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#1. You're the Baba Yaga?" He gazed at her in disbelief. "But the Baba Yaga is an ugly old crone, and you're, you're... not!

Deborah Blake

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#2. remember how they tracked down that green-eyed Afghan girl? And she's now a leather-faced crone? Because her life went from misery and shit to more monotonous and meaningless misery and shit, while her famous photo went 'round and 'round the world making that McCurry guy famous? I say we do it.

Lidia Yuknavitch

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#3. Can you be sure?"
"I haven't spent the last fifteen hundred years learning how to knit my own socks, boy!" The crone looked like she might box Heinrich's ears, if she could reach them.

Jessica Day George

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#4. I recognized it immediately the first time it happened - the cackle of the crone. It is the sound of a woman who is caught inside the mystery of the universe, in the irony of the angst, in the place ego abhors. Bliss.

Toni Bentley

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#5. Mr Blyth, you should remember one thing. A celibate island life fighting Turks is no particular guarantee of early maturity. Take a little crone-like advice, and don't rush your judgements.

Dorothy Dunnett

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#6. Said the Sun to the Moon-'When you are but a lonely white crone,
And I, a dead King in my golden armour somewhere in a dark wood,
Remember only this of our hopeless love
That never till Time is done
Will the fire of the heart and the fire of the mind be one

Edith Sitwell

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#7. Er," Oliver said. "He talks even less than the one Lily married," the crone remarked to Walter. "Though when the mood strikes him, he asks just as many questions as Galem." "I'm sorry," Oliver said weakly. The old woman nodded. "You are forgiven," she pronounced in a queenly tones.

Jessica Day George

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#8. Everything, everything, everything! I want to know everything. I want the privilege of being a crone.

Susan Powter

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#9. You haggle like a crone with a codfish.

George R R Martin

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#10. I am Crone, eldest of the Moon's Great Ravens, whose eyes have looked upon a hundred thousand years of human folly. Hence my tattered coat and broken beak as evidence of your indiscriminate destruction. I am but a winged witness of your eternal madness.

Steven Erikson

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#11. One is expected to show a bit of eccentricity to be interesting. Otherwise one is simply a sad old crone, and no one wants that, you know.

Camilla Lackberg

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#12. May he be cursed on earth who gives his trust to virtue, that bankrupt crone who takes our life's pure gold and gives but bad receipts for payment in the lower world. Ah, passers-by that stroll, travelers that come and go, all that I had, I placed on virtue, and lost the game!

Nikos Kazantzakis

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#13. My darlings! You can hardly expect an aged crone like me to mar such a lovely event. No, I shall remain here and knit shadows. Now go forth and shine bravely, and think of nothing but love.

Paul Russell

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#14. At best she's a scrawny, hollow-eyed croneling." "Croneling?" John tilted his head in perplexity. "Croneling. Noun. One who has yet to achieve cronehood. The adolescent phase of the British crone," Avery lectured.

Connie Brockway

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#15. In art and mythology, the Goddess appears in three forms. White represents the virgin, red the mother, and black, the crone, or the death-goddess.

Erin O'Riordan

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#16. The despicable crone known as Mombi stands accused of high witchery, gross dishonesty, untold crimes against monkeys, outrageous trespassing, and general unpleasantness. Also, she is extremely unattractive. Miss Amy, do you speak for the witch?

Danielle Paige

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#17. I couldn't decide what had been more disturbing - my bizarre hallucination or the hostile crone.

Karen Marie Moning

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#18. The happiest folks are those that are busy, for their minds are starved of time to seek out woe.
-The Crone's Eyes

Kate Morton

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#19. You should have married a nice girl in her twenties so you can have dozens of babies,'Jane Louise said. 'Instead of the president of the Withered Crone Society.

Laurie Colwin

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#20. A sad pretty girl inspires the urge to console, unlike a sad old crone.

Margaret Atwood

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#21. Like the death of a crone in one twin bed as a child is born in the other. Have faith, old heart. What is living, anyway, but dying.

Sharon Olds

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#22. If I pray nicely, will the Father give me a new hand?
No. But the Warrior will give you courage, the Smith will lend you strength, and the Crone will give you wisdom.
It's a hand I need.

George R R Martin

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#23. It's remote! It's remote! It's uncontaminated! It's pure! It's a place where we can rule out that Muhammad got his ideas from others than God!

Patricia Crone

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#24. Since people of necessity see things from their own perspective, much of what they say adds up to comforting ideas or outright propaganda for themselves and the groups to which they belong.

Patricia Crone

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#25. Ina stood and shuffled over tot he urn on the fireplace. Stroked it with a twisted finger. "How are we supposed to get more consecrated soil, now? Taxi drivers always look at you so strangely when you get in with a shovel and say, 'Take me to the nearest graveyard.

Stuart MacBride

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#26. My grandmother, a dim, stern figure, named her children Lily and Violet, which I guess from seeing a picture of my mother's paved, ugly backyard, was the nearest she came to a garden.

Emma Joy Crone

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#27. It is probably safe to say that in strongly hierarchical societies the only people to whom something approaching nationalist sentiments can be attributed in pre-modern times is the ruling elite, and then only at times.

Patricia Crone

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#28. Hasn't there always been a moon?"
"Bless you. Not in the slightest. I remember the day the moon came. We looked up in the sky
it was all dirty brown and sooty gray here then, not green and blue ...

Neil Gaiman

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#29. Most people, and certainly all members of Western civilization, are [...] born into a world which differs radically from that of their ancestors, with the result that most of human history is a closed book to them.

Patricia Crone

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#30. The fact that the doctrine makes perfect sense even though Epiphanius keeps finding it incoherent suggests that he is giving a faithful account of it.

Patricia Crone

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#31. we are here confronted with an irreducible oddity about all human societies: all are strung around figments of the human imagination.

Patricia Crone

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#32. ideas generate action when they are believed regardless of whether they are true or not in our opinion

Patricia Crone

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#33. I may not be a king or a queen, but I'll be damned if I'm not treated like royalty.

Samuel Crone

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#34. Reincarnation offers a better justification of evil than anything monotheism can offer, but it does so by blaming the victim and sanctifying the status quo.

Patricia Crone

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#35. One can be deeply influenced by people to whom one is utterly hostile

Patricia Crone

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#36. When your life is not the primrose path, you still have to walk your road. You have to be a judge, pry right from wrong, figure out what ugly things the good can perch in, too.

Moira Crone

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#37. The only thing fairytales have taught us is the slipper doesn't always fit, the kiss won't always wake you, and the prince won't always fight for you. However, one thing that rings true, the apple will ALWAYS be poisoned.

Samuel Crone

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