Top 41 Quotes About Being Exhausted

#1. Being exhausted is much more than being tired.

Gilles Deleuze

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#2. I remember Terry being exhausted from his latest Super Bowl win and all the things that go with it.

Dan Fouts

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#3. Any stressful thought that you have about the planet, for example, shows you where you are stuck, where your energy is being exhausted in not fully meeting life as it is, without condition.

Byron Katie

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#4. Being exhausted is all part of the fun. I'm cool with it. I'm not going to wish that it would slow down.

James Bay

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#5. Being exhausted, yet keeping up the pursuit.' (Judges 8:4) Even after what I had said of wanting out, even after that humiliation, the physical exhaustion, the deep despair I felt, those words were my new marching orders. The next morning, I swung my rucksack over my shoulders and was off again.

Diet Eman

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#6. Whenever Black succeeds in assuming the initiative in maintaining it to a successful conclusion, the sporting spirit of the chess lover feels gratified, because it shows that the resources of the game are far from being exhausted.

Savielly Tartakower

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#7. I strove to maintain a spiritual practice, but since I was being pulled in so many directions, I couldn't seem to stay steady and grounded. I used to get overwhelmed when I thought about everything there was to do, and I was exhausted much of the time.

Brenda Strong

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#8. If I'm exhausted and I just don't feel like it, then I don't do it. I am a human being, after all. But I also know I'm the kind of person who, if I take one day off, well, it's very easy for me to take the next day off and then quit exercising.

Kelly Ripa

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#9. There's nothing to give away. I get so exhausted being what people want me to be that when I'm on my own, I enjoy being nothing to no one. You have no idea how tiring it is always being someone else.

Andrea Speed

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#10. Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability to make a Schecter Custom Stratocaster hoot and sing like angels on a Saturday night, exhausted from being good all week and needing a stiff drink.

Douglas Adams

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#11. One of the best feelings I had growing up was being completely exhausted at the end of the day after playing outside all day.

Jennifer Pharr Davis

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#12. Having reached a point in which I was so bitter and exhausted from being a quote unquote public figure, I wanted to return to a more childlike relationship to writing.

David Leavitt

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#13. Obviously living on the road is pretty hard to stay in shape while you're gone on the road all the time having to eat out three meals a day, just being physically and mentally exhausted.

Erica Enders-Stevens

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#14. It happens to us once or twice in a lifetime to be drunk with some book which probably has some extraordinary relative power to intoxicate us and none other; and having exhausted that cup of enchantment we go groping in libraries all our years afterwards in the hope of being in Paradise again.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#15. When you're directing, you're right at the coal face, always exhausted, often emotional - and I'll enjoy being a couple of steps back from that and simply helping where I can.

Peter Jackson

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#16. An infinite number of real parts of time, passing in succession, and exhausted one after another, appears so evident a contradiction, that no man, one should think, whose judgement is not corrupted, instead of being improved, by the sciences, would ever be able to admit of it.

David Hume

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#17. When I finished the series, I wasn't going to do television again. I never wanted to do television to begin with, and I was so exhausted by the process that I was wary of being in front of the camera again.

Gillian Anderson

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#18. But I was living my life sideway. I did not act on what I wanted, I did not say the things I thought, and being so stifled and clamped all the time left me exhausted; no matter what I was doing, I was always imagining something else.

Curtis Sittenfeld

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#19. A loose end - that's what we woman call it, when we are overwhelmed by the care of small children, the weight of small tasks, a life in which we fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted from being all things to all people.

Anna Quindlen

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#20. Story-telling is subject to two unavoidable defects,
frequent repetition and being soon exhausted; so that, whoever values this gift in himself, has need of a good memory, and ought frequently to shift his company.

Jonathan Swift

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#21. Interesting things always come from being really exhausted and really sick.

Adam Driver

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#22. There is no being eloquent for atheism. In that exhausted receiver the mind cannot use its wings, - the clearest proof that it is out of its element.

Augustus Hare

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#23. I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I'm being drowned by some kind of black wave.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

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#24. It has been calculated by the ablest politicians that no State, without being soon exhausted, can maintain above the hundredth part of its members in arms and idleness.

Edward Gibbon

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#25. She could tell he was exhausted, maybe half as much as she was, but he was still willing to do anything for her. It made her sad, someone being this loyal to her.

Hugh Howey

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#26. I remember a huge tiredness coming over me, a kind of lethargy in the face of the tangled mess before me. It was like being given a maths problem when your brain's exhausted, and you know there's some far-off solution, but you can't work up the energy even to give it a go.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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#27. Being here all day, I was quite exhausted - I had to drink coffee before the match to stay awake

Jelena Jankovic

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#28. Being unable to say No, can make you exhausted, stressed and irritated.

Auliq Ice

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#29. Our species is angry on a deep level. We know something has been wrong for a long time. We are tired of being thrown the scraps. This is primal, guttural; the scream of an exhausted humanity who will not take no for an answer.

Christopher Zzenn Loren

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#30. Do you never get exhausted being so wholly unbearable? You have as much charisma as the rotting innards of unidentified roadkill.

Tahereh Mafi

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#31. To believe you're being psychically attacked gives you an understanding of your illness that no Western doctor can provide; this can be reassuring when you've exhausted the Western doctor tool kit, and the doctors are sending you to acupuncturists for pain relief.

Heidi Julavits

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#32. When I was being forgiving, I said that my mother was simply exhausted. I suspected, though, she was simply mean.

Sue Monk Kidd

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#33. You're always in a rush, or else you're too exhausted to have a proper conversation. Soon enough, the long hours, the traveling, the broken sleep have all crept into your being and become part of you, so everyone can see it, in your posture, your gaze, the way you move and talk.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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#34. For a long time now, every meeting with another human being has been a collision. I feel too much, sense too much, am exhausted by the reverberations after even the simplest conversation.

May Sarton

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#35. I want to be able to experience everything. I want to experience being a husband, experience being a father, experience, maybe, hopefully, someday being a grandfather, and all those things. I want that experience. When I die, I want to be exhausted.

Bryan Cranston

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#36. I find that a lot of the good acting comes out when you're physically being pushed: your brain turns off and just deals with the situation at hand. You get to a point where you're exhausted at the end of the day, but I quite like that.

Emilia Clarke

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#37. It's hard to get those roles that allow you to show everything and feel like you're really being used and exhausted and spent, which I think is what actors really love: We want to be tired.

Amy Landecker

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#38. Goddamn but her mind was so exhausted with trying to hold the world together, tired of being the living glue for herself, as if she let go, great pieces of her life would shatter and fall off in mockery of the apocalypse.

Jim Harrison

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#39. It was like being given a maths problem when your brain's exhausted, and you know there's some far-off solution, but you can't work up the energy even to give it a go. Something in me just gave up.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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#40. I knew what I needed, but asking for specific emotional things felt impossible and obnoxious. He was a human being. He should just instinctively know how to take care of an emotionally exhausted, sick, post-abortion wife. He ought to just know, I thought. I shouldn't have to fucking ask.

Amanda Palmer

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#41. I think I've really exhausted the magical. It was a lot of fun, but I've put it behind me for the time being.

J.K. Rowling

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