to define in your life a victory. - Author: Michael A. Stackpole
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#57. The answer, The answer, my friend, is not yours to invent or create. It will be decided for you. It is outside you. It is real and objective and firm. One day you will hear it. You don't create it. You don't define it. It comes to you, and sooner or later you conform to it - or bow to it. - Author: John Piper
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#58. It's not our mistakes that define us, but what we do about them. - Author: Lindsay J. Pryor
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#59. So many people define themselves by what they've accomplished or not accomplished. - Author: Morley
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#60. Popularity's a weird thing. You can't really define it, and it's not cool to talk about, but you know it when you see it. Like a lazy eye, or porn. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#61. But define 'completely ridiculous shit,'" Duvall said. "Does space travel count? Contact with alien races? Does quantum physics count? Because I don't understand that crap at all. As far as I'm concerned, quantum physics could have been written by a hack. - Author: John Scalzi
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#62. God is a presence that I can never define but I could never deny. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#63. Learn how to set goals. That's the key to everything. That includes designing your own success. You define what the goal is, it's not somebody else's goal, it's yours. - Author: Drew Carey
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#64. Conservatives define themselves more by their hatred of liberals than anything else, and, conversely, liberals by their distaste for conservatives. - Author: Graydon Carter
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#65. When we define democracy now it must still be as a thing hoped for but not seen. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#66. There are moments in every relationship that define when two people start to fall in love.

A first glance

A first smile

A first kiss

A first fall ... - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#67. Words define us,' Mom continued, as I struggled to make my clumsy marks look like her elegant script. 'We must protect our knowledge and pass it on whenever we can. If we are ever to become a society again, we must teach others how to remain human. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#68. We define learning as the transformative process of taking in information that, when internalized and mixed with what we have experienced, changes what we know and builds on what we can do. It's based on input, process, and reflection. It is what changes us. - Author: Marcia Conner
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#69. We have disagreements as to what race does and ought to mean, but we have a remarkable consensus on what it is, without any ability to define it technically. - Author: Barbara Katz Rothman
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#70. The curse of the intelligentsia is their ability to rationalize and re-define. Ordinary people, lacking that gift, are forced to face reality. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#71. We need to know that our limits do not define our limitations. And an empty tomb does exactly that. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#72. The Sage was asked to define good manners? to which he replied, To bear patiently the rude ones. - Author: Solomon Ibn Gabirol
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#73. Let no one define how you se yourself ... save God alone. See yourself through His eyes and His strength, and you'll see who you can be despite being who you are. - Author: Tamera Alexander
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#74. But over time people break apart, no matter how enormous the love they feel for one another is, and it is through the breaking and the reconciliation, the love and the doubting of love, the judgment and then the coming together again, that we find our own identity and define our relationships. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#75. I would define globalization as the freedom for my group of companies to invest where it wants when it wants, to produce what it wants, to buy and sell where it wants, and support the fewest restrictions possible coming from labour laws and social conventions. - Author: Percy Barnevik
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#76. Happiness quantification sounds a bit wishy-washy, sure, and through a series of carefully administered surveys across the globe, economists and psychologists have certainly confronted a fair number of sticky issues around how to measure, and even define, happiness. - Author: Adam Davidson
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#77. TO FOREIGN LANDS. I heard that you ask'd for something to prove this puzzle the New World, And to define America, her athletic Democracy, Therefore I send you my poems that you behold in them what you wanted. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#78. I define fear as standing across the ring from Joe Louis and knowing he wants to go home early. - Author: Max Baer
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#79. The thing about love is one can never define it exactly. And as much of a mystery as that is and as familiar it is when we acknowledge it, words just aren't enough. So we find ourselves scratching the walls while our hair is falling out. Then we can't live without it. We become addicts. - Author: Kevin Fuller
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#80. If you were to ask me to define a photograph in a few words, I would say it is a fossil of light and time. - Author: Daido Moriyama
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#81. One mistake doesn't define you, Julian. - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#82. If you define evolution as merely meaning change over time, then I don't see any problem with a person being a Christian and believing in evolution. But that's not how textbooks define evolution. They define evolution as being random and undirected without plan or purpose. - Author: Lee Strobel
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#83. It's not easy to define poetry. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#84. We define love the way we experienced it. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#85. Define your mantras, your adages, and bear down repetitively
over and over and over! - Author: David R. Wommack
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#86. Though philosophers like to define poetry as irrational fancy, for us it is practical, humorous, reasonable way of being ourselves. - Author: Robert Graves
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#87. The most important time in history is - NOW - the present,
So count your blessings cause time can't define the essence. - Author: Talib Kweli
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#88. We might even define the human as a dynamic process produced by a series of identifications and misidentifications with animality. - Author: Simon Critchley
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#89. The problem with this generation is they are so quick to define who they are in the process of searching. It is their need for immediate acceptance that keeps them from exploring further. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#90. God is love, but He also defines what love is. We don't have the license to define love according to our standards. - Author: Francis Chan
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#91. Define what the product will do before you design how the product will do it. - Author: Alan Cooper
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#92. Everybody's got the potential for great good and great wrong in them, but it's the choices we make that define who we really are. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#93. I allowed social media to define what I thought of my body. And now I realize that no matter how thin you are, someone will call you fat. No matter how beautiful you are, someone will call you ugly. But you can't spend your time worrying about that. You're just not going to please the world. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#94. Don't let the fear of failure or failure as a whole stop you from becoming an entrepreneur. Failure doesn't define you or your business unless you allow it to. - Author: Jeet Banerjee
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#95. Every one of my novels could be entitled The Unbearable Lightness of Being or The Joke or Laughable Loves; the titles are interchangeable, they reflect the small number of themes that obsess me, define me, and unfortunately, restrict me. Beyond these themes, I have nothing else to say or write. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#96. Would ectoplasm be considered an amenity? As I have said, I personally define an amenity as a specific and unexpected add-on to the hotel experience. - Author: Rick Moody
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#97. We need to define gentrification as separate from the process of displacement. - Author: Justin Davidson
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#98. Writing a log line helps you define - for yourself - the essential elements of the plot. It will also let you know immediately if major components of the plot are missing. - Author: David Macinnis Gill
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#99. It's really important to not allow rejection to define who you are. Just because someone did not value or approve of you does not mean you should give up on yourself or let go of the amazing dreams you have on the inside. - Author: Jamie Larbi
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#100. But the good thing about life, Julian," she continued, "is that we can fix our mistakes sometimes. We learn from them. We get better. One mistake does not define you. - Author: R.J. Palacio
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