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Top 100 Quotes About Calculus

#1. If it's cynical, risky politics that brings a lighted match and a can of gas near the Democratic coalition, it should be named as such, and its consequences understood, and it should become part of the complex calculus we're all building to help us understand these campaigns. - Author: Ezra Klein
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#2. With an absurd oversimplification, the 'invention' of the calculus is sometimes ascribed to two men, Newton and Leibniz. In reality, the calculus is the product of a long evolution that was neither initiated nor terminated by Newton and Leibniz, but in which both played a decisive part. - Author: Richard Courant
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#3. Pure politics is merely the calculus of combinations and of chances. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#4. And then he was there, staring at me from behind the screen door. I'd like to say he no longer affected me, that seeing him was a disappointment. But it wasn't true. I felt as strongly about him as I had on that first day I'd seen him in calculus class. - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#5. Well, I live a double life. Tonight, I'll escort you to dinner. Then I have to rush home and finish my calculus homework.'
'You're not joking, are you?'
'I never joke about calculus homework. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#6. I'd like to take some calculus, too. I have absolutely no ability in that direction and not much interest, either, but there's something going on in mathematics that I don't understand, and I'd like to find out what it is. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#7. Gout produces calculus in the kidney ... the patient has frequently to entertain the painful speculation as to whether gout or stone be the worst disease. Sometimes the stone, on passing, kills the patient, without waiting for the gout. - Author: Thomas Sydenham
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#8. Of course, the methods for human population control are enormously controversial. One contraceptive measure seems to be humane and acceptable: If you teach calculus to teenage girls, they go on to have far fewer babies. Calculus is the contraceptive of the future. It doesn't work for boys. - Author: Kenneth S. Deffeyes
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#9. I found a discarded textbook on calculus in a wastebasket and read it from cover to cover. - Author: John Pople
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#10. Newton, of course, was the inventor of differential calculus so his place in the tale is quite special. - Author: Kit Williams
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#11. Geometric calculus consists in a system of operations analogous to those of algebraic calculus, but in which the entities on which the calculations are carried out, instead of being numbers, are geometric entities which we shall define. - Author: Giuseppe Peano
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#12. The calculus of probabilities, when confined within just limits, ought to interest, in an equal degree, the mathematician, the experimentalist, and the statesman. - Author: Francois Arago
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#13. The theory which follows is entirely based on a calculus of pleasure and pain; and the object of economics is to maximize happiness by purchasing pleasure, as it were, at the lowest cost of pain. - Author: William Stanley Jevons
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#14. It's a hard, simple calculus: Run until you can't run anymore. Then run some more. Find a new source of energy and will. Then run even faster. - Author: Scott Jurek
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#15. No matter how significant or life-changing your greatest hit or miss might be, neither even begins to define who you are. Each of us is a product of all our experiences and all our interactions with other people. To cite calculus, we are the area under the curve. - Author: Colin Powell
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#16. Calculus is the outcome of a dramatic intellectual struggle which has lasted for twenty-five hundred years. - Author: Richard Courant
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#17. Calculus was not math. It was a fucking science experiment gone wrong. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#18. Hard to be a physics major at Rice University if you have flunked calculus. - Author: Elizabeth Moon
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#19. men and women perform a different sexual calculus. As Harper's put it perfectly: "Women are inclined to regret the sex they had, and men the sex they didn't. - Author: Christian Rudder
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#20. In the calculus of western interests, there is no suffering, whatever its scale, which cannot be justified. Chechens, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis are of little importance. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#21. Dude, you're such a geek. And that's coming from an overweight Star Trek fan who scored a 5 on the AP Calculus test. So you know your condition is grave - Author: John Green
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#22. I was more interested in skating and the girls and traveling than I was in calculus. - Author: Scott Hamilton
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#23. A month's intelligent instruction in the theory of numbes ought to be twice as instructive, twice as useful, and at least 10 times as entertaining as the same amount of 'calculus for engineers'. - Author: G.H. Hardy
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#24. If everything about life could be as simple as calculus, my world would be just perfect." -Mia - Author: S.T. Bende
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#25. Calculus required continuity, and continuity was supposed to require the infinitely little; but nobody could discover what the infinitely little might be. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#26. Therefore, I have attacted [the problem of the catenary] which I had hitherto not attempted, and with my key [the differential calculus] happily opened its secret.
