Top 17 Quotes About Coachella

#1. I am not about fringing, cow girl boots, that kind of Coachella vibe. I just wear something comfortable.

Georgia May Jagger

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#2. I remember playing Coachella and seeing kids in the audience who weren't even born when we had our initial run of success. They were singing along to every word, which was an amazing thing to see.

David Lovering

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#3. It feels good, it feels like a badge of honor, honestly. Amongst the artists here, in California, that festival is such a big deal. People live and die for Coachella. So to be a part of it on such a big scale is really flattering, and I feel really lucky to be part of the community.

Zella Day

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#4. You can't control the paparazzi. But if you go to Coachella you're going to get photographed. Whereas if you're at home, walking down the street you probably won't. It's something I've learnt to navigate my way around but I try to keep my private life private.

Ashley Greene

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#5. If I play Coachella, it's sponsored by a company - that's corporate, too. But we're playing it because we're getting paid and we want to be a part of the festival.

Zachary Cole Smith

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#6. Coachella is a magnet for music-biz luminaries such as Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, and Cameron Diaz.

Adam Schlesinger

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#7. I think music is so diverse today, and bands are so diverse. If you were a rock band in the Eighties, you kind of had to stick to one thing. Now, in this age of Coachella and European festivals and stuff, it's kind of anything goes, so that allowed us to try different things.

Dexter Holland

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#8. Coachella is a festival fashion show where people dress up like hippies and pretend that Passion Pit is as good as the Rolling Stones.

Caroline Kepnes

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#9. If you took me to Coachella for our first date, it would probably be a done deal. It would be a sure thing.

Eva Mendes

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#10. I wouldn't ever say if you're having tough times then there must be something wrong with you or your attitude. Life's a fight. It's a good fight of faith. I encourage people to stay up, stay hopeful, stay faith-filled.

Joel Osteen

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#11. I particularly want more acting. I've been auditioning a lot, and I definitely want to act.

Maddie Ziegler

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#12. There is no freeway to the future, no paved highway from here to there. There is only wilderness, uncertain terrain. There are no roadmaps, no signposts. So pioneering leaders rely upon a compass and a dream

James M. Kouzes

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#13. You have to be humble when you're dealing with God.

Jill Scott

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#14. A lot of amateurs are terrified of going up against a player who is clearly better than they are. They never play their best, because they aren't comfortable. There's one surefire way to get over that, and it's to ask yourself, 'What if I beat him?' Imagine the possibility.

Fuzzy Zoeller

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#15. In childbirth, as in other human endeavors, fashions start with the rich, are then adopted by the aspirant middle class with an assist from the ever-watchful media, and may or may not eventually filter down to the poor.

Jessica Mitford

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#16. I have some that I have become a well-known-even infamous-client of, mostly in Memphis. But a great deal of that is legend and doesn't have anything to do with truth.

William Eggleston

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#17. After forming a cadet corps of boys for assisting as noncombatants during a military campaign in 1900: We then made the discovery that boys, when trusted and relied on, were just as capable and reliable as men.

Robert Baden-Powell

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