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Top 14 Quotes About Civ

#1. Smart'n'Civ'lize ain't nothin' to do with the color o' the skin, nay. - Author: David Mitchell
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#2. The Internet's kinda in danger of getting heart disease pretty soon, I think. Arteries are getting clogged. - Author: Sean Booth
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#3. The passive and overt violence waged against the women and children of the world must end. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#4. This is the moment when we have to decide: does a world exist outside ourselves and is that world worth fighting for? Another 200 species went extinct today. They were my kin. They were yours, too. If we know them as such, why aren't we fighting to save them with everything we've got? - Author: Lierre Keith
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#5. That human hunger birthed the Civ'lize, but human hunger killed it too. - Author: David Mitchell
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#6. Love is ... what I gave you, Noona. That is love. After you lost it, you realized how precious it was. You're regretting it to the degree you could vomit blood. No matter what price you have to pay, you want to find it again. That is love, right, Noona? - Author: Ma-Roo
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#7. In an interview, President Obama said he recently deejayed a small dance party at the White House. Obama has a lot in common with deejays. He takes requests and then completely ignores them. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#8. Perhaps the most powerful thing Christians can do to communicate to a skeptical world is to live fulfilled lives, exhibiting proof that Jesus' way truly leads to a life most abundant and most thirst-satisfying. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#9. If we can't love our one and only home, what can we love? If we're unwilling to defend what we love, then what are we? - Author: Michael Carter
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#10. Ho' law an' Civ'lize ain't always the same, nay, see Kona got Kona law but they ain't got one flea o' Civ'lize. - Author: David Mitchell
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#11. I'm the kind of person who does not remember bad things. - Author: Tim Robbins
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#12. To discover a system for the avoidance of war is a vital need for our civ ilisation; but
no such system has a chance while men are so unhappy that mutual extermination
seems to them less dreadful than continued endurance of the light of day - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#13. I value an entrepreneur I can get behind and trust, because I know they are attempting to move forward in life. - Author: Daymond John
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#14. Our best hope will never lie in individual survivalism. Nor does it lie in small groups doing their best to prepare for the worst. Our best and only hope is a resistance movement that is willing to face the scale of the horrors, gather our forces, and fight like hell for all we hold dear. - Author: Lierre Keith
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