Acta eruditorum - Author: Gottfried Leibniz
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#27. Those interested in celestial navigation are advised to first obtain a rudimentary knowledge of integral calculus, phlebotomy, astral physics and related subjects. The use of liquor is strictly forbidden on interplanetary flights. - Author: Henry Miller
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#28. Printing mistakes adds value because of the probability calculus, which makes their intrusion into something problematic and almost impossible, even when everything's conceived, precisely, to avoid the intrusion of human error. - Author: Romain Gary
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#29. We tend to think of emotion and logic as two distinct, mutually exclusive domains. Not Steve. From the beginning, when making decisions, passion was a key part of his calculus. - Author: Ed Catmull
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#30. Every one who understands the subject will agree that even the basis on which the scientific explanation of nature rests is intelligible only to those who have learned at least the elements of the differential and integral calculus, as well as analytical geometry. - Author: Felix Klein
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#31. Calculus works by making visible the infinitesimally small. - Author: Keith Devlin
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#32. Calculus is the most powerful weapon of thought yet devised by the wit of man. - Author: Wallace B. Smith
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#33. I was always very strong in math, physics and calculus. - Author: Debi Thomas
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#34. Willingly Andras followed him into the curved halls of calculus, where the problem of Madame Morgenstern could not exist because it could not be described by an equation. - Author: Julie Orringer
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#35. We are finite creatures, bound to this place and this time, and helpless before an endless expanse. It is within the calculus that for the first time the infinite is charmed into compliance, its luxuriance subordinated to the harsh concept of a limit. - Author: David Berlinski
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#36. I don't believe in statistics. I believe in calculus. - Author: Ben Horowitz
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#37. Getting married early is like wrestling with calculus on a merry trip to Las Vegas! - Author: Kiran Joshi
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#38. But no, I had a test in Calculus. I flunked the test, badly. It was as though my brain didn't want to solve for the rate of acceleration ... - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#39. Our First Amendment expresses a far different calculus for regulating speech than for regulating nonexpressive conduct and that is as it should be. The right to swing your fist should end at the tip of my nose, but your right to express your ideas should not necessarily end at the lobes of my ears. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
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#40. In the horrifying calculus of self-deception, the greater the pain we inflict on others, the greater the need to justify it to maintain our feelings of decency and self-worth. - Author: Carol Tavris
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#41. Everything tries to be round. - Author: Black Elk
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#42. Nets, grids, and other types of calculus. - Author: Alan Watts
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#43. The title which I most covet is that of teacher. The writing of a research paper and the teaching of freshman calculus, and everything in between, falls under this rubric. Happy is the person who comes to understand something and then gets to explain it. - Author: Marshall A. Cohen
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#44. Calculus is one course you can come with to your parents and say, I am dropping it. And they'll understand. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#45. Part of my job is to help other kids find books, because not everyone has a keenly organized mind. Some kids could wander the library for hours and still have no idea how to find anything. For them, the Dewey Decimal System might as well be advanced calculus. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#46. Private Victory precedes Public Victory. Algebra comes before calculus. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#47. Okay, so I may use basic math for doing my checking account, the percent-off sales on my favorite shoes, and other mundane things, but Calculus? When the hell would I ever use this? - Author: Amanda Jason
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#48. He was already thinking about the videos he was going to make to teach his baby about calculus when he climaxed. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#49. If one looks at the different problems of the integral calculus which arise naturally when one wishes to go deep into the different parts of physics, it is impossible not to be struck by the analogies existing. - Author: Henri Poincare
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#50. Andrew Hacker argues that algebra and trigonometry and calculus are subjects that almost nobody used after they graduate, and so why should we continue to compel students to try to pass them? - Author: Anya Kamenetz
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#51. My first performance was in AP Calculus when they forced me up into the front of the classroom and made me sing a song, which was really scary, but it was fun. - Author: Kina Grannis
