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Top 31 Quotes About Cadillacs

#1. When I die throw my body in the back and drive me to the junk yard in my Cadillac. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#2. Cadillacs are down at the end of the bat. - Author: Ralph Kiner
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#3. The public needs the equivalent of Chevrolets as well as Cadillacs. - Author: Learned Hand
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#4. My wife drives a couple of Cadillacs. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#5. When guys in black Cadillacs drive you to some random building and lock you in what amounts to a cell, you know that shit just got real. - Author: Nick Lake
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#6. Why should I put a bunch of Cadillacs on the ice, when I can sell out with a bunch of volkswagens - Author: Harold Ballard
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#7. I don't believe the old statement, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If that were the case, then Cadillacs and Jaguars and Mercedes would never make a change. I've always looked for ways to make things better. - Author: Vic Bubas
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#8. I tried to charm the pants off Bob Dylan, but everyone will be disappointed to learn that I was unsuccessful. I got close - a couple of fast feels in the front seat of a Cadillac. - Author: Bette Midler
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#9. I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pickup truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually. And I used to have a Dodge truck. So I used to have all three covered. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#10. Did you ever hear about the rock and roll singer who got 3 or 4 Cadillacs, saying power to the people, dance to the music, wants you to pat him on the back. - Author: Van Morrison
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#11. I went to jail at 16 for stealing tires off Cadillacs. When I got out I said, Never again. - Author: Barry White
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#12. My love is bigger than a Cadillac, I try to show you, but you drive me back. - Author: Buddy Holly
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#13. The label of liberalism is hardly a sentence to public ignominy: otherwise Bruce Springsteen would still be rehabilitating used Cadillacs in Asbury Park and Jane Fonda, for all we know, would be just another overweight housewife. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#14. Sure I was glad to see John Wayne win the Oscar I'm always glad to see the fat lady win the Cadillac on TV, too. - Author: Robert Mitchum
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#15. Henry Ford, who despite his immense wealth never owned a Cadillac. Never got a dinner! - Author: Red Buttons
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#16. You know how I impress girls at the gym? I do pull ups: I pull up in a Corvette, in a Cadillac, and in a Mercedes. - Author: Jerry Lawler
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#17. If the radical right had its way we'd all be church-going polyester heterosexuals driving around in white Cadillacs eating meatloaf and wax beans while mammoth bulldozers leveled all our forests and even hummingbirds were extinct.
Charley, The Voice of the Butterfly - Author: John Nichols
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#18. Remember when welfare mothers were robbing us all blind and driving Cadillacs? - Author: Joe Bageant
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#19. My guitars, Cadillacs, and hillbilly music Is the only thing that keeps me hanging on. - Author: Dwight Yoakam
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#20. He crashed a dozen Cadillacs in one year and played the Apollo. With racial hatred burning in the headlines, the audience danced in the seats to a white boy from the bottomland, backed by pickers who talked like Ernest Tubb. "James Brown kissed me on my cheek," he says. "Top that. - Author: Rick Bragg
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#21. If we were second class citizens we'd be driving old Cadillacs and living good. If we were first class we'd be driving a Rolls Royce. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#22. I'm very pleased and very proud of my accomplishments, but I'm most proud of that (hitting four-hundred home runs and three-thousand hits). Not (Ted) Williams, not (Lou) Gehrig, not (Joe) DiMaggio did that. They were Cadillacs and I'm a Chevrolet. - Author: Carl Yastrzemski
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#23. I love Cadillacs and name them after birds. - Author: Betty White
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#24. They say the definition of ambivalence is watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new Cadillac. - Author: David Mamet
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#25. While some are as loathe to trade a Bishop for a Knight as a Cadillac for a Chevrolet, others are prepared to do so without hesitation. - Author: Larry Evans
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#26. The Catholic Church had strict racial attitudes and intolerance for anybody who was not Catholic. When I look at a lot of Black ministers and what went on in the Black church, I was more caught up with those who were in Cadillacs and shiny suits than I was with those who were Kingian in their style. - Author: Harry Belafonte
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#27. My Subaru friends are upstanding members of the Creative Class. They also for burnt Democrats. As it turns out, Republicans in their neighborhood are about as rare as Cadillacs. - Author: Julie Sedivy
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#28. The evangelicals ... If all they want is gold Cadillacs and sex and so on, no big problem. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#29. I was named after the next-door neighbor's German shepherd. It was either that or Cadillac Smith. - Author: Rex Smith
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#30. You can't stand up in a Cadillac, either. - Author: Bill Lear
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#31. Africa is destined to anarchy. It is turning into 36 Haitis, with 36 Duvaliers, full of Cadillacs, beggars and snarling dogs. - Author: Georges Bidault
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