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Top 28 Quotes About Corrupt Heart

#1. Details create the big picture.

Sanford I. Weill

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#2. Looking at a pure heart is like looking in to a mirror. All you will see is your own reflection. If you are corrupt, you will see corruption. If you are pure, you will see purity. But don't blame the mirror, all you are seeing is yourself.
- Kambiz Mostofizadeh

Kambiz Mostofizadeh

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#3. I've always been tremendously interested in criminal law. It goes to a deep interest I have in prisons and the criminal element, and what we do as a society with it. I've always been touched by the idea of criminality.

Elizabeth Strout

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#4. As Christians, our duty is to pray for them and ask the Lord to give them the grace of penance, so that they don't die with a corrupt heart, because otherwise the dogs of hell will take their blood.

Pope Francis

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#5. I will journey to the black heart of a corrupt empire to root out my foes. But Rome wasn't built in a day and it won't be restored by a lone Assassin. I am Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. This is my Brotherhood.

Oliver Bowden

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#6. Why fear ye that the Lord Jesus Christ will not accept of you? Your sins will be no hindrance, your unworthiness no hindrance; if your own corrupt hearts do not keep you back, nothing will hinder Christ from receiving of you.

George Whitefield

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#7. We are accused here of polygamy, and actions the most indelicate, obscene, and disgusting, such that none but a corrupt and depraved heart could have contrived. These things are too outrageous to admit to belief ...

John Taylor

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#8. What does not corrupt a man's heart cannot corrupt his life, or do him any lasting harm.

Harry Turtledove

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#9. Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. 24 Avoid all perverse talk; stay away from corrupt speech.


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#10. In Nora's heart lay the fossil of Robin, intaglio of her identity, and about it for its maintenance ran Nora's blood. Thus the body of Robin could never be unloved, corrupt or put away. Robin was now beyond timely changes, except in the blood that animated her.

Djuna Barnes

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#11. In life's journey, you will meet all sorts of characters. Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, corrupt or insensitive.


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#12. She still remembers the effect a certain book can have on people at the right time in their lives. A book, at its most mundane,can be a loaded gun. At its most powerful, it can split the trunk of a tree, mend a broken heart, heal the sick, and topple a corrupt government.

Don Borchert

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#13. I'm not one of those actors who lies about their age.

Sara Ramirez

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#14. Yes, yes," said the Beast, "my heart is good, but still I am a monster." Among mankind," says Beauty, "there are many that deserve that name more than you, and I prefer you, just as you are, to those, who, under a human form, hide a treacherous, corrupt, and ungrateful heart.

Jeanne-Marie Leprince De Beaumont

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#15. Much knowledge will corrupt the heart,/When partly understood,/And so the people grow too smart,/But neither wise nor good.


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#16. How delicious to corrupt, to stifle all semblances of virtue and religion in that young heart!

Marquis De Sade

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#17. If a man needs a religion to conduct himself properly in this world, it is a sign that he has either a limited mind or a corrupt heart.

Ninon De L'Enclos

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#18. Many prayers are declined because of the rank odor of a corrupt heart, rising through the beautiful words. Let the words be wrong but the meaning right ...
That flawed utterance is dearer to God!


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#19. O, how easy it would appear to be to live in simplicity and love, and yet how difficult it is for our corrupt hearts to live in love!

John Of Kronstadt

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#20. Instead of attacking people, we need to love people. It lights a fire under me because it's a reminder of why we need the Gospel. Our hearts are so corrupt.

Trip Lee

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#21. However corrupt our hearts, and however wicked our past lives, there is hope for us in the Gospel.

J.C. Ryle

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#22. People changing because they think they should is not a good idea, because I just don't think they should, really.

Lemmy Kilmister

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#23. Love and lies can corrupt even the purest heart.

Cassandra Clare

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#24. If you don't have time, you don't have priorities.

Tim Ferriss

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#25. While I am a capitalist at heart and I have no problems with commercialization as such, I believe that while it's okay if education becomes a profitable business, it's not okay if it becomes corrupt.

Chetan Bhagat

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#26. When Love and Lies are mixed, they can corrupt even the Purest heart.

Cassandra Clare

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#27. It is not difficult to avoid death, gentlemen of the jury; it is much more difficult to avoid wickedness, for it runs faster than death.


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#28. Truth will never shine from a heart filled with corruption and lies.

Suzy Kassem

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