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#52. Nothing takes place in the world whose meaning is not that of some maximum or minimum. - Author: Leonhard Euler
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#53. When I was about thirteen, the library was going to get 'Calculus for the Practical Man.' By this time I knew, from reading the encyclopedia, that calculus was an important and interesting subject, and I ought to learn it. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#54. The question is: will I get used to a menu with kilojoules instead of calories? I mean, I don't think anyone even knows how many kilojoules are in a calorie. I had to break out a whiteboard this morning and do calculus just to figure out how many calories were in a glass of water Down Under. - Author: Elle Lothlorien
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#55. As a student, frustrated by the limitations of conventional mathematics, he invented an entirely new form, the calculus, but then told no-one about it for twenty-seven years5. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#56. The next morning the first thought that came to my mind was "Calculus of love". When love tends to infinity, thinko tends to zero. - Author: Ram Vignesh
Quotes About Calculus #668364
#57. Science is the Differential Calculus of the mind. Art the Integral Calculus; they may be beautiful when apart, but are greatest only when combined. - Author: Ronald Ross
Quotes About Calculus #671141
#58. The true logic of this world is in the calculus of probabilities. - Author: James Clerk Maxwell
Quotes About Calculus #674060
#59. ahh, calculus. the mathematics of change - Author: Nicola Yoon
Quotes About Calculus #701292
#60. From my point of view, any outstanding work of art is a fantasy insofar as it reflects the unique world of a unique individual. Art is not just simple arithmetic, it's a delicate calculus. Keep in mind the passion of the scientist and the precision of the artist. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Quotes About Calculus #739863
#61. The theory of probabilities is at bottom nothing but common sense reduced to calculus; it enables us to appreciate with exactness that which accurate minds feel with a sort of instinct for which of times they are unable to account. - Author: Pierre-Simon Laplace
Quotes About Calculus #786018
#62. Love can reach the same level of talent, and even genius, as the discovery of differential calculus. - Author: Lev Vygotsky
Quotes About Calculus #808407
#63. Celestial mechanics is the origin of dynamical systems, linear algebra, topology, variational calculus and symplectic geometry. - Author: Vladimir Arnold
Quotes About Calculus #808703
#64. I don't have any sort of calculus in choosing film roles. - Author: Jon Hamm
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#65. You burros have calculus in your blood. - Author: Jaime Escalante
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#66. I was very into math and calculus, and just always was very - really interested in that. But any sort of numbers. - Author: David Plouffe
Quotes About Calculus #864729
#67. Film and calculus, both pornographies of flight. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Quotes About Calculus #876689
#68. In the calculus of feelings, you never really know how one person's absence will affect you more than another's. - Author: Gayle Forman
Quotes About Calculus #912325
#69. Don't Drink and DERIVE, Alcohol and Calculus Don't Mix, - Author: Penny Reid
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#70. Dissent, protest, presures of a wide variety that escape elite control can modify the calculus of costs of planners, and offer a slight hope that Washington can be compelled to permit at least some steps towards "justice, freedom and democracy" within its domains. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#71. After years of finding mathematics easy, I finally reached integral calculus and came up against a barrier. I realized that this was as far as I could go, and to this day I have never successfully gone beyond it in any but the most superficial way. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Quotes About Calculus #965783
#72. Cam was so much clearer, easier to figure out. Like he was algebra and Daniel was calculus. - Author: Lauren Kate
Quotes About Calculus #970180
#73. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Look out for kids, help them dream and be inspired. We teach calculus in schools, but I believe the most important formula is courage plus dreams equals success. - Author: Marlee Matlin
Quotes About Calculus #992782
#74. You know how to use magic?" I asked. "I prefer calculus. - Author: Jim Butcher
Quotes About Calculus #1004916
#75. Marriage is like calculus. Complicated and inexplicably remote. People think it's about loving one another and riding off into the sunset, but no one tells you the horse is lame or that it's an eclipse, and there won't be a sunset that day. - Author: Kristin Billerbeck
Quotes About Calculus #1014748
#76. My first degree came years before my second. I had wanted to be a physicist, but I flunked calculus. - Author: Elizabeth Moon
Quotes About Calculus #1022736
#77. I will never listen to ocean waves or view a beautiful sunset in quite the same way again. That is perhaps the greatest gift one can gain by delving into calculus: It is a whole new way of looking at the world, accessible only through the realm of mathematics. - Author: Jennifer Ouellette
Quotes About Calculus #1034470
#78. It is a great mystery to me how the problems of others seem like simple arithmetic while my own appear as complicated as a calculus equation. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Quotes About Calculus #1058835
