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Top 56 Quotes About Best Mates

#1. Sometimes if you have a coach or team-mates for too long, you get caught in certain routines. I think it's good to shake up things a little bit. - Author: Abby Wambach
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#2. We all dream of finding that one person whom will love us even after there are no more tomorrows. - Author: Faye Hall
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#3. Who hath a Wolfe for his mate, needes a Dog for his man. - Author: George Herbert
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#4. You can't make someone a Soul Mate ... either they are or they're not.-Serena Jade author of Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience - Author: Serena Jade
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#5. Intuition is the lifeblood of a woman and the essential character of a man.-Serena Jade - Author: Serena Jade
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#6. At the rate the Kings were finding mates, they were going to have to take turns eating supper because not everyone would fit at the table. - Author: Donna Grant
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#7. On one level, going bust didn't bother me. It was the 80s, and there wasn't the stigma about bankruptcy that you might think. My mates weren't bothered. My dad was in business.. he knew that it happened, too. He loaned me the money to bail me out, and I got a loan from the bank to pay him back. - Author: Simon Cowell
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#8. Our whole soul meets in heaven and the depth of the connection is imprinted on one another forever. - Author: Serena Jade
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#9. The very rough story is this: Melbourne boy, out of both my parents' houses at a young age, lived with my grandmother, drama teacher twisted me into doing this TV thing that I thought my mates were doing, too. - Author: Ben Mendelsohn
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#10. You know, you hear people talk about soul mates? That one person that you see, and that's it for you? Well, TOMS is the business equivalent of a soul mate for me. - Author: Blake Mycoskie
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#11. The territory between two people who were once soul mates but were no longer was akin to wandering into Pakistan's tribal region. - Author: Marisha Pessl
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#12. All my mates are at university, and it's a life I haven't had a chance to enjoy, so it's great to turn up and sample a bit of it. - Author: Louis Tomlinson
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#13. When we are young and don't cultivate a healthy lifestyle, we will grow-older and our bodies will reflect the neglect.-Serena Jade - Author: Serena Jade
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#14. We've been pretty lucky we've played with Feeder, Hundred Reasons and Puddle of Mud, but I think the one we're most proud of is playing with The Deftones because when we were kids they were everyone's favourite band. I think all our mates were pretty envious. - Author: Dave McPherson
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#15. For many of us, the people we find most difficult to praise are the ones closest to us - our mates, our children, our parents, and sometimes our friends. - Author: Susan Jeffers
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#16. Yours is the only face I'm capable of seeing, the only face I want to see. All my life and knowledge, the whole world, is right there in your face, your brown eyes. You give cohesion to everything I know. Without you in my life, I'd be worse than an amnesiac. - Author: Neha Yazmin
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#17. A tear rolls from Harlow's eye. "You've already won me. Your best quality is your heart Beck. It was your heart I fell in love with. ~Harlow - Author: S.M. Stryker
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#18. I will never forget my time with Athletic Club and I'd like to thank the fans and staff for all their support and, above all, wish all my fantastic former team-mates all the best for the future. - Author: Ander Herrera
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#19. Could the entire notion of finding one's soul mate be a simple case of looking for ourselves in another body? Is the "soul mate" really just the best approximation of ourselves that we can find? - Author: Dermot Davis
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#20. Love came when you weren't looking, except in the case of millions who found mates on Match, but, hey. It sounded good. - Author: Kristan Higgins
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#21. Every person is driven to self-deceive, simply to get out of the discomfort of the truth. The best relationships are with people who will not let you be blind. They reveal your hidden strengths and your concealed wounds. - Author: Vironika Tugaleva
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#22. I discovered rock'n'roll. You could go round Europe in a van with your best mates, drinking beer, smoking dope and screwing chicks. - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
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#23. I think that people find that's a fresh look at a relationship between two best friends, between two soul mates, that people haven't really seen in this particular way. So that's definitely something that people are noticing. - Author: Steve Zissis
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#24. There is a special bond between twin soul mates - unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, and highly compatible. - Author: Julien Offray De La Mettrie
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#25. I'm looking forward to meeting my new team-mates and to be playing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League. I will give my best to Arsenal and want to make all the supporters happy. - Author: Alexis Sanchez
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#26. I looked at Laura . . . and wondered at how many lives before this life we might have known together. - Author: Hannah Lillith Assadi
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#27. Seriously?" she said with a glance of skepticism. Driggs and this nerdlinger? "You guys are best friends?"
