Top 20 Quotes About Cyclical Life

#1. I see history as really cyclical in terms of the intense idealism, and the desire to create a better life outside of societal norms.

Lauren Groff

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#2. Some people get exactly what they always wanted ... and throw it away. This is the cyclical behavior of someone who has built a life on the foundation of a victim mentality.

Steve Maraboli

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#3. When I was born in 1920, the auto was only 20 years old. Radio didn't exist. TV didn't exist. I was born at just the right time to write about all of these things.

Ray Bradbury

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#4. In nature's cyclical rhythms, there are no grounds for the discriminatory view that underlies Darwin's view of superiority and inferiority that deems single-celled organisms as lower, and more complicated life forms as higher. It would be more appropriate to say we are all one continuous life-form.

Masanobu Fukuoka

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#5. You are not for the left or right team, but for what is right against the wrong.

Suzy Kassem

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#6. They may call your victories, "lucky"...
They may mock your failures...
They may laugh at your heartache...
But still, they will never be happy.
This is the cyclical emptiness of the hater mindset.

Steve Maraboli

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#7. The Supreme Leader's voice was flat. "You have compassion for her." "No - never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order?" "I perceive the problem," Snoke intoned. "It isn't her strength that is making you fail. It's your weakness." The rebuke hurt, but Ren didn't show it.

Alan Dean Foster

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#8. Argentine political life is like the life of an ant community or an African forest tribe: full of events, full of crisis and deaths, but life is always cyclical, and the year ends as it begins.

V.S. Naipaul

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#9. We are so old, we have become young again.

Hanya Yanagihara

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#10. I've become more comfortable as time has gone on with saying goodbye because ... I've been having so many conversations about the cyclical nature of life. It just keeps going.

Brie Larson

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#11. I tend to worry about each "emergency" or unforeseen complication on all my projects. But there are so many! All of life is unforeseen! So I am learning that is the cycle of life - everything is cyclical and temporary and to get ok with that someday could be my greatest achievement.

Kristin Bauer Van Straten

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#12. Go play golf. Go to the golf course. Hit the ball. Find the ball. Repeat until the ball is in the hole. Have fun. The end.

Chuck Hogan

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#13. So while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.

Ray Bradbury

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#14. The English laws punish vice; the Chinese laws do more, they reward virtue.

Oliver Goldsmith

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#15. I laugh, that there's a certain kind of cyclical nature to life and that I don't have to worry because whatever isn't there right now, it's coming back again.

Walter Mosley

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#16. What is the first thing we did when we took control of Iraq? Protect the oil fields. Remember the administration quote about how the oil would pay for the war.

Peter Schuyler

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#17. Even though she would dream of love, respect, and unfettered romance ... it was a cyclical dilemma in her life that she seemed to be most attracted to poisonous men.

Steve Maraboli

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#18. Such was the cyclical nature of Galway life: finding tragedy in the simple things and simplicity in the tragic things.

Rhian J. Martin

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#19. There is a beautiful flow to the study of Zen. If it is not making you happier, then you are not practicing correctly.

Frederick Lenz

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#20. God's call on our lives is often surprising and usually is based on God's ability to see how our various elements in the past might fit together to accomplish God's purposes in the present.

Adam Hamilton

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