#79. Calculus, the electrical battery, the telephone, the steam engine, the radio - all these groundbreaking innovations were hit upon by multiple inventors working in parallel with no knowledge of one another. - Author: Steven Johnson
Quotes About Calculus #1071852
#80. I have no fault to find with those who teach geometry. That science is the only one which has not produced sects; it is founded on analysis and on synthesis and on the calculus; it does not occupy itself with the probable truth; moreover it has the same method in every country. - Author: Frederick The Great
Quotes About Calculus #1072492
#81. All the calculus, quantum mechanics and languages in the world are worthless pieces of information, if they are not brought to the service of the society. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Quotes About Calculus #1073007
#82. This is a tricky domain because, unlike simple arithmetic, to solve a calculus problem - and in particular to perform integration - you have to be smart about which integration technique should be used: integration by partial fractions, integration by parts, and so on. - Author: Marvin Minsky
Quotes About Calculus #1098685
#83. There is a calculus, it turns out, for mastering our subconscious urges. For companies like Target, the exhaustive rendering of our conscious and unconscious patterns into data sets and algorithms has revolutionized what they know about us and, therefore, how precisely they can sell. - Author: Charles Duhigg
Quotes About Calculus #1109868
#84. As you will find in multivariable calculus, there is often a number of solutions for any given problem. - Author: John Forbes Nash
Quotes About Calculus #1128251
#85. Love was actually more like calculus or physics. What was the half-life of love? Did it have cosigns and slopes, or quarks that morphed from wave to particle faster than you could say, please don't leave? - Author: Trebor Healey
Quotes About Calculus #1130463
#86. The Mean Value Theorem is the midwife of calculus - not very important or glamorous by itself, but often helping to deliver other theorems that are of major significance. - Author: Edward Mills Purcell
Quotes About Calculus #1136535
#87. There's a popular concept of 'intelligence' as book smarts, like calculus or chess, as opposed to, say, social skills. So people say that 'it takes more than intelligence to succeed in human society.' But social skills reside in the brain, not the kidneys. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
Quotes About Calculus #1139789
#88. The theory of probabilities is basically only common sense reduced to a calculus. It makes one estimate accurately what right-minded people feel by a sort of instinct, often without being able to give a reason for it. - Author: Pierre-Simon Laplace
Quotes About Calculus #1162955
#89. [All phenomena] are equally susceptible of being calculated, and all that is necessary, to reduce the whole of nature to laws similar to those which Newton discovered with the aid of the calculus, is to have a sufficient number of observations and a mathematics that is complex enough. - Author: Marquis De Condorcet
Quotes About Calculus #1169980
#90. Most people go through college and learn to read Virgil and master the mysteries of calculus without ever discovering how their own minds function. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Quotes About Calculus #1171969
#91. In all likelihood, Sonja had more academic journal subscriptions than friends. She could explain advanced calculus to her fifth-form algebra teacher but couldn't tell a joke to a boy at lunch. - Author: Anthony Marra
Quotes About Calculus #1205459
#92. Aerodynamics is mathematics for those who haven't learned to do calculus. In my case, too, for one who hasn't learned to add or multiply, at least the first time. - Author: Richard Bach
Quotes About Calculus #1215658
#93. For remember that in general we don't use language according to strict rules
it hasn't been taught to us by means of strict rules, either. We, in our discussions on the other hand, constantly compare language with a calculus preceding to exact rules. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Quotes About Calculus #1218259
#94. You can't teach calculus to a chimpanzee. So just share your banana. - Author: John Rachel
Quotes About Calculus #1234626
#95. The English language is more complex than calculus because numbers don't have nuances. - Author: Andy Rooney
Quotes About Calculus #1240386
#96. All along, I kept thinking, I will never do this again, I will never be here again, this will never be my locker again, Radar and I will never write notes in calculus again - Author: John Green
Quotes About Calculus #1243279
#97. The whole apparatus of the calculus takes on an entirely different form when developed for the complex numbers. - Author: Keith Devlin
Quotes About Calculus #1248426
#98. We liked to be known as the clever girls. When we decorated our hands with henna for holidays and weddings, we drew calculus and chemical formulae instead of flowers and butterflies. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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#99. Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land -movie - Karate kid"What is the calculus of innovation?" "The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives our economic growth." - Author: William R. Brody
Quotes About Calculus #1285649
#100. The teacher manages to get along still with the cumbersome algebraic analysis, in spite of its difficulties and imperfections, and avoids the smooth infinitesimal calculus, although the eighteenth century shyness toward it had long lost all point. - Author: Felix Klein
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