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Top 25 Quotes About Being Set Aside

#1. You can't go back', she told him bluntly. Her voice was neither kind nor unkind. 'That part of your life is over. Set it aside as something you have finished. Complete or no, it is done with you. No being gets to decide what his life is 'supposed to be'. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#2. There are a lot of unseen projects. When a project is finished, I often physically, and in my mind, set it aside, intending something to happen with it, something that does or does not always happen. Now, a lot of these are being resurrected for the public. - Author: William Eggleston
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#3. If the government can set aside some spot for a elk to be a elk without being bothered, or a buffalo to be a buffalo without being shot down, there ought to be some place where a Negro can be a Negro without being Jim Crowed. - Author: Langston Hughes
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#4. Life has no meaning a priori ... It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#5. Trust your instincts. Do not confuse ego with instinct. Ego has to be set aside if you want to improve, and we should always want to improve. There is no glass ceiling on being better. - Author: Catherine Cruzan
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#6. The City was the acme of efficiency, but it made demands of its inhabitants. It asked them to live in a tight routine and order their lives under a strict and scientific control. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#7. My characters have nothing. I'm working with impotence, ignorance ... that whole zone of being that has always been set aside by artists as something unusable - something by definition incompatible with art. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#8. Set aside predictable, regular times to give full attention without being distracted by other concerns while also creating a safe, familiar place for baby to spend time playing alone. - Author: Magda Gerber
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#9. Nothing's really changed since the Harry Potter films came along. - Author: Tom Felton
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#10. You can't ask your pharmacist to stock larger quantities of potassium nitrate because you want to make a bigger rocket. - Author: Kary Mullis
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#11. If we set our minds, we can achieve anything. - Author: Gabby Douglas
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#12. There is something wonderfully sacred that happens when a girl chooses to realize that being set aside is actually God's call for her to be set apart. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#13. Only Aviva's long habit of taking the temperature of her own racism, of her biases and stereotypes about young black males (or about the iron-hard perdurance of their grandmothers) enabled Aviva to set aside, for the time being, her gut reaction - the boy was trouble - and admire Titus's stillness. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#14. Mindfulness is continuous undisturbed awareness of the present moment. Fully aware of here, and now, we pay attention to what is happening right in front of us, we set aside our mental and emotional baggage. To be mindful we have to re-train our mind. - Author: Natasa Nuit Pantovic
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#15. Everywhere I go, people ask me about Jennifer Aniston's wedding. Everywhere I go. I always say to her, I'm like, 'Being friends with you is a burden. You think it's hard to be friends with me?' - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#16. I've since become really good at overwhelming myself. - Author: Dan Deacon
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#17. If we are willing to spend hours on end to learn to play the piano, operate a computer, or fly an airplane, it is sheer nonsense for us to imagine that we can learn the high art of getting guidance through communion with the Lord without being willing to set aside time for it. - Author: Paul Rees
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#18. I'm not somebody who carries around a notepad and writes songs all day long. I don't imagine everything I think of is worth being in a song. So I tend to collect notes, and I set time aside to go to work and write songs. - Author: Jakob Dylan
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#19. From time to time, to remind ourselves to relax and be peaceful, we may wish to set aside some time for a retreat, a day of mindfulness, when we can walk slowly, smile, drink tea with a friend, enjoy being together as if we are the happiest people on Earth. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#20. If a dog happens to catch a rabbit or another animal, it can very easily remove the hide. If a cat catches a squirrel, they have no trouble with that. But if a person does that, they will work all day and all night to get the skin off of an animal, because they don't have long canine teeth anymore. - Author: Neal Barnard
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#21. It is far more difficult to ask the right question than it is to find the correct answer. - Author: Neil E. Clement
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#22. I'm a busy guy but I set aside quiet time every morning and every evening to keep my equilibrium centered on my own path. I don't like being swayed by anything that might be negative or damaging. - Author: Donald Trump
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#23. As Eckhart, one of Otto's many sources, had asserted centuries earlier, referring to the Other as "God," the religious seeker must set aside "any idea about God as being good, wise, [or] compassionate. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#24. Can we, then, set aside the impatience that the Internet tends to breed, and the habits of being distracted which our highly compacted modern lives create, in order to focus on what really matters? - Author: David F. Wells
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#25. O Grub Street! how do I bemoan thee, whose graceless children scorn to own thee! . Yet thou hast greater cause to be ashamed of them, than they of thee. - Author: Jonathan Swift
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