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#1. ...we'd be okay. Not perfect, not entirely healthy, not even rational where our love for one another was concerned. Just okay. Merely sufficient, at best. But there'd be only acceptance - never shame - in being two divine failures as we emerged from slumber, perfectly flawed, and wide awake.


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#2. A two-career couple with children is a complex, sensitive piece of machinery with lots of moving parts. Anything less than total cooperation will throw it out of whack and shut it down. A couple can wind up paying the ultimate price for trying to have it all - losing it all.

Kathie Lee Gifford

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#3. No matter how good a story is, if you're at a newsstand and you see a lot of comic books, you don't know how good the story is unless you read it. But you can spot the artwork instantly, and you know whether you like the artwork, whether it grabs you or not.

Stan Lee

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#4. Let the little fairy in you fly!

Rufus Wainwright

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#5. Every stage of life is unique.
At any age and stage of life there are obstacles and opportunities, trials and triumphs.
Never allow the negative bring to you to sudden halt.
Make the most of the positive opportunities and stay positive.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#6. You don't control their minds, ma fifille, you control their hearts - Cosette

Alys Arden

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#7. I'm crazy about Dublin. If you went back 3,000 years in my ancestry you wouldn't find a drop of Irish blood in the veins, but I love the place.

Harold Prince

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#8. Can you turn so you're not pressed against me?"
"I could," he said, his voice amused. "But then you would have to lie on top of me."
My brain said, "NO." My body went, "Wheee!

Ilona Andrews

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#9. May we treasure the divine gift of communication, and may we use it wisely to build and to assist others on this marvelous journey through mortality.

L. Lionel Kendrick

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#10. As a better knowledge of Nature was obtained, the sky was shown to be an illusionBut this did not take place without resistance. At first, the public, and particularly its religious portion, denounced the rising doubts as atheism.

John William Draper

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#11. Every mind has a horizon in respect to its present intellectual capacity but not in respect to its future intellectual capacity.

Gottfried Leibniz

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#12. For as 'Wright's Ninth Rule of Writing' states, every story teaches a moral, whether intended by the author or not.

John C. Wright

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#13. Beauty is nothing else but a just accord and mutual harmony of the members, animated by a healthful constitution.

John Dryden

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#14. It don't make no difference where I go or what happens, so long as I can play the full nine.

Rogers Hornsby

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#15. There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, all it stands for, the mood, the vastness, the wildness.

Emily Carr

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