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Top 21 Quotes About Cheesy Lines

#1. I've got your back. Nothing alive will ever hurt you if I have breath in me. And nothing dead will hurt you if I don't. (Kisten) - Author: Kim Harrison
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#2. Ori Kam is an outstanding violist who has already played as a soloist with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra twice, much to our delight and satisfaction, and has availed himself with distinction. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#3. I do have the cheesiest of cheesy chat-up lines used on me. - Author: Jesse Metcalfe
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#4. Where war goes on without end, all men are inevitably corrupted by its brutality
and the worst horrors are visited upon the most innocent. - Author: Michael Ennis
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#5. Amidst all the criticisms and prejudgement in life, we should strive to do good in return; however small, instead of just turning your back against the world. - Author: Warren Cassell Jr.
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#6. Growing up and going out to bars in Australia - people do random things; cheesy pick-up lines ... you got to laugh. It's sweet. Some people come up with cracker lines, and you really can't be mean to them. - Author: Nicky Whelan
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#7. A philosopher never gets quite used to the world. - Author: Jostein Gaarder
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#8. Cheesy lines like that will get you nowhere with me, but, by all means, keep them coming. You're so much easier to ignore when you're being an idiot. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#9. How can you defy fear? Fear is a human instinct, just like hunger. Whether you like it or not, you become hungry. Similarly with fear. But I have learned to train myself to live with this fear. - Author: Shirin Ebadi
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#10. Suddenly Dominic's expression turned impish, and she knew one of his cheesy lines was coming. He cocked his head at Ivy. "Screw me if I'm wrong, but haven't we met before? - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#11. Damn Frank!" he said ferociously. "Damn all Randalls! Damn Jack Randall, and damn Mary Hawkins Randall, and damn Alex Randall - er, God rest his soul, I mean," he amended hastily, crossing himself. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#12. The masculine/feminine look fascinates me. It is not only an issue of empowering women, but I think the shapes look great. - Author: Irina Lazareanu
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#13. I hit big or I miss big. - Author: George Herman
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#14. For some, times of change can be trying. But these times can also present great opportunity, a chance for us to show what we're made of, to show our dignity and fortitude. A chance for us to grow. - Author: Kimberly Derting
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#15. I've done some things that have been quite interesting, but as grateful as I am for having been on 'Dynasty,' it was just so cheesy. That's half the reason it was so much fun for people to watch, but it's not so fun to have to say those lines. - Author: Billy Campbell
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#16. Thank God for such women, who make no apologies for their oceanic depth and riptides of emotion. - Author: David Deida
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#17. I love all those stupid, cheesy chat-up lines like 'Did God take the stars out of the sky and put them into your eyes?' But I never get chatted up. - Author: Jamelia
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#18. President Obama has never summarized the Obama Doctrine with such clarity, but here is what it would look like: 'I will undertake any military attack against our enemies, regardless of the risks and collateral damage, so long as it is over by the time I have to announce it.' - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#19. There is nothing more pathetically sad than a parent who teaches a child not to hit by spanking them. Well, that, and adults who think hitting someone will solve a problem. - Author: Anitra Lynn McLeod
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#20. Time, if this is what you want; you can have it since it is of minuscule significance in the life span of infinity. - Author: Shaine Lake
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#21. Full bloom, the pastures turning an impossible emerald green, she - Author: Rita Mae Brown
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