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#1. Bayes's theorem and that looks like this: People who understand Bayes's theorem can use it to work out complex problems involving probability distributions - or inverse probabilities, as they are sometimes called.

Bill Bryson

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#2. Fascism offered false solutions, simplistically blaming groups such as Jews and Communists for complex problems such as unemployment and crime.

Ken Follett

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#3. I'd be wary of simple solutions to complex problems.

Jeb Bush

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#4. Humans need simple answers for complex problems.

Lawrence J. Hirsch

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#5. Complex problems are often open-ended and poorly defined

Marjan Van Den Belt

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#6. Well, take it from an old hand: the only reason it would be easier to program in C is that you can't easily express complex problems in C, so you don't.

Erik Naggum

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#7. A child being able to clearly and confidently articulate thoughts, ideals, and opinions have better self-esteem and they learn to deal with complex problems more effectively.

Hannah Raybans

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#8. There are no simple answers to complex problems.

Valerio Massimo Manfredi

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#9. Hybrid Thinking is a set of interdisciplinary and integrative thinking processes we will need to solve many of today's complex problems.

Pearl Zhu

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#10. The essential function of the (design) profession in our society is to enhance and cultivate communications toward: Easier understanding of ideas and complex problems, in the shortest possible time and higher visual and auditory retention of data.

Will Burtin

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#11. If you want to solve very complex problems, you will have to end up letting machines work out a lot of the details for themselves, and in ways that we don't understand what they are doing.

Joshua Lederberg

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#12. Beware of simple solutions, they often lead to complex problems.

Bobby Hoffman

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#13. Diverse groups of problem solvers outperformed the groups of the best individuals at solving complex problems. The reason: the diverse groups got stuck less often than the smart individuals, who tended to think similarly.

Scott E. Page

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#14. Why is it that our young kids all across America can solve the most complex problems in a video game involving executive decision making and analytical thinking, yet we accept the fact that they can't add or read?

Naveen Jain

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#15. perspective often sheds new light on complex problems, providing unexpected solutions.

Starla Huchton

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#16. Beware of people preaching simple solutions to complex problems. If the answer was easy someone more intelligent would have thought of it a long time ago - complex problems invariably require complex and difficult solutions.

Steve Herbert

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#17. Pat answers to complex problems are the hallmark of intellectual mediocrity

Theodosius Dobzhansky

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#18. As a civil servant in charge of the government's Strategy Unit, I brought in many people from outside government, including academia and science, to work in the unit, dissecting and solving complex problems from GM crops to alcohol, nuclear proliferation to schools reform.

Geoff Mulgan

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#19. Your ability to solve complex problems may make you overthink simple problems, going for the convoluted answer and overlooking the simple, more obvious solution.


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#20. Occupying my mind with complex problems has been my best and most powerful and most reliable defense against my mental illness.

Elyn Saks

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#21. Moreover, such a body freed from nervous tension and over-fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living.

Joseph Pilates

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#22. Our science is like a store filled with the most subtle intellectual devices for solving the most complex problems, and yet we are almost incapable of applying the elementary principles of rational thought.

Simone Weil

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#23. The extraordinary genius of John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie 100 years ago was their recognition that the great wealth they had amassed could be put to public good and used to solve the complex problems for which there were no other sources of capital.

Judith Rodin

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#24. I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture. Elegant solutions to complex problems.

Mark Zuckerberg

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#25. As an expert, I can deal with complex problems. As a mother it is much, much harder.

Rosalind Wiseman

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#26. Not all complex problems have easy solutions; so says science (so warns science.)

Mark Z. Danielewski

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#27. Most of the approaches to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, have been directed at trying to resolve the most complex problems, like refugees and Jerusalem, which is akin to building the pyramid from the top down.

Benjamin Netanyahu

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#28. In my experience, the best engineers are those who excel at these fundamentals and are able to break down complex problems into very simple ones. As

Richard Ladbrooke

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#29. People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.

