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Top 31 Quotes About China's Rise

#1. Men have never been good, they are not good and they never will be good. - Author: Karl Barth
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#2. The longer I lived in China, the more I sensed that the Chinese people have outpaced the political system that nurtured their rise. The Party has unleashed the greatest expansion of human potential in world history - and spawned, perhaps, the greatest threat to its own survival. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#3. In Dragon's Tail, Andrew Charlton explores the supercharged rise of China and considers Australia's future as the Chinese dragon stirs and shifts. - Author: Andrew Charlton
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#4. But Japan drew from the challenge the opposite conclusion as China: it threw open its doors to foreign technology and overhauled its institutions in an attempt to replicate the Western powers' rise. - Author: Henry Kissinger
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#5. Geopolitical drama lessened but did not die after the Cold War; in 2008, the specter of thousands of seeming automatons banging drums at the opening of the Beijing Games frightened and enthralled the world, reminding us that China was a nation on the rise, a competitor for global dominance. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#6. I'm a communicator. - Author: Naomi Judd
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#7. In terms of our region, what we need to ensure is that the rise of China [is] conducted in a manner that does not disturb the security and the relative harmony of the region upon which China's prosperity depends. Now - now, that requires careful diplomacy, it requires balancing. - Author: Malcolm Turnbull
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#8. But Australia faces additional regional and global challenges also crucial to our nation's future - climate change, questions of energy and food security, the rise of China and the rise of India. And we need a strong system of global and regional relationships and institutions to underpin stability. - Author: Kevin Rudd
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#9. The fact that the Bush administration, and those in Europe who have followed its 9/11-inspired agenda, somehow believe that the future of the world is being played out in the Middle East and Central Asia rather than East Asia has only served to accelerate China's rise and the U.S.'s decline. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#10. The human rights record within China seems to rise and fall over time, but it's very clear that in the run up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and since then, there's been a greater intolerance of dissent and the human rights record of China has been going in the wrong direction. - Author: Gary Locke
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#11. I am firmly convinced that the trend toward more fuel-efficient vehicles is not a fad. Gas prices will continue to rise in the medium to long term, because demand is growing considerably in China, India and other countries. - Author: Norbert Reithofer
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#12. The way my mom dressed was one of my earliest inspirations, in those '80s suits with shoulder pads and things like that. For years, I ran away from that style. But now, all I want to do is shoulder pads and nipped-in waists and padded hips and peplums and poufed dresses. - Author: Jason Wu
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#13. The best way to contain China and make it the peaceful rise of China is for us to have an enormously robust navy that is the greatest navy in the world, that can patrol two oceans, that can fight two or three wars, and China will not challenge us because the Chinese are practical. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
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#14. What characters do must grow out of who they are, and who they are is, in turn, influenced by what you make happen to them. - Author: Nancy Kress
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#15. But none of that kept me from picturing what a tsunami might look like if it did rise up and roar toward my little boat like some watery blue version of the Great Wall of China. - Author: Abby Sunderland
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#16. I think the rise of China is one of the great events of all economic and human history, and I think this will be overwhelmingly a positive thing for the region and the world. - Author: Paul Keating
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#17. The rapid rise of the People's Republic of China as a military and economic power is challenging the status quo. - Author: Dan Quayle
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#18. We live in a calculative world and have a calculative mind, and in such a world, ego dominates. - Author: Mata Amritanandamayi
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#19. The United States and Russia probably do not have common aims and dreams, but they have common worries: Both Washington and Moscow are concerned about the rise of China and are threatened by the rise of radical Islam. - Author: Ivan Krastev
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#20. The vast size of the available workforce in the emerging markets (1.3 billion people in China alone) means that labor costs will not rise above the $2 per hour threshold for decades. And, that is what we are competing against! - Author: Frank Coyle
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#21. Skating was a gift given to me, and it's a sport I love. I go out there every single day and there isn't a day I don't want to be out there - Author: Apolo Anton Ohno
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#22. I feel like contemporary art is everywhere now and with the rise of the internet, it's so much easier to see what artists are doing and to follow their careers. - Author: China Chow
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#23. It's easy to see why politicians would be drawn to the populist pose. First, it makes everything so simple. The economic crisis was caused by a complex web of factors, including global imbalances caused by the rise of China. But with the populist narrative, you can just blame Goldman Sachs. - Author: David Brooks
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#24. I have read more about Oprah Winfrey's ass than I have about the rise of China as an economic superpower. I fear this is no exaggeration. Perhaps China is rising as an economic superpower because its women aren't spending all their time reading about Oprah Winfrey's ass. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#25. I think the rise of China is inevitable, because China has moved from a low-cost producer, at low levels of technology, to higher levels of technology, and because it's very competitive, even in some high-tech products they offer at very competitive rates - much lower than their competitors. - Author: Najib Razak
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#26. From 1945 to 1991, China was engaged in a series of wars that nearly broke them. This generation has been through hell: the Great Leap Forward, hunger, starvation, near collision with the Russians - the Cultural Revolution gone mad. I have no doubt that this generation wants a peaceful rise. - Author: Lee Kuan Yew
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#27. I think the implications for the rise of China are huge in terms of the political landscape, economic balance, de-velopment thinking, and the environment. - Author: Sri Mulyani Indrawati
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#28. Speak Up Humanity..Rise and Speak Up Against China's ABUSE & CRIMES Against Tibet! If Humanity Loses Tibet ... It Will Lose it's Heart. Unfortunately ... It Will Be A Lost that Humanity Will Never Recover From! - Author: Timothy Pina
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#29. The rise of China as a new power is another great challenge for the US. Our failure to properly handle Germany and Japan earlier in the 20th century cost us and the world dearly. We must not make this same mistake with China. - Author: Steve Forbes
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#30. What people recognize is that there's a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward. - Author: Michele Bachmann
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#31. The key issue is the shift of the centre of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India. - Author: Klaus Schwab
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