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#1. Give me, instead of beauty's bust,
A tender heart, a loyal mind,
Which with temptation I could trust,
Yet never linked with error find. - Author: George Darley
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#2. There's many a white hand holds an urn
With lovers' hearts to dust consumed. - Author: George Darley
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#3. It takes 50 years to get a wrong idea out of medicine, and 100 years a right one into medicine. - Author: John Hughlings Jackson
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#4. When one door opens another one closes....so carry a lot of door stoppers! - Author: Julie Darley
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#5. I would like to invite you to savour every moment of this experiential journey. Feel the energies of the earth, listen to them calling on the wind, whispering their secrets and beckoning you to explore their mysteries. - Author: Carole Carlton
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#6. Upon moving to Cornwall in 1991, I became bewitched by its enchanting timeless beauty, which captured my heart and holds me still. Brooding and mysterious, the south-eastern edge of Bodmin Moor provided the wild backdrop against which the introduction to my magical training and love of nature began. - Author: Carole Carlton
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#7. Fool! I mean not That poor-souled piece of heroism, self-slaughter; Oh no! the miserablest day we live There's many a better thing to do than die! - Author: George Darley
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#8. Awake thee, my Lady-Love! Wake thee, and rise! The sun through the bower peeps Into thine eyes. - Author: George Darley
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#9. Get this and get gone. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#10. Write plays that matter. Raise the stakes. Shout, yell, holler, but make yourself heard. It's time for playwrights to reclaim the theatre. We do that by speaking from the heart about the things that matter most to us. If a play isn't worth dying for, maybe it isn't worth writing. - Author: Terrence McNally
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#11. The more you stand aloof from the sword, from the arrow, from the lance and from the fist, the more you become civilised! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#12. 'The White Album' is a record I can go back to time and time again, and always find something different that I never noticed or appreciated before. - Author: Mark Hoppus
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#13. To love, you have to admit your lack, and recognise that you need the other, that you miss him or her. - Author: Jacques-Alain Miller
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#14. Listen,' she whispered and pointed towards the window. 'Whenever the wind blows from the east and the wind chimes dance in the moonlight, there is magic in the air. - Author: Carole Carlton
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#15. When you allow racial disparity and institutional inequity to affect one part of the country, eventually it's coming back to get everyone. - Author: Tim Wise
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#16. I just stepped in gum again. - Author: Mark Darley
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#17. My work as a Meridian Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist has taught me that people often feel guilty about the way they feel or think and many do not realise that seasonal changes can have a profound effect on the psyche. - Author: Carole Carlton
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#18. Fashionability is a kind of elevated vulgarity. - Author: George Darley
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#19. We feel safe on familiar ground, the tried and tested, the accepted, the so-called 'normal', but life is meant to be experienced and explored, to be a journey of self-discovery and adventure. - Author: Carole Carlton
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