Vince Lombardi

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#30. The world is a complex, interconnected, finite, ecological-social-psychological-economic system . We treat it as if it were not, as if it were divisible, separable, simple, and infinite. Our persistent, intractable global problems arise directly from this mismatch.

Donella Meadows

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#31. We live in terribly complex times. We are confronted by very serious problems. Some of us are faced with sickness, with economic difficulties, with worry and concern over many matters. Our refuge, our peace, our well-being lie in walking in the way of the Lord.

Gordon B. Hinckley

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#32. Pentagon's readiness and modernization problems are not due to budget cuts. The are the result of habitual modes of conduct evolved during the Cold War and a desire by the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) to protect its comfortable life style in a world that is changing rapidly.

Franklin C. Spinney

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#33. Trying to solve complex social problems using the state, is like trying to create a beautiful painting with a machine gun: all you get is holes in the canvas, recoil aches, and a smell of cordite in the air.

Stefan Molyneux

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#34. No matter how complex global problems may seem, it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. They cannot be beyond our power to resolve

Daisaku Ikeda

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#35. The more complex the problems of the Nation become, the greater is the need for more and more advanced instruction.

Herbert Hoover

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#36. We confuse what is complex (raising a child, finding more meaning in our lives) with what is complicated (sending astronauts to the moon, doing our taxes). Confusing the two, leads us to complicated solutions for things that are actually complex instead.

Patti Digh

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#37. You can solve any large or complex problem by breaking it down into smaller, simpler problems.

Richard Louv

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#38. Governments and government are wicked problems. They are complex, multi-faceted, and they don't consist of just one problem and there will never be just one solution.


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#39. People having a victim complex are not apt to count on themselves in dealing with problems and they tend to wait for a savior

Sunday Adelaja

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#40. It turns out in some cases, if you do things backwards, problems that previously appeared complex suddenly become very simple.

Susan Lammers

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#41. Boosting mankind's capability for coping with complex, urgent problems

Douglas Engelbart

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#42. Honest error in the face of complex and possibly intractable problems is a far more important source of bad results than are bad motives.

Ben Bernanke

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#43. I don't want to be a propagandist or say that Pakistan is just great. There are problems, but it is a much more complex place than we are given to believe.

Mohsin Hamid

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#44. Whether politicians are dealing with complex policy problems or trying to communicate with the electorate, it makes sense to establish a clear, long term narrative underpinned by forward-looking policies to deliver on its vision.

Anthony Albanese

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#45. Old men declare war because they have failed to solve complex political and economic problems.

Art Hoppe

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#46. I would say it would be worth it if, in fact, it would - if you could demonstrate that that would be the case and that the results and ramifications around the world wouldn't lead to more problems and more people dying. It's a very complex issue, and that's why I think we need to decide it.

Angus King

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#47. Poverty and injustice are evils, but they are endurable evils in a world where other problems are greater. They are not endurable in a complex, technological society where cooperation is essential, where violence and rioting can destroy a city, even civilization itself.

James Edwin Gunn

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#48. Philosophical questions are so difficult, the problems they raise are so complex, that no one can fairly expect, now, any more than in the past, to win more than a very limited assent.

G.E. Moore

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#49. Two professors who study the science of complexity - Brenda Zimmerman of York University and Sholom Glouberman of the University of Toronto - have proposed a distinction among three different kinds of problems in the world: the simple, the complicated, and the complex.

Atul Gawande

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#50. Our agenda, by necessity, is as complex and encompassing as the problems we face: beware of politicians promising simple solutions.

Amitai Etzioni

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#51. Morality is not a simple set of rules. It's a very complex struggle of conflicting patterns of values. This conflict is the residue of evolution. As new patters evolve they come into conflict with old ones. Each stage of evolution creates in its wake a wash of problems.

Robert M. Pirsig

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#52. The lack of free, child-directed play time for our kids today will have dire consequences for these future leaders, making them less prepared to solve complex challenges and problems.