Ferbus looked up briefly to give her a smug look. "We prefer the term heterosexual life mates. - Author: Gina Damico
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#28. I don't have a bunch of mates. I don't have a man cave. My wife and I, we are each other's best friend. - Author: Corbin Bernsen
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#29. When we die ... we fall asleep, and are immersed in a dream state.However,when we are born, the ideal is to come out of the dream state and into full-waking consciousness.-Serena Jade - Author: Serena Jade
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#30. All I know is that when your soul becomes so entwined with another soul that you can't breathe when he's gone, you have become soul-mates. When you can't live without him and he feels the exact same way. - Author: Marilyn Grey
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#31. The energy of subatomic particles transmits photons which interconnect in a wave like motion to similar particles. In other words, the immortal soul conveys energy which links in a wave like motion to related souls; thus Soul Mates. - Author: Serena Jade
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#32. I can't help but feel, across oceans and vast fields we will connect again. What we share is too rare to let go of for good but sometimes we have to accept, the timing isn't right. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#33. I know some people find the idea of soul mates romantic, or comforting, but to me believing in soul mates means absolving yourself of any responsibility for your own happiness. If a relationship doesn't work out
whoops! It wasn't meant to be. Fuck meant to be. - Author: Anna Jarzab
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#34. I'm still Sean that me mates went to school with, not Sean the film star. And that's the way I prefer to be. - Author: Sean Bean
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#35. The mate for beauty should be a man and not a money chest. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#36. He wasn't perfect, and neither was I, but we were soul mates. And you fought for your soul mates. - Author: Megan Keith
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#37. It's important not to ditch your mates when you're in a relationship. Lots of girls do it, but you need to remember they will always be there for you. - Author: Rachel Bilson
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#38. It was easy to tell Jamie to move on, be happy with someone else. But she saw now that it would absolutely kill her to see him with another woman. - Author: Neha Yazmin
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#39. When you're a kid, you tend to see the best in your mates. Because at least they're not as bad as your parents. - Author: Camilla Way
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#40. Love your parents, but don't have them as your mates. - Author: James Nesbitt
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#41. Soul mates do always find each other, Artemis thought. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#42. I loved him with a passion of which I had no idea I was capable. I loved him partly to defend him against the world and partly because I genuinely believed we were soul mates. - Author: Clare Balding
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#43. When I made the decision - when my team-mates made that decision, when the whole peloton made that decision - it was a bad decision and an imperfect time. But it happened. - Author: Lance Armstrong
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#44. Why do I get the feeling that if you give me a hard time, I'll tell all of our year-mates your family nickname is Meathead? - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#45. I also realized that there's a difference between soul mates and true love."
"Is one type of love better than the other? I don't know, but I'm lucky enough to have found them both. - Author: Lisa De Jong
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#46. The rancor I once bore recedes, supplanted by admiration and a sense even of loss at the mates we might have been and the times we might have shared. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#47. All things come to him who mates. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#48. I have wonderful band mates that make music that I'm forced to listen to for hours on end until I come up with verses, and that in itself is an inspiration - they're awesome. - Author: Nikki Jean
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#49. He knew he was being overbearing as hell, but he couldn't help it. He was a bonded male. With his pregnant female. There were few things on the planet more aggressive or dangerous. And those bastards were called hurricanes and tornadoes. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#50. A hot lust for glory, gems, gold or mates,
Leads reckless young drakes to the blackest of fates. - Author: E.E. Knight
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#51. People loved their dogs. They were their children, their companions, sometimes even their soul mates. Some people swore that their dog had an almost psychic connection with them, sensing when they were sad and bringing them comfort. - Author: Karen McQuestion
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#52. They were soul mates, my mother and father. They claimed to adore each other, as if the word 'adore' meant 'argue with ceaselessly. - Author: Merrill Markoe
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#53. Maturity - among other things, the unclouded happiness of the child at play, who takes it for granted that he is at one with his play-mates. - Author: Dag Hammarskjold
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#54. Soul Mates mirror our Divine nature.-Serena Jade - Author: Serena Jade
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#55. Erin called us soul mates, but I ... I've always known it was more than that. It's like we share the same soul, and when we're apart, each half is looking for the other. - Author: A.L. Jackson
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#56. They have no harsh edges with each other, no spiny conflicts, they ride through life like conjoined jellyfish - expanding and contracting instinctively, filling each other's spaces liquidly. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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