Darell Hammond

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#53. All change requires effort and sacrifice. Sometimes action plans fail because they are based on the idea that there is a 'magic bullet' which on its own can solve our problems.This is not true. Complex human problems typically require complex solutions with many different components.

Alan Carr

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#54. The overriding problems are brought on by the existence of the ego, a maladaptive behavioral complex in the psyche that gets going like a tumor. If it's not treated - if there's not pharmacological intervention - it becomes the dominant constellation of the personality..

Terence McKenna

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#55. Now the world seemed to her to have become so complex that its problems defied solution. There was only a chaos of conflicts of interest; the whole thing filled her with a sense of futility.

Sarah Waters

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#56. Like snowflakes, the human pattern is never cast twice. We are uncommonly and marvelously intricate in thought and action, our problems are most complex and, too often, silently borne.

Alice Childress

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#57. Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

Bill Mollison

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#58. Really, Mexico City has always been this big, complex monster of a city that has always had real problems and needs, and I've always found my way through it in different ways.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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#59. Intellectual capacity is the key to solving any complex problem.

Eraldo Banovac

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#60. There are two schools of thought. You can be basic and spend all your time on what your opponents are going to do. Or, you can be very multiple and complex, put a lot of doubt in your opponents' minds and create problems for them with the volume of things you do.

Tony Dungy

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#61. Managers are not confronted with problems that are independent of each other, but with dynamic situations that consist of complex systems of changing problems that interact with each other. I call such situations messes ... Managers do not solve problems, they manage messes. - RUSSELL ACKOFF,

Donella H. Meadows

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#62. We live in a complex age where many of the problems we face can, whatever their origins, only have solutions that involve a deep understanding of science and technology.

Carl Sagan

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#63. Once I started working with older people, I realized how much I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of taking care of patients who have multiple, complex medical problems.

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

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#64. [ ... ] most of the problems faced by humankind concerns [concerned] our inability to grasp and manage the increasingly complex systems of our world.

Peter M. Senge

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#65. Mental health is such a complex thing and so difficult to diagnose. What is a mental problem? Who does have mental problems? What's the difference between mental problems and depression and sadness?

Tom Sturridge

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#66. The drive toward complex technical achievement offers a clue to why the U.S. is good at space gadgetry and bad at slum problems.

John Kenneth Galbraith

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#67. The two basic problems for any overarching classification scheme in it rapidly changing and complex field call be described as follows. First, any classificatory decision made now might by its nature block off valuable future developments.

Geoffrey C. Bowker

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#68. I would say practical progressive, which means that the Republican party or any political party has got to recognize the problems of a growing and complex industrial civilization. And I don't think the Republican party is really wide awake to that.

Alf Landon

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#69. Physics is becoming so unbelievably complex that it is taking longer and longer to train a physicist. It is taking so long, in fact, to train a physicist to the place where he understands the nature of physical problems that he is already too old to solve them.

Eugene Paul Wigner

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#70. Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems.

Anthony Of Padua

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#71. Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.

Laurence J. Peter

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#72. Colleges and universities, for all the benefits they bring, accomplish far less for their students than they should. Many students graduate without being able to write well enough to satisfy their employers ... reason clearly or perform competently in analyzing complex, non-technical problems.

Derek Bok

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#73. I have a strong army I keep with me and we don't go out there looking for problems. A lot of people have this perception ... but I don't have a superiority complex about me because I'm from New York or because I'm Peruvian/Black. I think some people get caught up in that stuff.

Immortal Technique

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#74. The only way to write complex software that won't fall on its face is to hold its global complexity down - to build it out of simple pieces connected by well-defined interfaces, so that most problems are local and you can have some hope of fixing or optimizing a part without breaking the whole

Eric S. Raymond

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#75. Human problems are complex. If something isn't complex it doesn't qualify as problematic. Very simple bad things are not worth troubling ourselves about.

P. J. O'Rourke

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#76. I was interested in political failure here in the U.S. The way we're failing to work together to solve even our smallest problems, let alone the complex ones.

Paolo Bacigalupi

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